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Good Day

My son has been reacting to the new unisex Huggies Gold nappies for 3 days in a row, he has been getting a new rash (pimples) from his lower back to his bum and inner thighs - next to his genitals ever since I started using this product. I even tried using the older pull-ups for boys that I had and the rash is not going away. It is extremely painful and itchy and very irritating for him and myself as his mother who's sleep has been disturbed for the past few nights.


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      Oct 03, 2018

    I'm not too happy with the new huggies gold unisex either. I have been using the one for girls since a few months after my baby was born as I found it to be better than every other brand of nappies. Now she is just over a year old and I find that the material in the 'new and improved' nappies are very much stiffer and plastic, and I can feel the shaped part around her thighs of the nappy to be too short with a deeper inward shape and is always messed when she goes number 2 and is wettish to the touch when number 1. This is leaking through the sides onto her tights. Very disappointing. And yes, the size is correct and is not loose fitting. The previous Huggies gold for girls was perfect. No idea why it was changed. Frustrating... Need to find a new brand unfortunately.

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      Nov 21, 2018

    New huggies unisex not good at baby gets wet fast the old huggies gold for girls were supergood I used them for 4 years without any complaints my baby stayed dry the whole night and even if the diaper was full the baby will be dry underneath.

    Please bring back the old huggies gold because there seems to be no improvement instead the quality is poor, I used to recommend huggies gold to other moms but now i need to find a new better brand.

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      Dec 18, 2018

    To Whom It May Concern

    After quite a bit of deliberation i decided to forge ahead with this e-mail. I've always been a 'Huggies mom' and have exclusively purchased Huggies Gold for both my sons (eldest just turned 8 and youngest 18 months). I've also always recommended Huggies to other (new and seasoned) parents however since Huggies Gold reverted back to unisex nappies I've not had one good / dry day with my baby. ☹️
    I find that long before the nappie is saturated my boy is wet around his middle. It is not just leaking at the top but the whole nappy seems to get wet. We now go through twice as manny clothes, not to mention nappies, as he just does not seem to stay dry anymore. The nights are especially bothersome as I now need to change him at least once around midnight and then he STILL wakes up wet.
    He is 'n big baby and currently already on nr 5 hence I can not even try a bigger size.
    Very unhappy with this situation as I am now forced to try a bunch of other nappies. This is not only an expensive exercise but extremely inconvenient. I dont know what you did but whatever it is; it is NOT working for me.

    Unfortunately I do not have of a choice as but to change brands as the new Huggies Gold just dont seem cut it.

    Very unhappy mom
    Melanie Visser

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      Jan 03, 2019

    Im also very unhappy with the new unisex Huggies gold. I have been using Huggies Gold for girls&they were very good but these new ones are giving my child rash on her genitals. Im very disappointed with this new product. I dont like them at all

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      Jan 20, 2019

    I’m writing this email with such disappointment in Huggies Gold unisex. I have a 2 year old daughter who has a painful rash all over her buttocks due to this new unisex Huggies Gold. She scratches herself all day and all night whilst crying. We have never had a problem with Huggies Gold before, since her birth she has been using this brand but now ever since these were changed to unisex they are just not right for her.

    The sad thing is we bought these at Baby City, Crescent in Durban when we returned these with one nappy used they refused it and told us to contact Huggies. My daughter does not have nappies and has a painful rash and there is no one to assist me in all this frustration.

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      Feb 06, 2019

    Yep, the new huggies Gold is a NO NO! My baby was born in 2017, I used huggies gold on him from birth and I was happy. They re-branded them late 2018, my Word! It's a complete mess!! My baby wakes up wet every morning even if I change his nappy at night. All along I was in denial because I trusted huggies a lot, I am so disappointed

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      Apr 11, 2019

    Gold Day

    I have a problem with the New Huggies Gold; the nappies leak, the elastic fastners come off. To my horror I noticed that my nunu had nappy rash for the past few days and she has never had any nappy rash issues. :angry: :(

    I never used to have these problems with the old Huggies Gold for girls. Do any of you ladies have the same problems?

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