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hughesnet sucks

Hughesnet SUCKS!! Initially, I paid like $600. to have the service installed, then $59.99 per month. Within...

fair access policy

Hughes Net Internet Service Provider exists to legally “hook” customers in a two-year contract and force the...

$350 termination fee on a free trial!?

Bottom line... incorrectly debited my checking account for $334.34 for an early termination fee. They immediately found the problem and "fixed it", they said. Well, fixing it means they will refund my money in 30 days! I spent a half hour with a hughes billing support agent (In the philippines). He said their standard operating procedure was to refund their mistakes in 30 days. After he put me on hold for a while and visiting with other support folks in his organization they were able to shorten it to 7 days. But that still does not seem like a reasonable time frame for them to "fix" the problem. Needless to say, I talked to two more support agents (Who said they were each the last line of decision making there was) who both told me they could not and would not do anymore to help me get the money back into my checking account within a day or two. I asked for a contact number or person here in the united states who might be able to help with this situation and he flat out denied that there was anyone to talk to. These folks have no idea what customer support is. So as it stands now, I have to wait 7 days to receive a credit. Will that happen? Who knows?

Let me also say that they have a pretty sneaky way of keeping you on the hook for service if you decided to cancel within the 30 day trial period. I canceled the service within the first week because it just wasn't fast enough for me to work from home. My new aircard is 2 to 3 times faster for almost half the price! In any case, when I called to cancel the service... And make no mistake, I clearly cancelled the account. The "termination department" support rep told me, since I have paid for my first month’s service already that I can continue to use it, but after that it will be cancelled. I said, that's fine, but I can't use it, it’s too slow. They also said I would receive an email that included instructions on how to return the modem and other things, otherwise I would be charged for those items. I asked when I would get the email, and they said just after the end of the month.

Just before the end of the month I decided to call hughes net to make sure things were cancelled, as I was concerned they had not sent me an email with the directions on what to return. I was surprised to hear that my account had not been cancelled, but was on a "pending cancellation" status. Parden my french, but what the hell does that mean? I cancelled the service right? “no sir, you elected to continue the service to see if you really wanted to cancel”. By this time I was getting pretty upset. If I would have called a couple days later I would have missed my chance to cancel during their 30 day trial and would have been subject to an early termination fee!

And all this leads me here today, finding they debited my checking account for the earlier cancellation fee of $334.34!

I understand things happen and people make mistakes, etc. But all i'm asking for is a reasonable turnaround time in getting my money. Is that too much to ask for?

And hughes net, I would recommend when a customer says they would like to cancel their service, you cancel their service and not play games. That’s bad business!

$350 termination fee on a free trial!?
  • Un Sep 04, 2009

    UPDATE: 9/4/2009 1:00PM

    Good news. As I went to the BBB to file a complain I noticed a phone number next to Hughes Net's name. I called them number (301-428-5500) and gave the operator a 30 second version of the problem. She immediatley forwarded to me to Rebecca (not sure who she is or what her title is) but she said she'd handle the refund right now. So I spent 10 minutes on hold while processed my refund. She came back and said she's placed the refund into their system and now we're just waiting for the bank to pick it up. She says it shouldn't take anymore than a day or two. Folks...this is all I was asking for. Rebecca...thank you.

    Bad news. How many other folks are going through this same stuff. I think the group in the Philippines needs a good ole lesson in customer service from Rebecca.

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  • Bu
    Bud Parker Sep 04, 2009

    I'm a new account holder. 3 day ago my bandwidth suddenly dropped from around 750 to 800 kbps to 12 to 19 kbps. For 2 days I tried to find out if I had a virus or some Denial of Service problem. Well, finally I called Hughes Net. In fact, I called them 4 times today. Somewhere in India or God knows where.

    The first fellow educated me about their Fair Use Policy. He was polite and methodical. The phone call dropped. I called back and talked to the 2nd fellow. We had an extremely poor phone line that dropped off. 3rd guy I could talk to. He again explained the "Policy" that punishes Hughes customers for having the unmitigated gall to actually use the service.

    I asked the guy if he had a lot of complaints about the "Policy" and he indicated that he spent all day placating customers. I told him that the 3rd fellow that I talked to two hours earlier assured me that my Penalty Box time would end within 10 minutes. Of course, that didn't happen.

