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I am very upset with Ideal Image after my first treatment and a second consultation/evaluation. They are very incompetent when it comes to scheduling appointments. After my first consultation on August 29th, 2013 I was given an appointment time for Thursday October 24th at 7:20pm or 7:40pm. I called ahead of time to confirm my appointment time and to my surprise was not on their schedule at all. Their receptionist wasn't going to be able to reschedule my appointment until November 16. I asked if this delay was going to cause any problems with my results and she assured me that it wouldn't but she was unable to give me an exact time to be there after placing me on hold multiple times. After being on the phone for close to 20 minutes to simply confirm my appointment time I had to get back to work as I had called on a lunch break. The general manager returned my call and advised they would accommodate me for Thursday evening and to call back to confirm that I would be available. I spoke with Ginny and told her I had an appointment elsewhere at 6pm and would not be available until 7:30pm. I told her about my concerns after my first treatment. That I hadn't experienced any decreased hair growth an that I felt like it was possible the treatments wouldn't work with my hair type (I have natural dark blond hair with some auburn tint). She told me that she would brief one of the nurses before my arrival and that she would inform Tammy of the results of my consultation with the nurse. She specifically said Tammy would most likely be gone for the day considering the time I was available to come back in. I arrived at Ideal Image at 7:30 and was surprised that the nurse familiar with my case was unavailable and already in the middle of another treatment. The nurse I saw advised me that from what she saw there was no way I would get the results I thought I had purchased for close to $1800. She also advised that with my skin and hair type they would have to slowly ramp the laser level higher and higher and that some people experience burns. I had specifically asked if this was possible during my first consultation and was told it was impossible to be burned by these lasers as they target only dark hair and cannot burn skin. Furthermore, when I returned home I had a voicemail from Ginny stating she had me down to arrive at 6 or 6:30pm and since I hadn't shown up she was going to assume that I wasn't coming! I couldn't believe it! After we had just discussed me having an appointment elsewhere at 6pm that would prevent me from arriving anytime before 7:30pm. I considering consulting an attorney going forward.


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    Cristina marigui Apr 25, 2014

    Please contact me if you find a lawyer, I been rip off by this "Ideal Image" they are charging me a lot of money and I did not have results with my daugther, she just had 2 treatments and she can not hold the pain of the burns and can't continue with the process and still they are making me paid for that, 50 dollars a month, I am still owe 1K, and I don't think I have to pay for that.
    thank you.
    [email protected] please email me

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