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Homefix this so called corporation company actually called me today for like the 10th time in 1 week!!! I totally just google searched them and found all these scam alerts etc for home repair complaints!!!Homefix has almost 200 of them unreal!!! This SO CALLED company seems like a TOTAL SCAM company for sure I asked a friend if he had heard of homefix corporation he said "sounds like a scam to me" !

Stay away from this company fair warning! Use anybody but this company for anything you need done if they tell you they will give you anything for free please do not beleive it!!!


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      Jan 06, 2012

    We are sorry to see the amount of complaints that we have received on this forum. We would like you to know that at HomeFix Corporation, we are committed to addressing any legitimate complaints and will do our best to resolve the problem. If you have been less than satisfied with HomeFix Corporation is any way, please send an email detailing the problem, and including your contact information (preferably phone number and email address) to [protected] We do strive for 100% satisfaction and hope that you will give us the chance to make things right.

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