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L Oct 23, 2019 Review updated:

Hi my name is Laura Hopkins, I am sending this email for two reason and first I want to thank you for all the amazing ... the cupcakes and devil dogs I think are #1... and you got the twinkies, snowballs, and ding dongs... they are amazing as well. With that in mind when I bought jumbo Donets I was in heaven. I eat wicked healthy but I have a sweet tooth that I have one day to enough one of them. So when I opened the box I smelt this horrible chemical smell... I thought maybe someone sprayed something and then I opened a donut... the smell was worst... I then broke off a piece and smelt it and my eyes and nose felt like fire... I checked the date on it to see maybe they were expired. Nope .. so then I just left on counter and asked my son to smell it maybe it was me... He then said no he said it's the donut mom and it smell like chemical and his eyes were burning also. I decided to finally email you to just inform you that this might need to be brought to your attention due to it was so random. I am truly sorry for the bad news for such an amazing company. Have a wonderful day. Thanks for reading this. Laura Hopkins email is [protected] [protected]

hostess jumbo donettes
hostess jumbo donettes
hostess jumbo donettes


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