Hughesnet Gen5internet service

L Aug 11, 2018

I've had Hughesnet Gen 5 since March of 2018! It was supposed to be fast and for the first 30 days it was, and since then it has been getting slower and slower and buffers so bad I can't even watch videos at all!!! We only use two devices an iPhone and an iPad mini, we can't both use our devices at the same time because the speed is so bad WTH!! FAST my rear end, my grandma could run faster than your service does!!! I've called and complained but as usual you can't talk to an American you get some foreigner who's English is so bad that you can barely understand they're saying and is reading from the HUGHESNET PROBLEM EXCUSE MANUAL!! It's never anything wrong with their equipment and they always run tests and say it's fine...ITS NOT FINE! They lock you into a 2 year contract give you fast internet service for just long enough to lock you in and then if it sucks you'd have to pay them a fistful of money to get out of the contract, so no matter what you do they SCREW you!! There should be a law against telling the LIES they tell!! Hughesnet you suck and I can't wait for my contract to end cause I will drop you for the trashy liars you are!!!

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