Huggieshuggies little movers plus


My son is 10 months old and from birth he has used huggies diapers all other diapers have given him a rash or just plain did not hold well.. my husband and I tells all our friends and family who are expecting to use huggies only but these last 2 boxes we got from walmart of size 4 180 CT was a disappointment.. the 1st box we were missing diapers we went ahead and called the store they said nothing could be done especially since we bought them brand new the box was still sealed shut we let it pass since we have never had a issue before.. the second box we bought about 2 weeks ago has been nothing but trouble the tags on the side would barely hold we would keep having to check him as well as every diaper he has leaked through them nothing has changed with my son he is still the same weight still drinks the same thing I hope I am not ignored as I am a huge supporter of Huggies and hopefully something can be done about this being I have purchased 2 big boxes over $50 of the 180 count so that I can still be huge supporters of the brand including you all are the only brand my son can wear I no longer have either box that the diapers came in my husband is very OCD and we get things and open them right that second and throws the box or containers out we never keep anything

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