Hughesnetemail is in the dark ages!

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I had my email under Direcway for 4 years until somebody, without my consent and without amending my service contract, switched it to "" Now I cannot relay email, nor can I use another ISP to receive email. Under Direcway, I could use a local ISP which was on all of my stationary and internet accounts. This ISP had an excellent Spam and virus control which I could set the sensitivity and delete the spam myself. Now, I have no idea if there is any spam or virus control with because they have no settings for it. In my Eudora account which defaults to a "dominant" personality, will not allow the relay. In addition, they claim that some of my recipient's email addresses, one of which is my nephew, may have been forged and refuse to deliver the mail! I have tried to talk with techs from India, who even a Hindi couldn't understand, and he was hopeless. It is a mess and a breach of the original contract that I had with Direcway! I am prepared to set up a blog to fight these incompetents. If you want to help, pleas email me - although you may get a message that my address has been "forged."


  • Ri
    Rich45 Oct 03, 2006

    Have had a number of internet providers over the years.. is the worst...BY FAR. They are a rip off on up front fees. Their "help line" a joke. Can't even understand them...all they do is disconnect you or give you the run around. Refused to honor a rebate ...over-charged on bill. They do not respond to email or letters...any kind of complaint. They charge you if you want a paper invoice. TERRIBLE company with TERRIBLE service at HIGH price. The ads on TV are an out and out lie. They cannot deliver quality service.

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  • To
    tony gheno Oct 20, 2006

    I just off the phone with one of there slick salesman and felt like I had just been at the used car lot.

    I never had service with these guys. I can tell you form my initial calls these guys are just out to grab your money.

    He insisted to have a phone number to call be back and now I'm being hounded and getting the full court pressure.


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  • Ch
    Christy Myers Dec 04, 2006

    I have been using Hughes net for about a month and they're ripping me off big time. I'm locked into a fifteen month contract at their most costly plan. I am supposed to be able to download up to 350 MB within a four hour time period without violating their fair access policy (FAP), but every time I reach close to 200 MB within a four hour time period they put me in violation and restrict my speed for up to twelve hours. I'm getting an attorney now. I waited a long time for high speed access and unfortunately I choose a dishonest company. Their technical support people are all hard to understand and my average phone time with support has been 1.5 hours with still no resolving of the issues. LOL there is a hughesnet commercial on my TV right now as I type this..this has been a nightmare dealing with this company. BEWARE! Choose a more reliable company. The wild blue plan that is similar to the one I'm on with hughesnet allows around 550MB in a four hour time period before FAP violation. hmmm. And to think I went with Hughes net because of better name recognition, wow that was a mistake.

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  • Fr
    Frank DeBernardo Dec 15, 2006

    I have the standard plan and experience down load speeds far less than advertised (6o/70/80 kbps not 700) in the evening when I usually use the system. Browsing secure sites e.g. bank and other similar accounts is slow even at the advertised rate. After several hours of testing, their response, left as a phone message, was network congestion. Their chat support is OK up to the point they decide there are no immediate fixes or answers to your questions (when will downloads improve?) so their tactic is to say I'm putting you on hold for a couple of minutes and never return. They did that to me twice last night. At one point they managed a server glitch to disconnect the sessions altogether.

    I highly advise against this service until performance improves significantly and there's more management concern for customers.

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  • La
    Lance Ford Dec 17, 2006

    I am so sorry you guys are experiencing this. I got jobbed by directway two years ago. After spending about $800 on the biggest rip off I've ever had. All of your complaints are familiar while they were under the name Directway. I have no doubt they changed the name because their name was bad. There should be a class action suit against these guys.

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  • Ja
    James R Sherman Dec 26, 2006

    Total joke for service (upload and download). Worse than dialup at times. Too bad I just entered contract with them.

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  • Wi
    William McCracken Jan 29, 2007 is horrible. Absolutely the worst email provider I have ever used. We have satellite internet and have no choice really. When they turned their email over to it got worse. The server is always hung up. You cannot fetch mail as they said you could and you cannot set up for files to go into sent mail. This is in addition to all of the complaints above. They are just the worst ever. Period. No help talking to the people from India, you might have to call back three times to get someone you can understand before going onto explaining your problem.

