Hotels.comrefund issue


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This is regarding my hotel reservation for Beachfront Hotel Hokitika for 15th-16th Nov for 3 rooms. We had booked sometime in last week of Aug'17.

Due to itenary change we decided to pass through Hokitika and not stay there. When we tried to cancel the booking in last week of Sept'17 we realised we had not received any email confirmation from for the booking made hence were not able to quote the ID for cancellation.

Hence I wrote to the hotel stating this issue and that not to charge me. They informed me that I need to to do this via Expedia only. I called Expedia (since I thought it was the parent company and the hotel kept mentioning Expedia) but they confirmed that there's no booking made with the email add and no. I gave.

On 15th Nov we even physically went to the hotel to request but they still ended up charging us.

Now since we came back on 27th Nov I have been calling and emailing Expedia and but have been getting scripted answers.

According to them the hotel wont refund. What I dont understand is the below:
1) If the hotel knew I wasnt coming, why did they charge me in the first place? Is their process so mechanical or are they looking to make money off helpless customers like us.
2) Also why should I be charged the entire amount (when I didnt stay there at all!!)due to only protocol when I have proof that I wanted to cancel way before.

Can anyone help me please. I've hit a wall with on this.

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