    The 4th guy said that my bandwidth would continue to be unusable until tomorrow at 7 PM. That would be nearly four days with an unusable bandwidth of 12 kbps. I told him that logic indicates that Hughes Net is applying this ridiculous Fair Use Policy because they have inadequate resources to service their client base. The only other reason is to simply alienate their customers and make them drop their service at the first opportunity. That defies logic…

    So, on one day I was naughty and utilized too much scarce bandwidth. After being denied service for 4 days I will be allowed to use the service that I am paying for. You can bet I will organize as many other Hughes Net victims in Mississippi as I can find. We need to inundate the State Attorney General and the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission with thousands of complaints.

    If you want in shoot me an email to [email protected] I will supply names, phone numbers, email addresses and snail mail addresses for you to file your complaint. It is time to tighten up Hughes Net. They mislead potential customers with their claim of 1 MB bandwidth only to inflict their Fair Use Policy after you commit to their service. Google “problems with Hughes Net” without the quotation marks to find thousands of livid customers!

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  • Sl
    S L Hunter Feb 12, 2010

    Call the number mentioned above (301-428-5500) and press 0 to talk to an operator!! I had an unexpected military move and had to cancel my service early. I informed HughesNet that I would be leaving the state on 1 January and confirmed what equipment needed to be returned. I was told just the modem and cable. Long story short we moved halfway across the country and over a month later received a letter from HughesNet saying we had one week to return the radio assembly from the top of the satellite dish or we would be charged a $300 unreturned equipment fee. I made six different calls to customer service requesting an extension so that my husband could drive 1500 miles, climb on the roof, cut down the radio assembly, and mail it back. After the hours long, frustrating attempts at getting an extension and a guarantee that my card would not be charged, I was at wits end. As I was just sitting on hold for the sixth time in a week, I was googling HughesNet complaints and stumbled across the above post. I immediately hung up, called that number and spoke with a live, English-speaking individual who personally guaranteed she would prevent the charge from going through on my card and told me that my husband did not have to make the drive to get the radio assembly. She told me if I had any more problems I should call and ask for her specifically. I will never again use HughesNet nor recommend it to anyone, but it is nice to know that there are a few individuals that work for the company that can actually get things done.

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  • Hu
    Hughesnet Dealer Apr 10, 2010

    Losers, You know good and well you signed the work orders and kept the system for more than 30 days and now are just whining for whatever reason.

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  • Ib
    ibbunny Nov 07, 2010

    wow, the hughesnet dealer can't read...

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fair acess policy

I have had it with this policy that limits usage on a daily basis based on which service you purchase. I personally have the pro which allows you to download up to 300 megabytes of info daily. The problem with this is that most of today's software is a lot larger than 300 meg therefore you either have to wait until the hours between 2am - 7 am or go through the hassle of using download manager software. I prefer to do my own down loading. so after being with hughes net for over two years I am going to try Wild Blue at least they allow usage based on a monthly amount, which for about the same price I pay Hughes Net I get more high speed download time. Check out Wild Blue cause Hughes Net SUCKS!!

false advertisement.

Hughes.Net certainly wins the black ribbon for worst ISP I've ever had the displeasure of using. Upon moving to the somewhat rural area of Darlington, I had to use satellite internet for lack of a better choice. The salesman on the phone outright lied, saying that satellite would be perfect for things such as online gaming and networking with multiple PCs.

To make matters worse, they impose the FAP (The air is thick with puns) which stands for Fair Access Policy, a polite way of saying you can only download 200mb before they throttle you down to speeds that are almost as bad if not worse than Dial-Up, and having to wait 24 hours for it to "restore." However, in the end, there's nothing you can do if you lack better options, and Hughes.Net no doubt thrives on this sort of monopoly over rural internet users.

Armstrong Cable and Verizon also provide painfully close to my home, literally a short walk up the road, this could warrant whole new complaints about these companies on how they seem to have simply abandoned the 1800 block of the street and skipped over to the next road for no apparent reason. Simply, I am in a Bermuda Triangle of Telecommunications.

