IberoStarunable to keep our room on due to late flight

D Aug 17, 2018

We have been asking all week about keeping our room due to me late flight home, we were registered in a book and advised to return the day before departing and then told to enquire again this morning, we were fine we couldn't keep our room due to high season but we have witnessed others around us during our two weeks here being allowed to keep theirs. We feel ur is cruel to keep us handing for days in the how we can keep the room to them dash our hopes and then spoil our last day here. We fe that in light of our late pick up, it's not a huge issue fir the hotel to have granted or request, we now have to vacate at 12noon and wait 6 hours, 6 hours plus before being collected, also the facilities for getting ready are extremely poor quality and have come as a shock with this hotel being rated as a 4 star plus complex, we dealt expected better.

On a different note we would also like to complain about the use of motor bikes by staff to get around, we think the noise they make and the smell they make are alarming again for a 4 star rated complex, you should consider alternatives.

unable to keep our room on due to late flight
unable to keep our room on due to late flight

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