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I'm no longer receiving high speed service or e-mail, they still expect me to keep up my end of the contract of $59 a month even though I no longer receive service. Is this a scam? It seems to be ocurring to many users in my area.

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Feb 07, 2009 8:09 pm

They are scamming so many people with false advertisement, and misleading you into signing a contract with them after they have you installed. The service does not work right, and they want to charge more if you cancel. Very bad service

Jun 15, 2009 3:41 pm

I have Hughes Net at a business. My installer came and installed my modem. He didn't even attach enough wire to set it down table height and my wire is in the middle of my wall instead of by a door or somewhere less noticeable. My internet is used maybe an hour a month-anyway the modem didn't work within a short period of time. I had to return it. Last week I had a rental in my building whom I had assured that I had internet. When he tried to use it, it wasn't working. He knows a lot about computers so he and his friends thought they could make it work. WRONG! I might mention this was the groom on his wedding day setting up for his reception. We call Hughes! His friend was on the phone maybe being put on hold 40 out of 45 minutes---no help! So then they tell him that that there is a problem with the billing and he gives the phone to me. They had just taken a payment from me on May the 29th by their records. They had terminated my service? I'm in a quandry about what has happened, and they charged me $365.00. The people couldn't speak English or understand it well at all. I paid the money though I didn't want to because I had promised that I had internet and had to deliver. I have NEVER had such bad service or as an un pleasent experience. I have been on the phone with them over one hour and 40 minutes today still haven't resolved it. I have been put on hold, transferred, and the call dropped all this time . I have also given the same information at least six times to people in India and the Phillipenes. I now have someone working on it and have left a message on the internet to their company and they are suppose to be working on it. At this time they have been taking my payments and also terminated my service without my permission. THIS IS THE WORST COMPANY I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH!

Jul 04, 2010 7:52 pm
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I am going thru the same situations as all the other unfortunate people are. Got Hughes Net because of where I live. Was not informed that you were under Fair Access Policy and when you have used your little bit of download time, your service comes to a halt and you can't access e-mail or even do any searches. Of course when I called, talking to someone from India was fun. Do I even understand what he is saying? NO..I'm no computer geek and certainly do not understand computer lingo. BUT, I do know that Hughes Net is not cheap by any means and when I called to find out how to cancel my service, I was told I had 6 more months on my contract and would be charged $400.00 for early termination fee. What a rip-off! Would not by any means recommend their services to anyone. This has truly been a nightmare from which I don't see awakening from..

I have just received an 'unsubscription success notice' from Hughes, as I got truly fed up with hours spent getting service trough taking to people in India who seem to believe they are speaking English.However, through the mail I received a notice from a collection agency RE HUGHES NETWORK SYSTEMS INC claiming that I owe them $278.71.I Emailed Hughes, point out that they had never sent me such a bill and that my unsubscribe date was just beyond the 24 months of the modem upgrade contract. So far no reply from Hughes and I do not look forward to more dealings with their telephone roulette systems. Concerning my internet connection I'm fortunate that I now have a line of sight connection to a tower through "Unwired West" a local provider near Eugene, OR. Tom Sharples, [email protected]

I signed up for hughes service after they promised me thar it would work with voip, which it does not run fast enough to susport.this discussion wsa recorded by thier sales dept, who later told me that it would not support voip, after i complained about
they or charging me for the install fee, and i have to ship back the hard ware to them .
I am turning the complaint over to the Attormey General Of Ms., and am going to start a class action suit against Huges for false advertizing over the tele phone.if you want to join in email me at frankwp [email protected] .wish me luck there is a rumor that huges is boycotting Glen Beck !

May 06, 2009 11:25 am

I need the address so i can send back the equipment because i have canceled my account./

Apr 10, 2009 11:21 pm

I also was a victim of Hughes Net. I have never in my life been subjected to a more Mickey Mouse outfit than they are. You are charged $75.00 a month for nothing. You can not download a program as you will exceed your Fair Policy Act, which they do not inform you of. I wish I had been able to see these complaints before they suckered me in. Is there anyway to get out of the contract without going bankrupt?

