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S Aug 17, 2018

We changed from DISH network to Direct TV for our provider, and was told that if we bundled with our cell phone (AT&T), and Hughesnet we would get a great deal. We love the Direct TV, did not change anything with cell phones, because of the extreme cost, and have found that Hughesnet does not work for us as fast as our current cable provider. The installer check the speed and when I asked if his was faster, he avoided my question and installed it anyway. The salesperson from Tawas City, Michigan, Shelly, stated we were getting a great deal and would love the Internet...ITS TOO SLOW!
NOw she won't answer our calls or text. She told me to call her on Friday to discuss this, and now she won't answer our calls or text.
Where do we go from here? I have NO signed contract, and haven't seen one.


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