This woman will rip you off, I purchased a stained glass piece from her on May30, 2013 after several emails inquiring about the delivery status, I eventually received the item (cracked in 2 places) on July 11, 2013. I immediately contacted her and told her that it arrived damaged. She told me to take several pictures of the box and item and to email them to her so that she could collect from the insurance company .I told her that I would however the box was in excellent shape and the item was packed ok so the pictures probably wont help her case. She stated for me to insure it for $300.00 and send it back to her and she would repair it and send out a check for the cost of insuring it and shipping it back to her. Well here it is August 30, 2013 and I still haven't heard from her as to my money. She has ignored my several attempts at recovery but she has chosen to rip me off. I think that this could possibly be an insurance scam where she sends it to you damaged then turns the claim into her insurance company and collects money then blows you off!!! Her Bio states how seriously she takes customer satisfaction and that she has never had a piece delivered broken well I guess that I'm the first. I told her that I understand that accidents happen and all I want is to have the problem rectified well she has chosen to stop all communications and simply burn me. She is NOT TRUSTWORTHY and you should not be fooled by her web page. Artfire allows the sellers to monitor customer comments and to post only the ones that they want to. So surprise you wont see any negative feedback on any ARTFIRE artists. WHAT KIND OF A JOKE IS THAT!!! This woman is a thief and will rip you off stay away from her web sight there are plenty of professional artists that deserve your money and appreciate your business without ripping you off !!! Her personal finances must be in trouble if she would rip off a good customer for $35.31.If I can help prevent one person from getting ripped off by HOPE KEPHART ON ARTFIRE (stained glass) then it was worth the time spent on this message


  • Ho
    Hope Kephart Sep 11, 2013

    This is a completely false and malicious posting. I have been in constant contact with this person. In fact on the day that she posted this trash I sent her an email saying that I had put a money order in the mail box for her. And yes, I had in fact mailed her a money order, and yes she did cash it. To accuse me of attempting to commit fraud against the U.S. government is absolutely slanderous. I fixed her stained glass window and immediately sent it back to her. I apologized for being late with her $35.00 refund for the shipping., and explained the terrible circumstances that caused the delay. I cannot even imagine adding this kind of stress and harm to someone's life at a time when they are already grieving. I am stunned that this is over $35.00 that she has indeed received. I am extremely saddened by this and see no other option than to take legal action.

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  • Ru
    russbear94 Nov 03, 2013

    I can personally vouch for Hope Kephart and how seriously she takes her Customer Satisfaction. This person only wants to attack others, while not wanting to admit that she did indeed get taken care of and cashed the check. It is not even worth commenting on any more than that.

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  • Jo
    joan taylor Sep 22, 2014

    I am in the process of being mis treated by this seller : Hope Kephart. I initially contacted her early spring of this year after seeing her windows on Artfire. I contacted her several times, we even spoke on the phone, and she seemed conscientious and willg to work with me. There were several of windows I liked, and then after much deliberating I was in a place where my finances were unstable, thus I did not order at that time. As summer progressed I secured some new clients and re established contact with Hope, that was July i believe (I'd have to g back into the emails t be sure) eventually I placed an order for 4 windows, and we connected several times, however when she said she would have to MAKE the windows, and it would take "time" a "few weeks" I was bewildered thinking I was buying ones already made. Then I did not hear for awhile, and sent her a email requesting knowledge of when and how she thought they would ship, at that time she asked if she could bill to Pay pal...I really don't like on line billing, then agreed. On my credit card statement there was a charge for the amount we had agreed upon by paypal on 7/16/14. Thus I assumed she had shipped my merchandise, thus again contacted her via email asking when they were shipped, and by what carrier...I got no answer, there was another time I emailed her with the same inquiry, stating that I was to be away from my home, for a day or two, and did not want the windows to be sitting on my back door, and when were they shipped, when did she think they would arrive and by what response. I than checked out pay pal's terms and saw that if there was a dispute I would have to notify them with in 60 days..which was fast approaching, so I send a notice to them stating I was billed but had not received the goods. I also notified Artfire and my credit card. Artfire said they take this very seriously and would look into it, however I have not heard back from them. When I looked on artfire for her work I could not find her.
    My only means to contact her is via email which she has not responded to.
    Five days ago I did recieve two of my four windows, safely packaged, with no invoice, no note other than a hand written note not to force or pry the windows free of the wood frame around name or mention of my two other windows.
    I send her a copy of the initial order for my windows along with a request to know when the others would be arriving.

