Hotels.compaid room not available upon arrival

I reserved 3 hotel rooms at the Quality Inn in Morganton, NC for October 4, 2019. Upon arrival, I was told that they only had 2 rooms for me and I had a work crew of 6 so we needed the 3 rooms that we had pre-paid for. They only had two rooms. The work crew was all in one vehicle and had to go to another hotel and find rooms where they could all 6 stay at the same location. Quality Inn said that they would not issue a refund because they had the two rooms available and we should have taken the two rooms. That was not possible! They had to all stay at the same location so they had to go to another hotel. I called to complain and ask for my money back. They said the hotel is refusing since they had the two rooms available. I did not reserve 2 rooms! I reserved 3 rooms! I deserve ALL of my money back as we could not stay at Quality Inn Morganton and had to spend more money to stay somewhere else. We have been with for many years and use your company for all of our bookings. WE ARE NOT HAPPY WITH THIS RESULT! We should not have to pay one cent to Quality Inn as we did not stay there because they did not have the 3 rooms that we booked and paid for. Please help me get my $268.99 back along with my reward money that I also used to pay for this stay. The confirmation number of the booking was [protected].
Thank you for your response and help. We would like to continue to use but the result of this will determine that. We own a business and use you all a lot but never again if this is not resolved.
Karen Lamm

  • Updated by Karen Lmam, Oct 04, 2019

    Also, the lady at the desk at Quality Inn Morganton NC kept saying "This is a 3rd party booking, and we don't have it." So they were putting us down for booking through

Oct 04, 2019

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