Immigration Department Of Malaysiarude behaviour of the immigration office

A Jan 14, 2020

I went to Malaysia in a 3 days holiday from 12 to 15 December 2019. I arrived at Kuala Lumpur Airport on 12 December at 6:45 pm by Malaysian Airlines Flight MH122. I was accompanied by my wife, my 10 years old daughter and 7 month old son. We went to immigration counter at about 7:30 pm. The Immigration officer's name was Adam. We gave him 4 passports. He did immigration first of my daughter and wanted her to stand outside the immigration desk. I told her that we are a family and my daughter is only 10 years and if my immigration is done we can go together. The Immigration office started using rude behaviour and told me abusively that this is not your country. He informed that the law in Malaysia is to do immigration one by one. I told him that my daughter is a minor girl and I can't leave her alone but he wanted to take us in his office. After a long flight from Sydney with one kid and one infant we were too tired to go to his office and I agreed to do the immigration one by one leaving my daughter alone crossing the immigration desk and waiting alone. My daughter was so scared by the abusive behaviour that she was crying alone there. We spent a fair bit of time in the airport before going to hotel. My daughter was crying the whole time due to the incident. I was so upset that I decided that I will never come back to Malaysia again but during my three days holidays we met some wonderful people in Kuaa Lumpur that changed my perception and I would like to visit again.

My query is - is it a law that a minor girl of 10 years old to do immigration alone, not with Father or Mother? If yes, that could have been explained politely, not in a rude and abusive behaviour.
I do like that my complaint is reviewed by the relevant authority and the result of the review and any action is shared with me. My email is .
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