Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (HMSI)honda grazia-the worst buys made from honda ever

K Aug 06, 2018

Honda Grazia was my 1st Birthday gift for my wife and i bought this vehicle after complete trust on Honda which i lost now as i already had 3 two wheelers of Honda in the past.

The vehicle has starting trouble from day-1. Its totally bad where you have Kick everyday morning and use a double stand to do the Kick. As a manufacturer do you even think a girl could put the double stand every morning and do it. Worst design!.

So i do it every morning. The kick start is like kicking a age old TVS scooty manufactured 15 years ago. I mean 20 times to get the vehicle started. Literally i got knee pain after doing this.

I have reported the issue to the VFM Honda service center in KR puram 2 weeks ago. Even after the repaid i kicked this morning 10 times and it didn't start and then with the paid i forcefully used Self start many times to get it started and ready for my wife.

Every day we start the vehicle and use it and even then within 6hours we have to again do a kick start. The only question to Honda, Did this Grazia which i have got go through all your tests.

It would have failed on day-1 if i had tested it. But i don't know which mechanics have tested it.

Totally unhappy and i have told all my friends and family that Honda Grazia is a 2nd hand scooty manufactured by Honda bought it by mistake. I going to consumer forum as it is just 6 months old vehicle and anybody can test it.


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