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  • Da
    Daisy Abbott Feb 04, 2007

    I totally agree with all the complaints. I am glad to know it is not just me as I thought it may have been.

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  • Hu
    Hugh Phillips Feb 16, 2007

    Hughes FAP policy is nothing more than a cover for the fact that they have completely oversold their capabilities. My three months with them has been a major disappointment.

    If one is into reading or viewing news on the net all you have to do is look at three or four video news reports and Hughes places you in violation of FAP and cuts your speed to dial-up or close.

    I downloaded at Christmas time two old music videos, one of which was Melissa Ethridge's version of "War is Over" and hughes charged me 95mb for that one alone and coupled with the other put me in violation.

    If a ten minute video that appears from the vendor to be 20mb then when you download it your usage report for that period from Hughes will be at least double or more. They are fudging the stats on this and in general ripping off all their customer.

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  • Ro
    Robby Roden Mar 07, 2007

    List of events

    1. Took two weeks to get a call back from installer to get a new system put in

    2. Installer was extremely rude so I canceled

    3. Signed up with Wild Blue

    4. What I thought to be Wild Blue installer put in a Hughes Net system and left. 10 minutes later the real Wild Blue installer showed up and cut the cables from the Hughes Net system and installed their system. (I told them to do that.)

    5. Hughes Net billed me for the equipment and started billing me monthly for service even after numerous calls for cancellation that lasted HOURS!!!

    6. After thousands of dollars charged to my credit card I had it removed from their system to keep it from being charged. They promised that any later charges wouldn't be sent to collections since my situation was "escalated".

    7. I then received a call from collections that I owed$1035.

    8. After spending 2 hours on the phone, what I think was a manager, told me that the situation was never really escalated and that he was going to do it correctly for me and they would call me back after corporate decided what to do.

    9. It's been two weeks and still no call. The collection agency has been calling me daily wanting their money. This whole ordeal started in August 2006 and it is now March 2007

    10. I have sent in a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and if that doesn't work I'm going to have to spend even more money on a lawyer and fight this thing with everything I've got.

    I don't hate too many things in my life but Hughes Net has really pushed me to my limits!!! If anyone has any suggestions feel free to email me.

    Wild Blue is WONDERFUL. Customer Service is fast and download and upload speeds are great.

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  • Da
    Dale Summervile Mar 07, 2007

    [email protected] REJECTS spam complaints, even when the spam clearly originates with Hughes. What is with this company? Why have an abuse department if you are not going to accept abuse complaints?

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  • Ke
    Ken Mar 10, 2007

    My family too just signed with Hughesnet a couple months ago. It has been extremely dis-satisfying. Download/Upload Speeds are nowheres near advertised.

    Torrents are nearly Impossible because of the NAT'ing/Routing inside the modem itself leads to even poorer download speeds and inability to connect to a tracker(s) Properly (I use torrents only for Legal Public domain Downloads).

    I absolutely hate the FAP. We are paying mega money and outrageous prices compared to Cable/DSL/Verizon FIOS/ADSL, and yet we are stuck with these ridiculous ### restrictions making it next to impossible to obtain linux iso Downloads, some windows updates and patches, and any other good sized file that can be downloaded legally.

    Cable/DSL/FIOS users are paying much less than we are, and most of these restrictions/usage policy is not imposed on them.

    And probably even more horrors to come soon.

    Why do we who pay more get the ### end of the deal? It's time to stop this madness, contact our lawyers, Better Business Bureau, State Attorney General and whatever else and sue these cheap fraudulent, cheating ### to hell. Maybe they will learn then and start treating customers with dignity and respect.

    What the heck ever happened to the saying that the customer is always right?

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  • Da
    David Watson Mar 12, 2007

    The FAP thing is dishonest. With my modems off . they will show usage of 20 - 40 minutes !! (try it some time) Also with no one on line, cable disconnected, the FAP report sometimes shows 20 - 30 mb download. This does not always happen. It is erratic. When contacting phone support about this I end up with them going dead silent almost implying that I am lying.

