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I don't why this college is still opened because they never attend to anything. I registered for my little sister in March 2022 and paid R3500 registration fee. During the registration everything was smooth and the student advisor kept on following up with everything until we paid for the registration and he disappeared into thin air. I called several times and no one was picking up the phone I tried sending emails and no one was replying to them. When I filled in the form I ticked on the part where it says I'll make a direct deposit to the college and left the part where it says they'll debit my account. I was tricked into giving them my account number because I remember telling Andre that I don't want them to debit my account. He agreed that they won't debit it but they needed my banking details. I gave them my other bank account details which I was saving on it. To my surprise every month my bank account was debited until my funds were insufficient. I stopped transferring money because of that. I started making a direct transfer to the college as we initially agreed on paper. I asked them to send me the statement to check how far I was with paying my debt. It took them about 6 months for me to get the statement and bill noticed something that I was charged R100 every month for direct transfer payments. Everything about the college is dodgy. I only had two lectures and I haven't got my books. It been more than a year and no one cares about me or even calling back to check if I did receive my study material.

Desired outcome: I want my 100% refund because all the promises were made are not being fulfilled. Instead I'm being charged more for things I don't know. Also the college should be closed because it is a rip off scheme.

Durban, ZA
Jul 10, 2023 7:42 am EDT

Good day, trust that you are well. We apologize for the challenges that you have experienced. Please forward your contact details and student number to that we can assist you further.