Hotels.comrefund cancellation payment not in full amount


If you are planning any hotel booking online, do not trust the policy written by this company. Go to another site. I make a booking for a full refundable hotel in Osaka Japan and my credit card was charged immediately for the total amount. The policy clearly stated that my credit card information will only be used for booking confirmation and will only be charged only the day before my arrival.
I wrote an email requesting for refund and it went into a black hole. Luckily the amount was refunded a couple of days later. What get me angry was the refund was not in full. Almost USD30 was missing from my refund. I wrote another email to request for a full refund and clear explanation but it went into black hole again. Customer service hotline is totally useless. No one picking up the phone.
My lesson learned from this company, don't trust their policy. If you have a better option, please stay away using to plan your trip. I have many transaction with and it far better.

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