Apr 01, 2009 7:52 pm
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We were one of the first idiots to sign up with Hughesnet paying $1500 over two years, back when you had to pay for the dish and an extra $125 for installation! Compared to dial up we thought it was great and had no problems, I even worked with a VPN on it. Slow albeit but it worked. Then last year we upgraded the moden and since then we have been unable to download any files as all are being truncated and therefore come across as 'corrupt'. We got a new computer and have not been able to do any downloads including updates since we got it. We have just found out that it is Hughesnet that is causing this.
If you desparately need to get away from dial up and have not other options, then you do not have much choice but to get satellite, which i still can't believe in a country where technology is king! This is an expensive option, but one we decided was worth it at the time as i wanted to have the ability to work from home a little. Now we would do anything to find another service. You cannot watch movies, consider using VOIP or any other services that would make communications cheaper and easier to use. Satellite is very limiting and it is as fast as the ads make it out. We were unaware the so called Fair Access Policy, which is really ridiculous. Customer services is not a known feature at Hughesnet and you do for the most end up talking to India or Pakistan, not that up on the accents. They also are not very knowlegable.
So, do not buy unless you really have no other choice!

When I first got Hughesnet as they advertise being the best service better than DSL - I did not know that my son was not going to be able to play with his X-BOX LIVE - me as a mother of course its extremely important to make my son happy - Hughesnet NEVER advised of this before signing the contract - I am in the professional plan which is $69.99 plus I was just aware that they also charge an additional $30.00 a month just to have the modem - $100.00 to have this horrible internet service which slows down every other day because someone gets online often - this is not counting that you can't play any online game - PLEASE DO NOT GET HUGHESNET IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE LIED TO LIKE I WAS...I DON'T RECOMMEND THEIR SERVICE AND THEY ARE NOT BETTER THAN DSL

Nov 25, 2008 10:25 pm

I am not happy with Hughes. Every time I call, I can't get anyone I can understand. I have slow days more than fast days. In the beginning, we had trouble. The first call to find out if I wanted it, the girl give me a quote as low as twelve dollars. I hung up and called again within the next minute, and got another guy who said he would give me a deal and take off a hundred dollars installation fee. Then I hung up again just to see what the next quote was and this guy said ninety-nine dollars. That's it and asked for my social and credit card number, I told him I didn't want to give out over phone. But I wanted the internet. So I did anyways and ask how much I was going to be charged, and he said just ninety-nine dollars. The next day, I check my bank account, and they had charged me $181.32 and they never told me that quote. I never give them permisson to deduct that amount out of my account. I called and was sent to, (I am NOT exagerating)8 different telephone numbers before I got to the last one, they sent me to the person I talk to first! This is the worst service I have ever received, and not honest about much of anything. I also was told that If I send it back, I would not be refunded the $99 dollars, and that the installer was suppose to tell me that! On top of that, the installer was late and in a hurry to go referee a ballgame! I keep asking myself, WHY?WHY?WHY? didn't I see the signs and why didn't I know about this page?! GOODLUCK ON THE RIGHT DECISION!

Sep 27, 2008 4:33 pm

I just went through the worst three days of internet service I and my wife have ever encountered.
We purchased Hughs Satellite service, had an antenna installed, by the way cost was much more than they said. Would not install the antenna on my roof as it is sheet metal. Cost of pole and to dig the hole was $125.00 more.
When the installer was finished with the installation, he had to download the soft ware to run the system and told us it would be at least 48 hours before the system would come up to speed. Well come to find out, after the fact, we were on a Fair Access Policy and were limited to 200 mb of downloads a day. The installer had used most of that and the system downloaded more after we had gone to bed, thus the next day we could not use the system.
I have been using computers and internet service since the seventies. I lived in the California SF Bay area where it all was happening at that time. Never had a problem.
We called the tech support line to find out what was going on and was told we had exceeded our 200 mb of downloads. I had not downloaded anything, my wife hadn't downloaded anything, however the tech said after I made him define "download" It appears anytime you access the satellite and it sends anything to you {not a download in my book} it is a download.
I spend alot of time acessing sites in research. I do not download unless it is most important for the information I am putting together. With the Hughs advertising, and info from the person we purchased the Satellite from, we thought it would be faster and would be a more powerful way to go. I sometimes spend three to four hours in researching a particular theme.
This cannot be done with Hughs.
If you, who read this, are thinking "Hughs Satellite" I tell you now, DON"T. The system sucks.
As we were, you will be out of pocket with nothing to show for it. Oh yes, they supposedly give you a thirty day no fault clause however you have, as we were told when canceling, purchased the antenna. They will come and remove the box or you can send it to them. If they remove it, you will be out another $100.00.
My wife talked to a tech here in the US, most are in India and you have to bridge the language gap. The tech said for another $10.00 per month they would up the speed and we would be able to "download" {Their definition } another 100 mg a day.
My wife went on on HughsNet Tech Support.
Here is an excerpt from their reply "Verbatim"

