Hotels.comterrible customer service and outright lies

I am a regular user and I will NEVER use them again… BEWARE

We used to plan stays for our trip to Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia & Estonia. When I found out that one of the hotels booked was far below the standards of a hotel you would want to stay in, I went online to cancel (we were within the cancellation period). Unfortunately, "Your Bookings" area of the website was down. I proceeded to use chat to try and cancel. The representative on the chat told me that section was down for them as well and that I would need to call later to cancel, but that our request was logged in the chat. I went back into and booked the correct hotel and moved on.

When I called back to cancel I was told that it was outside the cancelation policy and that would call the hotel and see if it would be ok, to which the hotel rightfully said no. told me there was no record of their site ever being down, or of me having a chat, but that when I was back in the US I could call up and have them look into it.

Back in the US, I called to request the refund. I was again told that their site was never down, and that the hotel said no, so I was out of luck. After some arguing about this, the representative said "let me get my manager". After a brief hold, the manager got on the phone - with the exact same voice as the rep - and stated that he would take the confirmation number from the reservation and have their investigations team search the chat logs from that day and find my conversation, and that they would get back to me in 24-48 hours.

4 weeks later and still nothing. I called again and was told all the same stuff - that their site wasn't down and the hotel said no to the refund. I asked them to escalate the call more than 10 times during the 45-minute call, which never happened, though I was placed on mute for 10 minutes without notice before being told that their site was never down and I was wrong. Finally, after more arguing, the rep said they would get their manager - again, they had the exact same voice as the rep, so I'm thinking there is no such thing as a manager, but rather a really shady policy for customer service. The manager proceeded to ask me full details about what happened, then hung up on me.

Sep 30, 2019

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