Hyatt Corporationspa customer service.

N Aug 02, 2019

I recently stayed at your hotel and had a awful experience. I booked a spa package called the passage, the price listed is $440. I spoke with Tess and inquired if the friends and family can be applied to that package or I could do something else. Tess proceeded to tell me with the friends and family discount it would be $330 plus 19%. I thanked her for her helped and booked the appointment. Upon arrival they were late 20 min and said they didn't have me in the system. After my appointment I went to desk to pay for my services and Danielle tells me my total is $760, I was stunned I told her even without the discount the total for the service was $440, I asked what the charges for. She had a associate named Regina speak with me, Instead of apologizing for the confusion she was very rude and unprofessional. I ended up paying $500 for the service. I asked if I could speak to a manager and they said they weren't available to speak with me. I don't normally send a negative review, although when someone spends $500 on a spa service you at least expect good customer service and an apology for a problem on their end. Instead I was treated poorly and talked down to. Very disappointed and I have been going there for years. It's not about the money, it's about the principal of an employee giving the wrong information that I agreed to, only to not be treated with NO respect and talked to unkindly. It was like the one employee was trying to be rude to prove a point in front of everyone. How embarrassing for a client who spends money on room at the Hyatt all over the map for work. I will continue to report this everyday that's how upset this treatment made me.

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