Although it is partly my fault for not researching as well as I should have, the thought did not occur to me, and many others, that an ISP could impose such ludicrous limits.

  • So
    Sol Solomon Dec 31, 2009

    Yes! has been a great dissapointment, can't get Outlook e-mail to work, their tech support is just terriable to say the least. Very dissatisfied.
    I have some $477.47 into their equipment and can't get things to work, and now I suspose they think to hold me to a two year contract!?
    Isn't there some way to claw back and get rid of the "service"?

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  • Li
    linksage Jan 04, 2010

    We've got the same problem. We've been dealing with Hughesnet for years now, from before they went loco and started dealing the harsh 24 (more like 26) hour punishment period for going over their ridiculous limit.

    Funny thing is, we didn't even know about the FAP until I went in and did some digging. In addition to that, I had to snoop around even more to find out exactly what that limit was, and only today found a page that tells us what we've used so far.

    Trust me, this company would've gone out of business a long time ago if half of us had any choice. Personally I'd rather go back to dial up than deal with these jokers any more. It'd probably be faster in the long run (During their FAP period, speeds drop down to less than 1/3 the speed of dialup. At least you'd be able to actually download something, though!).

    It's just a scam to get you to shell out more money for a higher cap. Unfortunately, even after a bunch of research, I can't seem to find any alternative other than dial up.

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terrible isp

We live far up in Maine, in our area we have very few internet companies to chose from.

We were using Localnet which cost $9.99/month, it was very slow and we saw a HughesNET commercial on TV, which guaranteed highspeed internet and access from any area. So we decided to try this out.

A guy came and installed the satellite dish, which cost us $130.00 and we chose the cheapest plan they had which was $60.00/month.

Once we went online the speed was decent compared to LocalNet, but very soon our internet speed just dropped, it was even slower than dial-up. We looked through the paperwork and saw that our plan only allowed us to use up to 200mb of Bandwidth, if we exceeded this limit we would be penalized for 24hours and our internet would stay slow.

Pretty soon our internet kept getting slower and slower, we had all our backround downloaders shut off, to minimize the bandwidth limit, we also couldn't go to websites such as "Youtube" or it would quickly run up our bandwidth limit. Basically the only websites we could go to without crapping out our internet were pages with only text and very little pictures.

Even with the "green flag" our internet is still very slow and we have called customer support several times and have been given poor support where the staff can barely speak English and couldn't figure out the problem, they would just redirect us to a speed-test website and tell us to refresh it 5 times, which didn't do much for us.

We're done with HughesNET, we our paying $60.00/month for the same slow internet we had when we had $10.00/month dial-up.
I will be filing a lawsuit and I advise everyone to stay away from this low life ISP.

  • Jo
    John L Sparks May 18, 2007

    Internet service is virtually nonexistent. Technical Support insists that FAP has been met even though there is no evidence of this on the user side. Have filed complaint with the FCC. Seeking refund for poor service for several months.

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damage to property

Unauthorized installation of Hughes Net Satelite dish to roof line of newly built rental property using lag bolts through the shingles. Tenant vacated at lease end. On Inspection roof leaks at installation site. Called multiple customer service rep. and they would do nothing. Was told it was not their problem. HAve a call in to Executive phone # but I doubt that will resolve the issue. Estimates to repair the roof are about $1000.00. Tenant is being held responsible for damage. All I want HN to do is come and get their satelite off of the damn roof. They will not. !!!

  • Sh
    sharonkaycee Feb 22, 2010

    wish i had read this before...they won't take the dish from my home either...

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worse than dialup!

After upgrading from 56k dialup to the hughesnet hn9000. I decided it was time to finally do the much needed...


The reps from their company do not tell you of the restrictions concerning downloading. Than when you call to report bad service, you are informed of these restrictions. The idiot supervisor can tell you(Lorenzo) is that we should have visited the website to be made aware of the underlying restrictions that no one told you about. How do you pull up the website until you have service? All he can say is that is my problem! And than hangs up.
I have told everyone I know of these facts and have cost them at least 4 customers in my immediate area. If I stopped 4 people from buying the svc, and each one of them stops 4 people, I'm sure hughes net is losing lots of money for misrepresentation.
I now have a phone number to corporate headquarters([protected]) and will pursue this matter further!
Murphy Louviere

  • YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!!! I just posted a similar complaint. I was told the best time to watch my NETFLIX movies was between 2am-6am PST!!! Yea right, I pay $80/mo. but need to wake up in the early dawn to do ANYTHING online!! They (Hughes "foreign" techies) told me I am in the plan that provides 300 MB-- but I forgot to ask and they didn't tell me that, that was 300 MBPD (PER DAY versus per second, or whatever)-- it's running at around that speed...

