Hometown Buffetattitude, knowledge and words of staff

T Nov 05, 2018

I called Hometown Buffet Santa Clara, CA before November 4, 2018 for information.
I had been going to this place for a year or so and it was just this date that I had a problem.New management perhaps?
A man answered my phone call and stated the STeak is served Saturdays and Sundays.
November 4, 2018 I went to this place and asked the Cashier if they have a Steak and it was answered on the Affirmative so I ordered to go for I have a gastric reflux.

Since the Steak is Not yet ready
I asked a small pieces of the meat poulty of ham and roast beef.
30 minutes more to cook the Steak said the food incharge guy.
I expressed, "Well Done" please.

Then ages of waiting ...

I was given a small piece of steak ? ...
Somewhat puzzled, I said I wanted more coz it is only the steak that I am coming for here and wanted...

So he said to wait then I did patiently then he gave me one smaller piece than the first piece. It tasted Not fresh and less tasty unlike before..

The man said,
" You have to wait he said for more then I did wait another 20 minutes or so.
I saw him brought a tray of meat so I went on near him and said ... you want roast beef ?
I retorted ... No, steak... then he said we have no more that was from yesterday leftover...😣😭

Then shocked of what I heard I went to the cashier and told me that steaks are only on Fridays and Saturdays???
I should have gone to Dennys' for a ribeye steak I angrily responded.
I paid the full dinner To Go with just One third full of the to go box because there was no steak
Those people lied and made me wait for almost an hour
I am Not going there anymore —LIARS and deceitfuls.

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