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Dear Fellow Travelers,
We booked our stay at the Rio All Suite Hotel & Casino Las Vegas through

When we got to check out on it said our total would be $142 with all fees for 2 nights.

When we went to check in is when things went side ways with both the RIO and

We tried to use the auto kayos to check in at 5:30pm and it said our room was not ready and they would send an email when it was or come back latter…..What is up with that at 5:30 and after driving 300 miles. We had to wait in the line for 20 minutes to see someone at the check in desk.

Now is when things take a big turn for the worse…The guys tells us we must pay a resort fee of $66…We told him we had paid it when we booked the room…He said no we did not. We showed him our confirmation email. He told us that the EXTRA $73 fee was charged by and did not apply to the resort fees. So we had to give him a credit card for the $66 before we where given room keys.

With this extra payment our room now cost us $208 not $141

He said the $73 was a charge charged us and he did not know what it was for. We ask him how much the room be if we booked it with the Rio directly and he said $148 total.

(Below I am giving you a LONG story short)
So when we got to our room I called (I have used them for over 10 years to book all my hotels) once someone answered my call at he put me on hold many times. He finally said that the $73 was for the 3rd person, and it was a charge to Rio would collect from them. I told him that was not what the Rio told us, and we wanted to refund us the $73. He check with the Rio and they told him they did not charge a fee for a 3rd person.

He said no way would refund us because it was a charge that was in the fine print for a 3rd person when we booked. I ask to talk to his supervisor, this is when things got WORSE. She was very RUDE and said that we had nothing to talk about and that I could go on line and complain but they would not refund me for the charge even it the Rio did not charge them

The total time I was on the phone trying to get a charge the RIO would not have charged with was 61 minutes.

Trust me when I say these 2 things.
#1 this is a very short part of the long story
#2 I am the person who takes care of the travel for my wife and I, AND also for my company and one of my customers company and have book well over a 100 nights through….unless they fix this they will NEVER get another booking from me or any company I book for. I will just go back to

So traveler be where when using



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      Nov 16, 2017

    Did you ask them where the fine print was that stated about the third person charge?

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