Incheon International Airportmy suitcase was opened and staff was missing

E Aug 19, 2019

I flew on flight TW121 on 19 August, 2019, seat 20A. After checking in my bag I was told to wait for five minutes because my bag has to be checked. I had an ordinary plastic bag inside the suitcase with various banknotes from the countries I visited along my trip, which I forgot to take out of the suitcase. Additionally, there was plenty of various coins. When I opend my suitcase, I realized that banknotes were missing. The missing amount is approx. 50 euros, a few thousend Serbian dinars ( the value is a few dollars), and a hundred Croatia kunas. All in all, the amount of money is insignificant. However, the fact that it has been taken is significant. To end up with a funny thing, UAE dirhams in small denomination have not been taken and they are worth more than 28 times than dinars.
Finally, I am aware that I should not have put valuables in my checked luggage and that the fact that I forgot to take the money out of the suitcase is not a valid excuse. However, the fact that things were missing after my bag was opened is inexcusable.

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