Activities may cause a subscriber to exceed their download threshold

Some activities are more likely to exceed the download threshold and trigger the application of the Fair Access Policy, or in severe cases, to be terminated from the service.

a. Full-length movie downloads

b. Peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing programs such as Napster, Kazaa or LimeWire.

c. Continuous downloading or viewing streaming media content such as audio or video or video programming.

d. Hosting of server devices such as email, FTP or Web Servers.

e. Hosting computer applications such as Web camera feeds.

f. Automated computer to computer connections used for archiving of local computer content.

g. Extensive downloading of Usenet Newsgroups.(NNTP)

h. Use of Bit Torrent applications.

i. Simultaneous file downloads.

j. Downloading large files (i.e. file sizes that are close in size to the download threshold of our service plan). Excessive downloading or use of the services described above may cause subscribers to be affected by the Fair Access Policy, or in come cases, to be terminated from the service.

For a speedy recovery from FAP you will need to stop using the internet connection for a "maximum" of 24 hours from the time the account was subjected to FAIR ACCESS POLICY; however, you can continue to browse the internet without downloading too much data. {{My words=Remember each time you access the satellite is considered a download}}

My words "The next two paragraphs are in red on the reply".

After a lot of research on how we could upkeep the interest of our customers we have come up with the "FAP Open Window" policy. According to this, "No matter how much we download between 3AM to 6AM EST; the download will not be added to the "Daly Threshold" which basically implies that we can download "any amount" of data during this time.
My words, " Who in their right mind, are going to wait until 3-6am to access the satellite. "Remember their definition of "Download"

2nd paragraph in red.
You don"t even have to stay awake to late at night to download the music, movie, software, etc, files we want to download. You will find "many" "Free Download Managers" in Google or any other search engine. We need to download and intall any one and use it to "schedule" the entire download to start "automatically" between 3 AM and 6 AM EST. By the use of this tool you will download the data and not even touhc your "Daily Threshold"

The reply goes on however I hope you get the message. Remember any connection to the satellite and return info. is a DOWNLOAD and you with the lower cost plans they are advertising both on the web and on the media are limited to 200-300mb in a 24 hour period.

Not much of a network. I believe it is a ripoff. I have been ripped off.

Feb 16, 2008 1:27 pm

Hughes is very difficult to use. Sometimes it is fast, but more often slow. One is limited on downloads, but they don't do any warning if I am getting close to their small amount allowed. Not being a computer guru, I have not figured out how to figure that one out.

I have problems getting certain newsletters. Why, I have not figured out. Have been told they never do anything to stop newsletters, but since I know the individual sending, I do not believe that. I've missed too many issues for no reason since I have not unsubscribed. However, I've had to resubscribe about 4 times in my first year with Hughes. Prior to them, everything went smoothly for well over a year.

When I call for help, it generally is a very mickey-mouse procedure. And I wait, and wait and wait to get to someone who is even close to helping me - if I get there.

All in all, I would NOT recommend Hughes to anyone. It is a very frustrating company regarding getting help and being customer oriented. I really believe they are only money-oriented. I get the feeling that to them, people as individuals who need help are not important to bother with.

I am very disappointed that I signed on with them. When my contract is done, so am I. There would certainly have to be a lot of guaranteed good changes for me to even consider continuing.


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