Hughes Network Systems / the two managers in the front office

AS Technology, United States

First of all this company is not organized, the sells manager Benessa Gant lies to customers about what all the internet services can do and it can't, second of all she don't know what she is doing at all then you have the second manager Melissa Henderson that calls customers and creates a repair for no reason and the tech that came to my house said they had 2 installs on him in the same time frame and it was over a hour drive, the tech that came out said that the owner charges them for poles and equipment if it's not turned in at a certain time, I'm really concerned about the way this company is treating the customers and there technicians with charging them for everything and then getting charged back for anything also when I was in there asking about the services there was a bunch of kids running around and being very loud this is not a professional company at all and the owner will not do nothing about it, also he was a preacher at a church and they let him go, to me this is very very unprofessional and he has managers that don't anything if you call and ask them they all give you different answers I'm getting a lawyer and gonna see what I can do about a law suit on this company and the two ladies in the front office needs to be fired I have asked alot of my friends to ask there technicians and they all are giving the same information taking someone's money and charging back technicians and for equipment is not leageal I have asked several different companies and I was told no all the supplies is gaven to the technicians and that they can not charge back for something that don't belong to them this company needs to investigated and some one needs to talk to all the technicians that work for this company and get there opinion on what they think, this is the rudest most unprofessional company I have ever seen and stealing from the technicians with there money I'm asking for someone to do something, why can't technicians charge customers for a pole if they have to buy them at 24.99 and 89.00 for cable I will talk to a layer for these technicians if something is not done them women is not fired and the technicians is not reimbursed for all the money they have taken from them they lie to customers get them in a contract and then want to charge a 125.00 for a repair if customers has problems and talking to the installer they only get paid 50.00 so why is it we are getting charged more for a repair and the installers get paid less, to me the owner is stilling not only the technicians money but customers money as well this needs to be taken care of asap it is 3/19/2019 iv had my service for 3 months and they continue to charge me 125.00 and I have had 4 different installer tell me the same thing

Mar 19, 2019

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