    Just a Girl wanting what I paid for...

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rip off by service call

Updated my modem call their wonderful Indian rep and they could not register my modem and said I would need a tech to come out and realign my dish. The tech came out check the system call hughesnet registered my modem. Called me and told me he did not touch my dish that my system was fine it was hughesnets problem and that he wrote on his service ticket that there was no need for the call. Hughesnet charged me 125.00 because their tech's can't fix problems over the phone.

hughes net service

For those who have contacted me for info on a class action against Hughes NET, there is one

GOOGLE PBM Attorney Hughes NET. (PBM) is the shortened name of the firm Pogust Braslow & Millrood in PA).

It was just filed a few months ago. Contact them and sign up giving them your story as I did. Good luck. If you are in rural America you have to have satellite service and once you sign up and buy the equipment you are pretty stuck. Even if you cancel there are fees and lost investment $$. I documented my phone calls with several sales people and you know what, they talk about how FAST you can download and then when pushed admit that upload isn't that fast AND that there is a daily download limit. But they say that the limit is like downloading 20 movies...HA HA HA ... yeah right. Do a google search for something and click on the wrong site and bump you are out if that site is loaded with graphics or animated sales ads.

the worst company i've ever dealt with

I have already written one complaint against this co. on this website, but around June10 2009 Hughes Net mistakingly disconnected my service-their mistake not mine- even though they had just taken a payment from my acct. at the end of May-automatically made. They made me pay $365.00 to get my service restored-even though I hadn't disconnected it. Later they admitted it was their mistake. They said I was paying to end my contract early-not true-I hadn't even talked to them. Due to an emergency that day I went on and paid them the money--thinking I would call them on Mon. and get it straightened out. I have spent well over 7 hours with them-mostly with people who don't speak English well-only to be told over, and over again that my service would be restored--it hasn't yet-AND my $365.00 returned-I've been told that the money had been returned twice-once where I held my other phone line up to the receiver of my other phone line so their person could hear--that it had NOT been returned. They also say that they Can't reconnect me without me rerunning the program. Even though they'e told me several times that they can. I have never dealt with such a horrible company, and they don't even seem to care. I want my money they owe me back, my service restored, for them to seem like they care, and NEVER to have to deal with this co. again. If there is a class action suit I would like to join. Buyer beware.

  • Ki
    kiwi268 Dec 16, 2009

    This stupid internet service goes off for more than 10 minutes and returns for less than a minute. It is ridiculous, and should be forced to close down.
    The customer service isn't dependable and it reflects the quality of the internet service. I think this is just stealing the money out of hard working people's pockets. This company doesn't provide an efficient internet. What is their purpose? they really need to close down. I should sue for the distress caused to me and my family. The amount of hair that was pulled out in anger because of this company's poor unreliable service. How are we reimbursed for our inconvenience? I am presently trying to get out of this contract because it makes no sense.

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slooooow speed. not as advertised

I live in a small rural village (population about 150 people) and the only Internet service available here is dial-up or satellite. If I lived 3 miles north, I could get cable, but the cable companies are not interested.

My ONLY option available is Hughesnet. I pay nearly $80/month for their premium home service which is supposed to be 1.6Mbps downlink and 250Kbps uplink. Oh, and don't forget that I have a 250Mb limit on downloads. If I go over, my speed is throttled to less than dial-up speeds for a 24 hour period, beginning from the time I went over the limit. If I want to get up at 200AM, I can download however much I like.

Currently I am getting only 67Kbps downlink and 29Kbps uplink. I have been tracking my speed for weeks and have never gone over 350Kbps during the day. However, during the wee hours of the morning, I can get as much as 1.2Mbps, so the trouble is NOT the weather; is not my modem; is not my satellite dish.

