Hostess Brandsapple fruit pie

M Aug 07, 2018

Purchased my first apple fruit pie in over ten years as the box said it was, "our best pie ever!" As a kid I have fond memories of this product and figured it was worth giving this a re-try. It was purchased on 8/6/18 while the expiration date showed 9/1/18. Sadly the pie had a tingy, hard metal taste that bordered on nauseating. I never make such complaints, but when an adult male can't finish a 5-inch food item then that's an indictment on the quality of the product. It's been over ten years since I've had a Hostess item, and it looks like it will be another ten more years - if ever.

Oh, and your Suzy-Qs look tiny compared to the original recipe. Haven't tried one yet, and have no intention.

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