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  • An
    Andrew C Mar 12, 2007

    My wife and I purchased Hughes net in Feb. We had the service for 28 days before I cancelled. I cancelled prior to the 30 day trial period because the internet did not work for 13 days out of 28. Hughes net reasoning for it not working was weather. We did have two snow days (about 4 inches) but the sky were clear for the other 11.

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  • Ch
    Christopher E. Pedersen Apr 02, 2007

    Hughes SUCKS! I signed up 6 months ago and have been run around by "tech support" since (cant tell you how many times I have rebooted my pc and router lol). I am a network admin and webmaster by trade, but live in a rural area so thought what the hell, $59 per month is crazy money, but "it will be worth it!" LMAO yeah right~

    The download speeds max out at 70kbps and uploads around 10kbps. Browsing is painfully slow. Worse than my old highstream dial up. Many pages timeout or simply cannot be accessed using the hughes system.

    My folks went with Wild Blue and are extremely satisfied. Their package is 200k slower than mine (on paper) but runs almost 4x faster in all respects. Wild Blue is also $10/mo. cheaper! arrgggghhhhh

    I guess there is nothing I can do at this point. I paid the $500 for equipment + $140 install (installer told me that mine was not a "typical / standard" install) and now I am locked in for another 9 months of contract. After that my system will be put to rest in the bottom of a deep deep hole. I pray DSL becomes available by then. It's only 3 miles away!

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  • Da
    Daniel Boyd Apr 07, 2007

    -Hughesnet claims 24/7 customer service. I called this morning and was informed via recording that noone would be available until 7 am eastern time.

    -I recently called hughesnet to pay my bill (which for some reason has a mysterious extra $50 added to it) and was informed that they "could not access the database" for me to pay my bill at the moment. What type of ISP cannot perform basic data operations?

    -The fair Access Policy is obviously not advertised nor is it made known to the consumer before purchasing and signing a contract. Hughesnet advertises unlimited access to the internet and makes statements about extremely high speeds. They do not guarantee unlimited high speeds. with 800,000 subscribers worldwide and an outrageous monthly subscription fee, one would think that they had plenty of cash to either upgrade or send new satellites into orbit.

    -During the installation of my hughesnet system, I was told by the installer that the service is faster than both DSL and cable. I recall asking about inclimate weather. In reply, the installation tech told me that it would not be a factor.

    Has anyone contacted a lawyer yet? Does anybody have sufficient legal knowledge relating to our ability as consumers to file a class action lawsuit? Crafty folks like the ones at hughesnet probably have a clever way of wording things to avoid such conflict. I intend to look into this and contact my lawyer asap. I truly is worth banding together on this issue. One person can get the run around and the cold shoulder. An entire community of pissed off consumers can make something happen.

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  • Jo
    John Brouillette Apr 18, 2007

    I too was switched from Direcway. I check my status bar frequently and I'm showing 74 to 78 percent signal strength, but down load speeds are in 4K to 8K range. I have had updates to Windows xp that took all day long. As bad as dial up is, it still out performs Hughes. I asked to be upgraded to the fastest speed that Hughes could provide. Three weeks later the tech showed up with equipment, and promptly crashed my computer so that it was not functioning at all. That turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

    He could not install the hardware so he left, and told me to take my computer to a repair station, and try to upgrade again after the computer was repaired. About an hour after he left and the machine was still locked up, I just turned every thing off waited an hour and repowered the computer, it began functioning normally. I then had to use hughes tech support to reconnect my 6000 system (original directway receiver and transmitter boxes). After 2 hours of broken English instructions, I finally got back on line.

    Another 2 hours session was required to get my email working... all this was extremely frustrating. I would not recommend Hughes to anyone. They are not delivering as advertised.