I called Hughesnet support this evening (located in India!!). After 30 minutes of trouble shooting, the fellow tells me that he cannot find a problem and that he will upgrade me to the "Highest Level 4 Supoort" and to expect a call back from them within 48 hours. 48 hours!!! I'm supposed to sit around for 2 days for someone to call me back?

I told the fellow that a 2 day wait was not acceptable. He talked to his manager and was told that I MIGHT get a call back within 24 hours. Whoop Dee Doo. OH! And I am getting 2 days credit ($5.28) for the inconvenience.

I don't think that I will ever get the speeds I am paying for because I suspect they are over-subscribed and can't deliver what they advertise. If I do not get satisfaction, I will report them to the FCC. We shall see what happens.

false advertisement advertises "Unlimited Internet Access" but severely limits your access time with their "Fair Access Policy" (FAP).
HughesNet restricts your on-line time so severe it does not allow enough online time for security updates without penalties.
HughesNet locks you into a two year contract for a useless service. Extremely deceptive company.
I believe the US Federal Government should investigate practices to protect future customer rip-off.

  • Na
    Nancy Brady Aug 22, 2009

    I am so sorry I chose Hughesnet. It was pretty good at first but then I upgraded to 7000s and have had fits since. I have called support many times and all is well for awhile and then I can't do anything. Oldest Son who is very knowledgeable about computers says all companies are having problems but believes Hugesnet to be the worst.
    I had faster times downloading ebooks on dial up. I believe we all need to get together and claim a class action suit.
    they are a rip off

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  • Hu
    Hughesnet Dealer Apr 10, 2010

    Ive sold it for 8 years and no one says it's unlimited. I mean your using a satelitte in outer space quit viewing so much porn dude and then wouldnt get shut down, I mean ebverything is online limits speeds prices and so on and daily limit is 200meg on the 59.99 very cleary stated it is unlimited from 2-7 am mainly for updates and what not. You porb have 5 kids using laptops on the home plan or something you need to raise your monthly plan and learn how to read what you sign and not just scrolling to the end and clicking agree. I mean cause any basic search will pull up speeds and limitations and being unlimited is not one of them

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  • We
    weswo May 30, 2010

    Hughes net told me during sales call that their service would support 2 PS3s a once. That's why i got it. They lied. PERIOD!

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  • Ib
    ibbunny Nov 07, 2010

    Their FAP was told to me when I got it, but they told me that as long as I stayed under this, I would be able to play video games online... There was such a lag issue on a constant basis, the most I could do is DPS in an MMORPG that is based off your computer, instead of a lot that is online. I could play regular Starcraft on dial-up, but I couldn't on Hughesnet. and to the Hughesnet Dealer, just because porn is the only thing you use the internet for, dosn't mean the rest of us are in that same situation.

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billing errors

I signed up for HughesNet simply because there were no other options in my area. I was on the automatic payment plan and had no problems.

A few months ago, my credit card company issued me a new card, and the old card expired. HughesNet began sending me paper invoices through the mail. I would then make a one time credit card payment online. I liked this method of payment better, as I don't really trust automatic billing.

I received a bill in the mail, stating that my current balance plus a previous balance was due on August 4th, 2009. The previous balance had been due July 5th, and I had simply made the mistake of thinking I had already paid.

On July 20th, a pop-up page began appearing, stating that my account was past due. I discovered my error, and promptly made payment of the past due amount online, also opting to set my credit card back up for automatic payments to keep this from happening again. The current balance would then be due August 4th (or so I thought).

After making the payment, I still continued to receive the pop-up page stating my account was past due. I thought maybe their system needed some time to process the payment, so I thought nothing of it.

This morning, I was still receiving the notice of non-payment. I called customer service to explain the situation to them. I was informed that my payment due date was 7/20. I explained that I had a paper invoice that stated otherwise. Not only that, but the automated account information over the telephone stated that my current balance would be automatically drafted from my credit card account on 8/7.

I argued and argued with these people. Apparently, when I made the payment online on 7/20...the system changed my payment due date for the CURRENT balance to 7/20. No one made any apology, they simply stated that if I didn't pay the current balance I would be cut off within 3 days.