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  • Jm
    JMac96 Dec 15, 2014

    I am normally not one to post complaints on-line, but am at a loss on how to proceed. I ordered a stained glass window from Hope back in late August. It was for a special order. She quoted me a price via e-mail, which I agreed to and I promptly sent her a check which was cashed on September 4, 2014. As of today, December 15, 2014, I still have not received the window. The last communication with Hope was on November 8 where she e-mailed me that she had the packing materials in hand and the window would be shipped early the following week. I have sent several e-mails asking for a shipping number and have left several voice-mail messages requesting a status. Not a single response to my multiple requests. I am still hopeful that Hope will either honor the order or return my check, but given no communication for the last 6 weeks, the prospects are looking bleak.

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  • Li
    LINDSAYSTJ Dec 18, 2014

    It has been two years since I ordered a piece from Hope, she started scamming people in 2012. I am out $115 for a piece she was supposed to create for me. I filed a case against her on at sea so she's no longer permitted to sell on there, but it doesn't help me get my money back as I was outside the window to claim her scam on PayPal. You can find her on Facebook and her PayPal email address is on the photo I included below, she's a scam artist.

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  • Ma
    Matthew Wetzel Jan 27, 2015

    I ordered two pieces and was told they would ship soon. 3 month later and nothing. I am still trying to get my money back and artfire shut down here store there. I guess I'm just out the 200 bucks.

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  • Ordered mine in summer of 2014. After three weeks of not receiving it, I contacted her and was told story after story about all the sad things going on in her life and how she hadn't had time to make it yet. Really? The stained glass piece was listed "as shown" and already made. If I had seen all these posts, I never would have purchased from her. The ArtFire page has been taken away, and she has now gone onto to using other sites. As for me, I filed a complaint with PayPal. She was given time to reply or forward shipping confirmation. On the final day to reply, she shipped the stained glass. I couldn't believe it when I received - what a mess! How could anyone, in good faith, send something so shameful!! Shame on you Hope Kephart for stealing peoples hopes, dreams, and our money!!!

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  • Do
    donreg Jul 13, 2015

    I ordered a beautiful stained glass panel from Hope back in April. I sent her a check(1st mistake) back in April which she cashed as soon as she got it. I didn't hear back for a month when I emailed her about the status, she said she had a big order and mine was next. I never heard from her again. I've been sending daily emails and facebook messages.I even tried calling her telephone, its been disconnected. She must have been getting a lot of complaints. I did come across a photo of the panelIi ordered but it had another artist name on it. I'm not even sure she does stained glass. I gave her plenty of opportunity to reach out to me if something had happened in her personal life I told her I would understand she could just refund me the $. I am a trusting person so the fact that someone would do this to me especially someone who has a family with children like myself really bothers me. This was a gift from my boys who saved their money(without scamming people) to give to me to put towards the panel. I have not told them yet about it. I keep hoping it will show up and it was all a misunderstanding. I have a feeling it won't though.

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  • Do
    donreg Aug 06, 2015

    Update from my above comment. I was told that Hope was going to file harassment charges against me if I kept bothering her for my money back .. The same money I sent her for the stained glass she never made for me.

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  • Do
    donreg Aug 31, 2015

    I finally received my stained glass after I involved the district attorney's office. It is beautiful.

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  • Te
    Teresa Clarke Sep 11, 2016

    Hope Kephart ripped me off in 2011, so she's been at this for a while. She used to have a store on Etsy. I ordered two pieces for my 20th anniversary gift to my husband, paid for in advance via PayPal invoice. Soon after ordering I was sidetracked by an illness and death in my family, so I did not follow up as soon as I should have. (This makes Hope's protests above seem rather rich.) Once I realized that the pieces were not coming, I was past the 45-day period for a PayPal complaint, and Hope's Etsy store had been shut down. Etsy would not help me because I had paid via PayPal invoice (required for shipping to Canada) instead of using the Etsy checkout system... even though it appeared that she had re-opened the store on Etsy under a new name! (with the same item photos). I was scammed for over $300. I found an email address for her husband, sent an email asking for my items, but did not get a reply.
    Lesson learned. Sad that she is still getting away with this. I'm was happy to see that this page as the first hit when I searched for "Hope Kephart"... My 25th anniversary is next week -- any chance that I'll get the stained glass I paid for five years ago?

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