Humanahealth insurance

B Jul 17, 2019

I went to see my PCP Tuesday for an emergent visit for abdominal pain. Upon receipt I was asked for a $85 down payment. I told the front desk my copay was only $30. They checked my benefits online and was told your website reflected a high ded policy. So then I myself called in to member services which further delayed my already worked in appointment. The automated system thankfully reflected the correct information and they charged me a $30 copay but asked that I get a rep to either call in or give ref# for the benefits. I called this morning and spoke to a Natasha who did just that. I then asked for a current insurance card be sent to me which was told would take 7-10 business days but she would email me a current one for my follow up appt this week. I received an email with last years card. I called back and spoke to another rep asking that the card again be emailed to which was sent the same thing. She said she would only be able to mail one out which now would take 7-14 business days. I asked about MYHumana website and said that I "should" be able to view the current ins card there and print myself right? NO! I was told that IT would need to fix it and could not give me a time frame as to when it would be done. My frustration level is like a 10 now. I have been paying on this policy for over 6 months, my provider cannot get the right information and now me as a client cannot. I asked to speak to a supervisor at this time. Danielle was the person that would be speaking to me but only after waiting for 25 additional minutes on hold. She was cold! Gave me the same information that the person before did only with less of a caring attitude for the call. I am so disappointed in the treatment I have received for a service that I have been paying on for multiple years.

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