Hp _ Circuitcity_ Avantanthp g60 pc tablet

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Circuit city/ advantage protection plan / hp
I'm attempting to use a warranty I brought, for a hp g60 tablet
Or have hp acknowledge some of us purchasers have similar issue about everyone outting lcd failure...

I called twice avantant today waited 20 minutes in a queue line each time and was disconected so now i'm online in a queue line that counted down from 10 for an additional 30 minutes now i've been next in line for 10 minutes to be told via gotoassit queue status that there are no representaives available, try again and again I did...

Incident/ work order # [protected] for ashleigh *

Called your plan # [protected] for repair of laptop accidental damage to screen on 7-21-09
Explained damage and cause to lap top, received work order from a ms. Venna-was authorized and sent out via radio shack as per her request.

The laptop was return today 8-10-09 with notice that service was denied due to physical damage to screen and told via radio shack to send it to hp for repair and pay out of pocket to have it fixed.
We are confused

We "my wife and myself", had been told at circuit city when purchased, "the plan was for just this reason", accidential damage.

We're confused as to why I was given a service authorization # and then be told by your service representative to send it out for repair, wait for service (2 weeks additional time), for it just to be denied and to have sent along a notice via the central service depot to call you back if there was any questions?

Is there a different phone number which I can call to vent or seek reimbursement

Question is why wasn't it fixed?

How do I get it fixed?

Do I have to seek some kind of resolution outside this contact, if so whom may I contact?

I finally got back through to the gotoassist phone after several days of holding each time and being disconnected...
They claim we didn't purchase accidential damage coverage...
Been around for awhile, know some stuff about computer issues
Like I can get virus protection if I want to pay for it for $30., but why when it's included with my comcast subscription...
Reformat my drive, reinstall my windows
Go out get all my updates free through ms
Basically do anything as long as it doesn't void my warranty...
Hmmm so I wrote to mr chesse, the big chaunna mr advantant himself

So I wrote avantant whom hold circuit city advantage plans

Your honorable mr pollock,
I'm writing you regarding incident# [protected], a request in helping our daughter seek repairs for a tablet pc, she had purchased, which included an extended warranty through circuit city's advantage plan.
My wife and I purchased this tablet pc warranty as a xmas gift on 11-08 for the simple fact it was sold to us, through them, (circuit city), as a preventative measure incase something would break, as what is being called a plus plan, that is why we bought it.
We were told it was, was charged $169.00 for this assurance and when we attempted to use as such on 07/21/09
Were given authorization to return the unit for repair via assurant phone gotoassist line person, only to be denied service through the repair depot as customer damage, then the tablet was returned back to us.
I have been concerned regarding this issue after reading several post found on the internet about others issues in deal or attempting to deal with circuit city repairs.
I am hoping for your assistance in remedying this issue for her.

Thank you for your time
Randy *
Nashua nh, 03062
Now I wait for them hopefully to respond..

Went online to hp, because I felt under normal use the screen shouldn't have cracked where it did...
Not like i'm trying to get someone to pay for this if I broke it on purpose, but advantant should cover it under their agreement, but i'm attempting to understand how opening closing unit cause fatigue cracks, aint like we threw it dropped it hit, if you can see the pics i'm trying to send there is no damaged to case, even at point where crack occured
I've gone thru several blog sites and have notice similar complaints from other users...

Hp _ Circuitcity_ Avantant
Hp _ Circuitcity_ Avantant
Hp _ Circuitcity_ Avantant


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      Aug 26, 2009

    A number of other people (me included) have had the same issue with their HP G60 cracking without any duress/accident. You can read about it at the link

    One person filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and HP has paid for his repair. If this doesn't work for you, there are detailed instructions on replacing the screen yourself for around $150, much less than the $400+ that HP charges.

    If you need additional details, send me a mail through my site ( and I will get right back to you. I'd also be interested in knowing how things work out for you.

    Paul Kern

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      Sep 07, 2009

    I think its the repair center causing issues, my laptop crapped out and they, the service center refused to repair due to "physical damage" being someone messed up plastic around a screw hole and a 1/8" plastic broke off near one of my Ram housing cover.

    I have spent over 4 hrs on the phone with different people at the warranty company number all of which cannot understand why the claim was denied.

    I have escalated my case, I suggest you do the same, write a letter to

    Assurant Solutions Resolution Team
    POX BOX 105689
    Atlanta, GA 30348

    The repair center took 3 pictures of the unit and sent them to assurant.
    This is the physical damage for which the repair center cannot honor my warranty.

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      Sep 07, 2009

    attempt to upload photo

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      Sep 20, 2009

    I feel your pain folks. I am trying to get a group together that could force HP to eventually do something about this. I started a petition, please sign it!

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