So now I've paid them TWICE. I am interested to know whether or not they intend to charge my credit card again on August 7th.

I had hoped to resolve the issue with customer service...but the lady I spoke with was apparently an automaton, as she could only repeat what was on her computer screen over and over again. I spoke with her supervisor and explained that companies cannot arbitrarily change due dates on bills without some sort of notification to the customer. His reply was "consider this your notification". I asked if there was anyone that was in the United States that I could speak with and he told me "no".

I wouldn't recommend HughesNet to ANYONE. I will NEVER recommend them. Period. If I had any choice other than HughesNet or an even worse satellite internet provider in my area, I would gladly switch. HughesNet customer service is horrible...their packages are overpriced...and they are completely worthless, in my opinion.

cancelation fees

Although I agree to hughes net 24th month contract, I never knew hughes net is charging for equipment fee and service fee to a total of 800 dollars. Before they told me it was a $500 fee only. I am deeply hurt and violated. I will pay because I don't know how to avoid this and hope no one will regret getting hughes net. Hughes net is the biggest rip off and I am not happy. I am Hughes net biggest enemy... just remember..
do not believe what you see, or what you hear.
I have so much problems with hughes net over the pass months. The equipment they gave me werent even knew... why am i paying so much for used equitment. I had bad connections during the first week, i called for technical support more than 10 times. Yet they do the same procedure everytime and failed. I realized that they weren't smart technical supporters because common sense I knew they had missed errors on fixing my connection problems. I am paying full price on a empty month of no internet service. Technical support came to my house and said my reciever is no longer good and I needed a new one. I know i did not just hear that. I had realized it was a used one good... And this one time I had call for technical support again and more likely trying to get some help... the technical guy was yelling at me that i'm doing his check up procedures wrong. I am done with Hughes net... please someone do something about this and in the future... I work average only 2 days in a week because of job is slow. I might filed for unemployment soon... i'm at full stress. especially after realizing hughes net rip off agreement fee. well thanks for listening

  • Mi
    minet Sep 17, 2009

    We are experiencing the same problem. Tech support is non-existant and the service is bad. We had no problems for a year, now we get 50kb, when we are paying for 1.5MB. I work from home and is dependant on the internet. I have lost 7 days worth of work and might loose my job, because I cannot get onto the internet. I spend hours in the day with the useless tech support.

    HOW CAN THIS COMPANY STAY IN BUSINESS. and we will get slammed with a fine if the czncel before the 24 months, which, by the way, must have been in the small print.

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poor service, no service, rip off

Hughes net sucks... They have on more than one occasion billed my credit card without permission, when I did...

2-year contract??

I'm trying to cancel my Hughesnet service because we are moving to an area that offers broadband (THANK...

early termination fee...$400.00

I am having to move to a residence that says I can't attach HughesNet equipment to their home or put a pole in the ground on their property, so, I called HughesNet today and they told me I have to pay the $400.00 fee anyway for canceling early...
I told them I could get them a letter from the owners, but they said it would not make any difference...
He actually told me I should move somewhere that allowed HughesNet!!!
I called my credit card company and they said the only option, if I can't resolve the issue with them, is to get a "new" credit card number...
However, if I don't pay them, my credit rating will be affected...
I am "constantly" having trouble with HughesNet ...It's so slow and cuts out all the time...It is a lousy service and VERY expensive for what you get!!!
Plus, I initially had to pay $125.00 up front to have a pole installed in the yard of where I presently live...
This company was my "ONLY" option for internet at the time as I live in the country...
I would love any advise on what to do... Thanks, Summer

double charged for installation w/in 90 days of initial service

HughesNet dispatched THEIR contracted technician within 90 days of initial installation (by another of THEIR contractors) because I couldn't receive service. The dispatched service technician advised that the original pole & dish was improperly installed & needed to be moved to restore service. I paid the HughesNet technician who installed my service originally $125. The second technician sent by Hughsnet required payment of $125 to reinstall the pole & dish & HughsNet refuses to credit my account or resolve the matter with THEIR contractor who originally installed my service. I have filed a complaint with the FCC. Any other suggestions for recourse?

  • Dc
    d cangelosi Jul 08, 2009





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