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  • Da
    David M Rose Apr 22, 2007

    This is unlawful and should be address in class action I purchased the dish and modem 900.00 and paid for 9 months 89.00 per month for pro service I'd download 200mb at night and have a pretty good idea in a few hours my speeds would come back in 4 or so hours now they stop your internet speed to a trickle half of dial-up 20or so and it stays like this for 24 hours so I downloaded 300 mb 2 hours of streaming video and now 24 hours of nothing internet pages hardly load at all why do they not tell us this and should they not stick with there original fap for god sake they never disclosed fap until I was all signed up and installed this is criminal the worst just got worse. APRIL changes there fap rules:

    ### I am ripped!

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  • Ja
    Jack L Gary Apr 24, 2007

    Hughes wireless internet is a complete rip off. We have recently had Hughes net installed at our house and signed a very long contract with them. We are paying around 100$ every month for this service not to mention the expensive install fee. When we first started using it, we were pleased and had no problems at all with the internet. After a month of service we noticed our connection was slowing down to below dial up speeds and sometimes would completely stop. None of the contracts we signed nor did any employees we talked to inform us of the FAP policy. After many attempts to figure this problem out with customer service ( people who you can barely understand) we were finally informed of the FAP policy. If I had knew I would only be allowed to download 200mbs a day then I would have laughed and never thought about again. They are not informing their customers of this policy and I cannot find any information about this policy on any paperwork. The only place I can find this information is on a little tab at the bottom of their website. It is criminal what they are doing and something should be done about it. I could understand being cut off for a few hours because of going over a set limit. But when I pay a 100$ a month and the company rips the internet out of my house for 8 to 10 days out of a month, it should be criminal. needs to be brought out in the public for this because it is clearly ripping off people and hiding information.

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  • Br
    Brian Wallington Apr 26, 2007

    4/26/07 hughes made changes to their FAP and began implementing it last week( the new FAP cuts your potential to 1/6th of what we are used to), this constitutes a change to your service agreement. Section 2.3 of your contract states that in this event(which they dont have to tell you about) you can cancel your service, I am currently waiting for "corporate" to call me to discuss the terms.

    I am almost certain that if you want out, this will get you out, you may have to pay the return shipping on the equipment which is better than being ripped off for 100 bucks a month. HOWEVER you have to do it NOW and immediately stop using your service, you WILL get run around a bit... just play the game and keep your cool, but 30 days after the change your claim is void AND use constitutes acceptance, I hope this works out for all of us.

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  • Wa
    Walter Ripps Apr 27, 2007

    This is a letter I have sent to

    After being hit with fap for 24 hours for an offense I was not aware of ,I feel it is time for us to part. I would like to point out that while I did go over my newly un known down load limit, that in the 7 or 8 years I have been a customer of yours I have never once received the band with that I paid for. Because and during the latest fap punishment I was able to use a standard phone line which offered greater band with than your faped amount, to find another provider. For 10 bucks more a month I am able to receive almost twice the daily amount of data without going into their fap, with a local phone line dial-in connection that I could use here due to the fact that a great deal of the time your service is out, while my satellite TV is able to continue. A puzzling point on its own, due to the fact your dish is larger and does not have to go through a tree to see the sky. (A satellite configuration problem I summarize.) I would like to make May of 2007 my last month with your service. Your service department has always been friendly with a perceived at least from my viewpoint, a limited ability to correct the problem without sending a technician for a fee and limited results. Again never once in the time I have been with you, was the paid for band with achieved, even by the on site technician. Who told me candidly that it was not possible. You seem to be vary strict with your customers on their side of the agreement and yet have no responsibilities of your own. I read your contract, nice. I guess it’s a nice business. Beside putting up a satellite and BADLY running a IT department (which I worked as a lead technician by the way,) there is little else needed. Except a pretty girl on a TV advertisement. REMEMBER MAY OF 2007 IS THE LAST OF MY CONTRACT WITH YOU AFTER THAT I INTEND TO KILL THE ACCOUNT YOU BILL TO.

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  • He
    Heath Apr 29, 2007

    I have just run afoul of Hughes new FAP policy. They were so "kind" as to increase the limit by 25 mb but they also increased the recovery time to 24 hours. My connection has been virtually at a standstill for 16 hours now. I called them to complain and the rep told me i was sent an email explaining these changes. I never saw it. I just had to settle for telling him that i consider the leaders of his company to be corporate ###.

