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Hoobly review: A person looking for a small dog

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A person on hoobly had an add stating she was looking for a small dog and was willing to pay up to 400 dollars. Her hoobly name is doggiegirl3. I initiated a conversation with her both on the hoobly site and also a few personal text messages per cell phone because I had a small shih tzu I was re homing. After communicating a few times with her, I didn’t feel like she was a good match for my dog not to mention she never wanted to discuss the price. (I was willing to drop my price to 600 but not lower) I had spoken with a few different people on the site that saw my dog that I was re homing and I decided to sell him to a family with children because I felt comfortable with these people. Doggiegirl3 was very upset when I told her that I sold him to a different party. If you read the text on the actual hoobly site on january 29 th you can clearly see as soon as I mentioned that I sold him to another, she became verbally abusive to me, called me names, even said I was prejudice. She called me a liar about selling my dog. I can prove I sold him and i’m happy give you that info if needed. I have been with hoobly for some time and have never had a complaint and I feel it’s important you view our conversation on the hoobly site please my hoobly name is jeanbee. You can clearly see she was very inappropriate so I completely stopped communicating with her. In the mean time I looked at my profile and it looks like feb 16 th which is tomarrow they are deleting my account. I did nothing wrong ….. I just didn’t think she was a good match for my dog so I sold him to another person. Is that so wrong?

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