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Just purchased at Wal-Mart on 08/19/2015, opened next morning and there was a large amount of mold on one. Would like a replacement or refund. My phone number is [protected].

  • Updated by Ejalexander52 · Jun 06, 2018

    Upon opening the bag the little round donuts were all stuck together in one big clump . In order it eat them to pull them apart they all crumbled. Not a very good experience and they were a little pricey to ever buy them again.

  • Updated by 1Redfish28 · Sep 04, 2019

    no other complaint at this time

  • Updated by Mary alvarez Landis · Dec 01, 2019

    Very bad old and hard waist of money

  • Updated by Baps2579 · Dec 02, 2019

    Crunch donuts


  • Mb
    mbcamp Dec 07, 2010

    I feel your pain!

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  • Ia
    IamSparta May 21, 2014

    The Vanilla frosting Zingers are twice as little. What a cheapass company!!!

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  • Jo
    Joseph Olivieri Jun 08, 2014

    What a joke you have made of Hostess products. You used to be our favorite sweets. Your products are smaller than they used to be, less filling???? Lets get back to where we were before, PLEASE. Little Debbie is less expensive and a better buy.

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  • Au
    Audrey Ciurca May 12, 2017

    Just opened a Hostess Zingers and 3 of them had mold bought at Walmart.

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  • Di
    Diane Farvour Aug 14, 2018

    I love chocolate and peanut butter but these were horrible. They were so dried out the chocolate frosting cracked when I took a bite. The chocolate frosting tasted stale and the peanut butter had no taste. I could not even tell that they had peanut butter in them.

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  • Ma
    Matt8699 Aug 14, 2018

    Every time I buy a two pack the whole bottom sticks to the little cardboard price and they charge me a lot just for two so I would expect what u would get out if any other box

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  • Ch
    ChrisHegler Aug 14, 2018

    If we can put a man on the moon, come up with a cure to polio, and invent smart phones, how come you guys can't make a Honey Bun with icing on the bottom too?

    Absolutely love your products.

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  • Me
    Meghan Christine Aug 14, 2018

    I bought them today and they were stale and hard. I got them at the navy exchange in Norfolk virginia because i work there and it was my breakfast and I'm sad because I love you guys and I trusted you guys.

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  • Ab
    AbbyA72 Aug 15, 2018

    We purchased a box of Suzy Q's yesterday at our local grocery store. My husband and I each ate one but they were EXTREMELY DRY. I was very sad because they are typically nice and moist and delicious but that was not the case. We hope you haven't changed the recipe and now they are dry as the desert.

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  • Ej
    Ejalexander52 Aug 15, 2018

    Bought these desserts at my lical store. They were on the expensive side. But I love chocolate. They were delicious but either all stuck together or crumbled apart.

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  • Ja
    Jana Kroeger Aug 15, 2018

    I purchased a package of the donettes at the Remington Market Shell in Cincinnati ohio on 7/12/18. I purchase these all the time but not at this location. There was something wrong...they had a weird taste and smell. I ate one bite and it was like a weird dry coating on them and they had a terrible smell.

    Very disappointed!

    Jana Kroeger

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  • Sa
    Sarah Witt Aug 15, 2018

    The mini cakes are fussed together, hard to separate them without breaking another one.. I paid $3.69 for a small bag of melted together product.. very unhappy, I bought this for on the go snack as soon as it was purchased took out to the car, I opened to try one and couldn't just grab one!!!

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  • Ju
    Justin Reed Aug 20, 2018

    I recently bought a pack of suzie q's from the cub foods in inver grove heights mn on 6/5/2018 and the cakes were burnt and had a terrible burnt taste to them.

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  • Mi
    Mike Barna Aug 20, 2018

    False advertising at its finest... You should be ashamed of yourselves!!

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  • Wi
    William Onderlinde Aug 20, 2018

    Hostess Cakes, Snack Size Cherry Fruit Pies. Dry, no flavor, SKIMPY fruit filling, too much sugar in the crust that was too thick/hard. WASTE OF MY MONEY. NOT BUYING THEM AGAIN. Barcode: 88109 11045. Purchase date: 1 April 2018. April Fools on me, eh?

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  • Lo
    Lori61 Aug 20, 2018

    I went to family Dollar and bought a box. Got home opened it finding out they expired Dec 2017. I don't have receipt.

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  • Sa
    Sarah Jameson Aug 20, 2018

    Disgusting. Could not eat it after two bites.

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  • St
    stacyosier Aug 20, 2018

    Donuts tasted like a very strong chemical. Scared me because my grandson had are some. Please advise me if harmful.

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  • An
    Annette M Baker Aug 20, 2018

    I was so happy to see these suzy q's back...until I ate one. I bought a box at Walmart, thinking its out of date, but it wasn't. I wanted to try them again, so I bought a box at Safeway. They were so dry I thought they were stale. Can I get a refund to purchase something else?
    Annette Baker
    [email protected]

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  • No
    Noel Clesceri Aug 20, 2018

    I purchased a bag of white donettes and when the bag was opened it was all crumbs. I took a picture to show how dried out and crumbled they were. My son would not eat them.

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  • Wh
    Whennessey Aug 20, 2018

    I bought one of your Apple pies yesterday March 5th. It was the worst pie I've ever eaten. There was so much salt in it I couldn't eat it. I'll never buy your pies again. I like the snowballs and donuts.