    I just live for the day when an alternative broadband solution becomes available in my area. I want to utter these four words to them. CANCEL MY F*****G SERVICE. I will then take a sledgehammer to my equipment and post a video of it all over the net. I hate this company with a passion!!!

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  • Bo
    Bob Apr 29, 2007

    I too signed up for Direcway (it was existing in my home when I purchased it). After dealing with an outsourced tech support rep (actually started shouting at me..."you are not listening to me, Sir!!) I couldn't understand him... I can only reboot my router and modem so many times...I finally got a tech rep here in the US (the outsourced rep insisted that I had to tell them what satellite my dish was pointed at??) The tech here walked me through the process and got me online. After took over my system stopped working. Several calls to tech support overseas (and many disconnects and modem reboots) I was told that I would have to pay a technician to repoint my dish!! I hold 2 FCC licenses and i'm not allowed to repoint a friggin' satellite dish? I was told that my signal strength of 46 was fine for Direcway but Hughes requires much more? Fine, I hired a tech to repoint my dish ($120 for about 10 minutes of work). He got me back online. Then the FAP! I'm an evil abuser of internet bandwidth (they punish me for using more than my fair share?) I didn't realize communism was alive and well in the USA! How dare they chastise me for using more than "my fair share"!! Almost $70 a month and they limit my access?? Screw you!!! I am currently without other internet options due to my rural location, but the split second something else becomes available I will use my Direcway (Hughes) modem for target practice!! Please, PLEASE if a class action lawsuit is brewing, I would be more than happy to join the fight!! Ironic... they claim they sent an email explaining new FAP limits, but no one I have spoken to has received it!!

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  • To
    Tony Montana Apr 30, 2007

    Please, can we get a lawsuit started?!

    I, an over-paying Hughesnet Customer, am no longer receiving the same level of service I was when I signed up.

    375 mb DAILY Bandwith (pro package)? 5 videos on Youtube and speed crawls to 1.5 kbs downloads, at least dial up consistently ran at 4-5 kbs!

    We are paying for unlimited broadband access, not for a service that can only be used 5 hours a day at broadband levels!

    Many online services cannot be used with this '24 hour fap'. People pay a lot of money for streaming live video or downloads of media, with Hughesnet these services would not function properly if you use it more than 5 hours out of ANY 24 hour period!

    "Increase the bandwidth"??? Flat out lie! This is 1/6th the service level of before! How stupid do they think we all are!

    I am disgusted at this level of greed and corruption, and I strongly advise all to send a letter to your local politicians and to the better business bureau!

    Dial up: download of 5kbs = 1 MB every 3min 20 sec (200 seconds / 86,400 seconds in a day would be 432 MB daily download on dial-up) = more daily bandwidth on dial up than on Hughesnet's new 'Broadband' FAP policy!

    This friggen sucks!

    !!!Lawsuit please!!!

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  • Cr
    Cru Chase May 02, 2007

    I also made the mistake of signing up with Hughes Net. The worst choice anyone could make! After two weeks and hundreds of dollars I went back to my dialup provider that runs at 50 kbps. The dialup connection seems like DSL compared to the Hughes net broadband.

    They should call it Hughes net NOBAND. If there is a class action in progress, please let me know.

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  • Da
    Dawn Hagen May 03, 2007

    I was looking into Hughes when I came across this site and after reading all of this I think I will go with wildblue. I live in the country and am using dial up. I take online college courses and I need something faster and it sounds like I would not be gaining anything from hughes.

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  • Ke
    Ken Walker May 04, 2007

    I thought Hughes was the only option here in Mexico where I'm working on an orphanage for a few more months. I have a job that enables me to work remotely, so that was my plan. I ordered the system and explained to the company that contacted me, that I'd be taking the system down to Mexico and installing it there myself. They missed several appointments to drop the equipment off, but finally did.

    I installed the system and got a good signal. I wasn't impressed with the speed, but it was bearable. It gave me the coveted upload speeds that I was missing with the DSL service in Mexico. I was getting 5-10k upload on DSL here, so the 40k Hughes gave me was great. That was the first day.

