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I Aug 06, 2018

I had a flight number 583 from SHARJHA to SALALAH with my family on Friday at 8:05 AM. I have 4 seats for me, my wife and 2 kids (one has 5 years old and the other have 2 years and 5 months). They booked for me seat number 4c and for my family 25 D, E, and F. The problem is my family is far away from me and they are the first time for them to have flight. Moreover, my little child who have 2 years and half can not seat alone on the seat because he was sick and he was crying over the flight as we came from from Egypt. I asked the host there to be with them because I have to be with them. The host asked me to go for my seat and let my son and I really refused because any father in the same situation will refuse. I informed him that it is difficult to let him and he will cry more and he is sick and moreover, my wife can not deal the situation alone with another kid. I really disappointed from his communication and he came more times to me and his voice was loud which make me upset and totally dissatisfied from the way of communication. He communicated with me as I am a criminal. On this moment I refused to abandon my son even I would leave the flight. I really stayed with my kid on his seat and carried him because any father will do as I did (I know very well my child is not infant but we are in special case). The host came to me again and asked me for my information and take the flight ticket with my passport. I asked him why do you need my information, he said I have to give him these information. I really gave him my flight ticket and passport. is it the way you are communicating with your customers???
I am a professor of Tourism management, and I teach my students who are working in many tourism companies how to communicate well with their customers and they have to know the importance of word of mouth but your host did not study well these critical points.

Please reply to me urgently and send me letter of excuse

Islam Salem

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