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I was very naive to purchase from them. It was poor service but I looked beyond that as it was difficult to get the ideas clearly over email. After 2 weeks of emailing and calling they stopped replying to everything, emails, text messages, phone calls. I contacted them from a different number and I was told they're just busy with a lot of clients. All the reviews are fake and the videos he puts up of other "clients" who purchased from him are just actors he paid from it's really sad to knowing I'm not the only one who's been ripped off, I've found atleast 3 travel websites that looked exactly the same as the one they made for me.

If anyone is able to assist me on what to do from here I'll very much appreciate it.

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    Andy1980 Jul 30, 2018 and are run by the same horrible man that left these fake reviews on this business and others also and he is called James taylor.

    He likes conning folk and has been in court loads over the years for more selling and in prison on drug charges on 3 different occasions, we found he used to be called James Kevin marnley and has 7 closed businesses on companies house and around 10 online identities for leaving fraud reviews and 5 different addresses in 5 years. An utter rat and not to be trusted.

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    online justice bringer Aug 18, 2018

    James taylor is a thief and a serial rip off merchant who steals from people and hurts them financially by using a short con technique involving the alleged brokering of eBay accounts which is of course in tiny against eBay's terms and constitutes massive eBay account fraud.

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