    The second day, again, I wasn't impressed with the browsing speeds. I did a tracert to and was getting a consistent 700ms +/- between each hop. Still, I would have bore with it because the speeds were higher than the DSL that I was getting. That was the second day.

    The third day, iTunes updated some of my podcasts. Then my Mac downloaded some system updates. All of a sudden, it was like I was on a noisy dial-up connection. Everything slowed way down. I did some troubleshooting, and eventually went to the Hughes site and chatted with a rep from India.

    After finding out my problem, their first response was "Ken, are you aware about the fair access policy?" I said, "No". I was then, and only then, told about an extremely unreasonable 375MB that I couldn't cross or I'd get modem speeds.

    I would never had installed this service if I had been told that. I do audio/video work and I have to download and upload hundreds of megabytes of data almost daily. Fortunately, I'm still within the 30 days, so I'll be sending this unit back. I'm very dissappointed though, and feel like I've been taken advantage of, not being told before hand. That is a serious waste of my time, not to mention that now I have to deal with modem speeds for 24 hours! I mean come on? 24 hours? That is a bit ridiculous.

    All three reps I chatted with on Hughes suggested upgrading to Pro Plus which would give me a whopping 425MB! Oh my, 50MB more! That isn't even 1 ISO. What if I wanted to download a Linux ISO? I don't have time to monitor all my traffic and see if I'm close to the limit. I got the Pro plan because I knew I do a lot of work online, this company is unrealistic. I think a class-action lawsuit will eventually be inevitable.

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  • Hu
    HughesNet Sucks May 05, 2007

    Signed a 15 month contract with Directway 17 months ago and had same problem which has been described in these post . Our service was shut down almost daily for watching weather and news videos. IF YOU ARE A POTENTIAL CUSTOMER OF HUGHES NET STOP!!! DO NOT DO IT!!! Unless you like slower than dial up speeds for $100 a month and long waits on hold only to talk to a man in india who doe nt even speak your language and hardly knows anything what so ever about what is going on with his own company. This company started out as directway then changed to hughes net no doubt the name change had to do with the bad name this company has given itself . If you are a current customer and are having troubles DO NOT fall for the trick that if you upgrade your service to a more expensive plan that you will get better service because that is not true we are done with this company and want to let others know that if you deal with them you will likely be disappointed in a big way.

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  • Go
    Gordon LaFontaine May 05, 2007

    Hughes net sucks

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  • Ha
    Hayden Foster May 08, 2007

    I first subscribed to direcway and the internet speed was great. A couple of months after hughes net took over the internet speed has spiraled downward.I typically have a download speed of around 60 kps which is comparable to dialup. Except dialup doesn't cost $60/month.

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  • Ri
    Rita Reed May 09, 2007

    I Installed My Satellite Oct. 2006. In the beginning the speed was great. I am a photographer and I could download quickly and was very happy with the connection. Within weeks my speeds dropped to the point that dial up would have been an improvement. I spend hours downloading my work when it should take only minutes. I requested a paper invoice not wanting to use my credit card to make my monthly payments and was told an additional $5 charge would be added to my invoice for the service. What a crock! I was given 2 payment choices... credit card or pay the additional charge. I have 9 more months on this contract, unfortunately. Had I known what Hughesnet was about, I would have never wasted my time or my money. This is a rip-off and now that I have read other comments on this complaint site, I too can say it is a "scam!" Buyer Be Ware. This is just another example of how degraded people are when it comes to stealing money from people who blindly but their trust in "crooks!"

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  • Lg
    L G Turner May 09, 2007

    OMG I am so upset. I just read these complaints and I am having deja vu! I received a flyer affiliated with DishTV regarding high speed internet. I live in rural Vermont and only have access to dial up. I just paid an installer $365 additional to put a pole, dish and run the line into the house in addition to the $199 fee plus I paid for the highest speed for my husband to send his CAD drawings faster. I am writing this on my dial up connection because the damn thing hasn't worked yet! Something about "commissioning the modem"? What the heck! Should I stop payment on the check to the installer? Since it is less than 30 days can I cancel? FAP? I never heard of this until I found this board. If you get a flyer in the mail and think it is somehow connected to DishTV it isn't! Stop stop and don't make the mistake I feel I have just made!

