International Volunteer HQ [IVHQ]internship/doing volunteer work for the needy in the global south

C Sep 03, 2018

IVHQ is untrustworthy and unethical (They seem willing to concoct their own truth.)

I explained my special circumstances to the IVHQ Program Director over and over: I had to have a special Visa because I had already spent all the visitor days Colombia allowed as a tourist in the calendar year. "Sure, " she casually responded, "no problem!"

I consulted a Colombian lawyer to be on the safe side. He told straight away the PIP 6 Visa IVHQ promised would not work. They had not taken into account my special circumstances.

I told that to the IVHQ Program Director. She implied IVHQ knew what it was doing and understood immigration law. Then she requested I send a $299+ deposit (US) so that IVHQ would hold my place. On a wing and a prayer I foolishly sent the deposit. It was out of desperation, Then, they asked the rest almost immediately. Fortunately, by that time I was wise enough not to jeopardize myself a second time.

Later, I tried to get a return on my $299+ ‘non-refundable, ' deposit on the grounds I had been falsely informed. I didn't really expect anything. However, that very same day they sent me a promise of reimbursement and a receipt with an authorization number and a deposit the $299+ back to my credit card, I was both dumbfounded and ecstatic. They said the money might take ten working days to appear in my account. It has now been much longer than that. Still no money.

It doesn't help much to speculate…did IVHQ behave as it did because it's on its last legs and was willing to drag me-or anyone dumb enough to trust-down with it? Is it just plain inefficient? In any case, anyone considering doing business with IVHQ be forewarned: These folks are a good deal more shady than they appear at first glance. Be careful.

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