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  • Sk
    Skinnypimp Aug 20, 2018

    I eat chocolate pies and chocolate choclolate chip muffens every day well try to but there never there in jonesboro ar every store i stop there gone its getting to where it pisses me off if u could put more on truck woyld be appreciated thank u

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  • Gi
    Gina Woomer Aug 21, 2018

    I purchased a cream cheese danish from sheetz in tyrone pa the sell by date is june 14th but the danish was not freash at all it was very hard to where i had to throw it out

    Thank you,
    Gina Woomer

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  • Br
    Brenda Muntz Aug 21, 2018

    the frosting on a box of orange cup cakes I got was so hard I could't bite into it.It has never happened before. The UPC for this box is 8810911007 sell by date May 5, 2018 other numbers on box are F 030121000 060 18:06 L11. I hope you can fix this. [email protected]

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  • An
    Anita Sue Brotherton Aug 21, 2018

    I have been buying HoHo's since I was in college (back in the 70's). They were my favorite! These new ones are junk! Dry and crumbley... just like Swiss Cake Rolls. Did you guys merge or something? I can save a lot of money by buying their product, instead of HoHo's and the taste will be the same. Very disappointing!

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  • Ka
    kathy karlis Aug 21, 2018

    April 18, 2018
    Family Dollar Store
    10 Mile and Ryan
    Warren, MI 48091

    I bought chocolate cup cakes two pack with frosting. There was only one
    cup cake in the package. I didn't notice it because the one that was missing was under the logo writing.

    on the outside of package : best by Apr 24, 2018
    f 021821000 049
    15:06 7

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  • Ge
    Gene Nelson Aug 21, 2018

    I made a purchase of these, white fudge ding dongs and to my displeased of the dryness and of that white fudge all melted when I open these I want something done on this our I will turn it over to the BBC for bad products

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  • Ke
    Kevin stockman Aug 21, 2018

    Your cupcakes went up, another 20 cents.i will never pay for your semi stale products again.i loved your brand for years.and i, payed for them.not as good as they used to, be.and they sure aren't worth 2 bucks.goodbye forever hostess

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  • De
    deb&ron Aug 28, 2018 march 03 2018
    e 1228 24000362 16;06 E
    should be 4 muffins per pack only had 2
    I buy this product weekly, I love them
    I take them for my snack to work.

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  • Sa
    Sandra Henderson Aug 28, 2018

    I wasn't very happy to see that when I opened my m&m brownie I only had a brownie with 4 little m&m's. If I only wanted a brownie I wouldn't have paid for the m&m's.

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  • Je
    JessicaLynne19 Aug 28, 2018

    I bought 2 packages from speedway weds night. 1 orange 1 chocolate, they were 2/$3. I ate the orange ones weds night and went to eat the chocolate thurs night and there was only 1 cupcake in the package. Not sure if there is anything you can do, but wanted you to know so you can keep a better eye on the packaging. [email protected]

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  • To
    Toyja Aug 29, 2018

    Something was in one of the zingers I was consuming, right between the frosting on top to the cream filling inside . Looks like a big bug shell (outer layer) color is brown and black . Here is a picture and a video.
    Date- 8/15/2018 Date of consumption.

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  • Cr
    C.Randolph Aug 29, 2018

    Thank you for going back to the old school Suzy Q's!! Those Suzy Q's you rolled out a little over a year ago were very disappointing, they didn't taste or look like the ones I grew up on. But this new roll out where you say "Now Even Better Tasting!" are GREAT!! They taste like the Suzy Q's I remember moist and delicious. Thank You!!

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  • La
    Lakeshafree Aug 29, 2018

    The donuts were hard n all stuck together..could eat one... Had to pull them apart which broke off in your fingers..these are my i had to complain about this semi stale hard bad batch... I would like to recieve a refund or just let me know you did read my complaint..these are my favorite like i stated very disappointed...

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  • Am
    Amandadavis2697 Sep 01, 2018

    The ticked are bad to cream in the center for the whole box.I got so mad that I throw the product and receipt in the trash yesterday and it was trash pick up.I brought two boxes and in both boxes there was no cream.All I want is replacement.Thanks and happy holidays.

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  • Pl
    Plsnyder Sep 01, 2018

    I opened a new bag, and a huge slab of chocolate cake was in there. I would think quality control would notice something as big as the bag inside. I don't know where the inspectors are, maybe actual people to check would be a good idea. I'm reluctant to buy again. I've had trouble with freshness as well even though the date is still good.

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  • Ll
    LLHamm Sep 01, 2018

    Found mold on one Twinkie before it was unwrapped. It was in a package of ten that was purchased at a Fred Meyer store in Anchorage, Alaska, approximately two days prior to finding this moldy Twinkie. The other nine Twinkies were fine with no mold.

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  • Pe
    [email protected] Sep 02, 2018

    I got the bag of donettes today Jan 21 2018 and there not and till and there dry and getting hard and the glaze is so dry its falling off them and the last time I got them before they were soft and good these ones sucked sorry but I don't know what to do my email is [email protected] and my name is Ashley engstrom so email me back

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  • As
    Ashley mccormac Sep 05, 2018

    11/8/2017 4:00 pm I went downstairs to the vending machine at my work place BJC @ The commons in St.Louis MO

    I purchased a chocolate Zinger for $1.25, I bit into the Zinger and immediately tasted an off chemical taste and then saw that it was covered in mold at the bottom

    I attached a picture :(

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  • Br
    Brenda Brumley Sep 05, 2018

    hi my name is Brenda brumley I bought a2 boxs of hostess fruit pies and they are very dry the filling is bad hardly eat them my address is p.o box 37 rewey wi 53580 this is not the first time i got them like this so could you please fix i love cherry pies [email protected]

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