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  • Ki
    Kim Griffith May 09, 2007

    I currently have been sitting at my computer for four hours now wondering why I can't get any work done. Now I understand. My hughes net hasn't worked right in two days and it occasionally places a message across the screen that blames the weather conditions. IT IS SPRING TIME IN OKLAHOMA!! Should I expect this every time it rains? I am so worried now. My husband was not happy that I signed the long contract anyway. Now he will be so upset that I am being ripped off. I can't get anyone to send my an invoice either. They just charge my credit card every month and I see in on the credit card bill. That makes me nervous. It is late now, but in the morning I plan on reading every small word of that contract again.

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  • Ch
    Chris May 10, 2007

    OMG! Thank you for all your stories. My husband and I are (were) about to go with Hughes Net due to the dissatisfaction with our DSL, we live out in the Oklahoma country and do not always have internet service. But being the engineer I am, I did some snooping! Sounds like my DSL is like living in paradise compared to what all of you are going through.

    Well, I'm the type of person if I can't resolve an issue with a fellow AMERICAN, I move on to the next service. Hense the reason I wouldn't buy a Dell Computer, their customer service is in India. Plus, I'm currently getting a loan paid off quickly because the bank I WAS doing business with moved their customer service to India.

    I've had bad service from other companies and when we couldn't resolve the issue(s), I have marched directly to the BBB and the State Attorney General's Office. You would be surprised how fast issues get solved. What about the previous class action suit against Directway? Has anyone contacted that group?

    I wish all of you the best... thank you again for all your information!

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  • No
    Norma Ellison May 16, 2007

    OMG, I can't believe all the people who are disgusted with HughesNet. And this is just one site. I'm sure there are thousands more and they don't know where to turn. I did e-mail my BBB yesterday and even included the link to this site. Haven't heard back yet but I also plan to write my Attorney General. We have the least expensive plan, which at $63.29 a month is still ridiculous to pay for internet. It was at least bearable considering dial-up was our only other option. That is until they changed the "Fair" Access Policy. Which I had never heard of to start with but I'm sure it was in the fine print somewhere when we signed up 2 years ago. Now since the change, if our kids watch a couple of music videos or download any audio we're screwed. The speed they slow us down to is unbearable. People have internet access so they can use it. We shouldn't be told how much we can use it and how. Especially when we're paying what we're paying for this awful service. If anyone has any other suggestions as to how to make HughesNet pay for this please tell all of us.

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  • Je
    JEB May 18, 2007

    Not wanting to discount a good thing such as this forum, however I think some of you are abusing it. First of all, I notice a lot of complaints about the FAP. Anybody who has seriously researched satellite internet would know about this. Regardless of the split of Direcway to Huges and the changes that followed there has always been a FAP.

    Why on earth do you think you can complain for not reading the service contract on something you plan to spend $3000 on over the next two years?

    One poster is correct, that if Huges changes the agreement you can cancel your account, in fact it says you can cancel your account at any time for a fee of $300 (prior to your 24 month agreement).

    If you cancel within 30 days you will get some of the money refunded to you minus the cost of installation and you have to return the modem.

    All I can suggest is: READ READ READ! RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH! Be an educated consumer not an arrogant one.

    Express to Huges CEO's that you dislike the India tech support. I honestly am surprised companies still out source to India with the amount of frustration people express over it. I do not think enough people are expressing to CEO's their frustrations. I read somewhere that one company stopped out sourcing after their CEO had to call India. Honestly, sometimes these people get so high up they forget who pays their salaries.

    If you so feel inclined get a call recorder and record everything, this really protects you from the double speak that sales people will sometimes give. Just be sure to inform the person on the other side that you are recording them.

    Keep in mind that the installer is just a contractor and if they tell you something wrong it is all on them and not Huges.

    Best of luck, I'm going to continue my research on Satellite broadband and pray that DSL gets turned back on in my area.

