Huggiesexchange policy

Z Sep 05, 2018

I have made a purchase huggies from carefour Ibn Battuta on 25 th aug now 6 months old baby is having blister thn I came to exchange at the staff the floor deputy has been rude and denied that I have passed the 7 days and top of that questioning me why I have purchased in big lots.

I need a son below point in 2 days or I will launch A case in consumer court.

1) who is he to question me that why I purchased in bulk qty?
2) if carefour is selling brand which is not up to the mark don't I have consumer right to return it?
3) how can I return an item in 7 days if I haven't tried it example I purchased on 25 th auh and used it on 9 th sep as I had some stock thn how can return the item whn I haven't discovered the problem?

I need a serious reply on this on official email [protected]

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