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I use to love iHop until my most recent visit to the establishment today (Easter Day) Today I entered the iHop In Nottingham, MD and service was great per usual until I asked for the check. My server was a woman by the name of Winni. She gave my my check and I noticed it was for a little over $20.00 which was unusual I asked the server for a price reduction because she simply charged me for each item I asked her for separately. When I brought this to Winni's attention she instantly b/c hostile and appeared to be irritated and just walked away from my table with no response. Winni never returned to my table I waited 5 minutes before going out of my way and asking a passing waiter could she get me some help b/c I've been waiting and my time is very valuable to me she cooperated. Instantly a woman approached my table aggressively as if I had done something wrong I introduced my self and asked what was her name interrupting her explaining the mix up with the order. She was not friendly or acted as she had any form of customer service skills. I asked her what was her name because she wasn't wearing a badge and she rudely said "She doesn't need one she a MANAGER!!" while rudely pushing which appeared to be the corrected check for the food I ordered and said her name is Lisa. Lisa then said some words I couldn't understand and walked off with out regards to me being a customer almost as if I did something wrong which made me very uncomfortable. After Lisa rudely walked of silmilar to how Winni walked off neither of them returned leaving me at the table waiting almost for nothing b/c I didn't even understand what was going on. After waiting another 5 minutes I simply flagged down another passing employee and just paid for the meal. The employee took my money and returned to my table with out a receipt which was odd b/c Winni & Lisa both were at the cash register at that time. So I asked the employee for a receipt and she politely went and retrieved it. In the process of leaving the restaurant I tired to engage with Lisa and Winni to bring some form of understanding to the whole situation but they sarcastically said "Bye Happy Easter" again leaving me speechless b/c I am I paying customer. I said "Thanks" and left the establishment. This has been THE WORST IHOP EXPERIENCE EVER! I was embarrassed, had my time wasted and was still over charged for my food. Even if you guys don't take this email into consideration on how Management is running the store in Nottingham I will continue to email and email corporate for what has occurred that wasn't right and of fair. I think its A upper management problem and that really id the down fall of company's if you've read the story you can see how Winni's & also Lisa's behavior were the same. Thanks For You Time.

Otherwise the food was great as always maybe ill just get my food to go next time.

Apr 21, 2019
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  • Kn
      Apr 21, 2019

    Why should they give you a price reduction? You seem to mistake not getting your way as rude. Very immature of you. You may be a paying customer. But pay the full price. If you cannot afford to pay for each item you ordered get less.

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  •   Apr 21, 2019

    If everyone was so rude, perhaps they didn’t like the way you complained about the bill. Were you polite or upset? If you ordered separate items, then the price is separate. If you order burgers with a side of fries, that’s differently priced than a burger and fries meal. Correction on the bill is not a price reduction.

    I don’t see “A upper management problem” but a problem with you.

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