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  • Sh
    Sherrie Taylor May 22, 2007

    I had this satellite installed about 4 yrs ago when it was direcway. It has always been slow. My upload speeds have been anywhere from 7kbps to like 26kbp. My download speed has been anywhere from 500 kbp to 700kbp. I have been on the phone with them many times about my upload speed. I was told by the ADVANCED tech support that they didnt even have a troubleshooting for upload speeds after they had me do tests for 3 days straight. They even sent out a tech that was from Radio Shack, who is now just working in the automotive part of the building, to change out the radio transmitter thing on the dish. Still no changes and the tech even said he didnt know what else to do!.. Called direcway back and was told more or less to deal with it that it wasnt gonna get any better!. that was back in 2006... Then last week (may 16th, 2007), I called hughes net cause it was taking forever for websites to was acting way worse than dial up. And of course every time u call u have to talk to some india guy that u cant even understand and then gets mad at you cause u have to keep asking them to repeat what they said!!.. I was on the phone with them for over 2 hrs...they had me do things I already knew how to do and u tell them u already do that but they dont listen and have u do all the stuff over again. And again, of course the problem was NOT resolved and they told me that another tech would have to call me back. So the next day I got a call from another tech. Another damn india guy!!!... and he too made me go over the same stuff and the same damn tests that the other tech had me do!!!.. I was on the phone with him for 3 hrs and 30 mins. Who the hell really has time to sit on the phone for 3 hrs and 30 mins?.. That was ridiculous. How can a company treat thier customers like this and get away with it?.. I pay $69.99 a month.. what a RIP OFF!!!... Been thinking of switching to wild blue. Kind of scared to switch though. I dont want to pay for another service like Hughes Net!... I dont know much about the wild blue. But if its alot better than Huges then I would definitely probably switch!

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  • Ha
    Harold Jackson May 26, 2007

    Most of the complaints I see are the results of not doing your homework. Satellite Internet is a viable alternative to dial up but not a replacement for DSL, CAble or wireless. The FAP policy was spelled out along with the TOS. Right after I ordered my system and "BEFORE" it was installed Hughesnet sent an email which says in part.

    "Terms and Conditions:

    HughesNet service usage is subject to the Fair Access Policy. See for additional information. Actual speeds vary based on the amount of traffic on the Internet, content on a particular Web site, or by the overall performance and configuration of your computer. Multiple computers can be connected to the HughesNet modem via your existing local area network. However, all computers on the network will be sharing a single HughesNet connection. Use of high bandwidth applications by one user may result in degradation of speed for other users on your local area network. Stated speeds are not guaranteed. HughesNet is optimized for browsing and downloading files. HughesNet is not recommended for use with Virtual Private Networks (VPN), twitch or RPG online games, online trading, web hosting or heavy file uploads. Professional Installation required. Monthly service fees apply. Minimum Service period required. Taxes not included."

    Since the new FAP my speeds are exactly as advertised. 1MB down and usually 200KB up, 24/7. I'm a happy camper since I only have dial up for an option.

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  • Be
    Ben H May 27, 2007

    I've had Hughes/DW for 4 years. Now all of a sudden they change policy on my agreement. F- them, this is an insult to me, and I'll be switching to Wild Blue.

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  • Je
    Jeff Lewis Jun 03, 2007

    Hughes sucks. The service I'm paying for is not what I'm receiving. Just like all other complaints on this web site, Hughes has no "english speaking" "technical support" staff who actually knows anything about actual computer technical support with respect to actual computer use. It is NOT possible to use an alternate email service other than gmail or yahoo... etc, because of their blocking that they will not directly admit to. When confronted directly, their staff will hang up the phone or indicate that "your computer is at fault, it needs to be repaired". Their "written tech support" indicates the exact opposite. They do limit speed illegally and are clearly taking their customers money illegally by defrauding them. If anybody sets up a class action lawsuit, where do I sign up? My download speed is averaging less than 1.3kb/sec (yes its worse than dial up, only without the hassle of hangups and inability to reconnect.) It takes me an average of 1 hour to download 700kb of email, and 2 hours to read my few comics on I will be happy to testify in court against these slimy creeps. I do NOT suggest this service to anybody unless you like abuse.

    If you read the contract, then set performance tests, you will be very disappointed. They have limited your bandwidth to their standards.
    Good luck all.

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