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My husband and I purchased a home in tulsa, ok feb 25, 2009. It is an older home and was bank owned. The bank had had the home winterized and was in good condition. We hired a home inspector to inspect the structural and operating machinery of the home for any problems. Our realtor gave us the information about home warranty of america, stating they were one of the better warranty companies. I review the company web site, coverage and proces. I contacted the warranty company and spoke with a sales rep about the offered coverages. After care review, I selected all option that would meet our needs and the realtor emailed home warranty and purchased the coverage. Total premium $519.00. On april the 21st, the air conditioner was turned on for the first time since purchasing the home. Its seem to be cooling the home. Later in the evening my husband noticed that the ac was not blowong cool air. We assumed it must need freon, a normal maintenance item. My husband called home warranty and spoke with evelyn. Right away evelyn stated the ac was not covered under our plan. The following day, evelyn called us back and advised us that she would open a claim and send a techncian out, but if the was any damage, we would have to provide a copy of our inspection to her. The tech came out and found that the compressor pump had gone out. We received a call from evelyn rejecting out claim. She stated that the tech had informed her that there was no way the compressor had gone out in a day or two. I the made a call to the realtor and he gave me the sales rep for home warranty, penny roth. I explained the situation and wondered why there was no coverage when we had purchased an additional coverage for pre-existing conditions. Penny had me send her a copy of the home inspection, that stated clearly, due to the outside temp of 49 degrees, the system could not be checked. There fore if the ac unit was not working, then coverage would fall under the pre existing condition option. Penny said that was her question to the company and she would get back to me. She has never called back. Then I made a call to david soebel, vice president of sales. Mr. Soebel advised me, upon review of the claim, that since there is no proof that the ac was or was not in working condition at the time of contract purchase, they would rely on the opinion of the service tech, and that was why they rejected the claim. We have spoken to the service tech, the owner of apache hvac, david and he advised us that he did not tell evelyn any of the information she put on the claim. He stated there is no way of telling when a compressor pump goes out. David as offered us a signed letter stating that. I agsin called and provied mr. Soebel with this new information and he hen told me, to refer back to the contract, paragraph 1, section c. The unit is in place and proper working order on the effective date of the home warranty contract. And that the prior days conversation regarding the professional opinion for the service tech was no longer valid. Wow, double talk. It is my opinion that home warranty of america defines their policy coverage that best fits their needs, not the consumer. Fraudulent contracts are being sold. Someone must look into this and file charges against them. There are many complaints filed and most have the same discrepancies.


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    texas hvac Jul 19, 2011
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    I think many home inspections are done either from their office or in a car out front of the house. As an HVAC contractor, not associated with any home warranty companies I might add, I'm repeatedly told by new homeowners that the AC passed the home inspection when I know it's absolute BS. Isn't it amazing how many AC systems breakdown the first day/week you move in. Why anyone, homeowner or contractor, would deal with home warranties is beyond me. I live in Texas & respond to my customers within 1 hour. I have a loyal base & many referrals. I've spoken to contractors who work with those companies. They say, they don't get squat & have to flag houses for code violations & other astronomically inflated miscellanous maintenance fees. I don't understand why people don't save their $50/month charges & call a real HVAC tech? 90% of my calls are handled for under $200. plus I'm there within an hour. I carry thousands of dollars in parts & outside of a compressor or inner/outer coil, I have your part about 95% of the time & repair it in 1 hour. I'm sorry you're not my customer because if so you wouldn't be posting here, you'd be sitting home cooling off telling your friends about me.

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    Chris Hersch Jun 03, 2016

    I've had the OrangePlus contract with them for about 6 months. My A/C went out recently, and they sent a technician out to my house to inspect the unit. When the technician told the company that the entire unit needed to be replaced, the company claimed it was a pre-existing condition. When I sent them documents as well as my home inspection report showing that the unit was in fact in working condition as of several weeks ago, the manager of the authorization department, Irene, proceeded to tell me that they would not cover my repair/replacement because my inspection report was not a valid one and get this...because it did not have PAGE NUMBERS. This is despite the fact that it was written by a licensed home inspector in my state. Since they couldn't find any other reason to deny my claim because my maintenance documentation was impeccable, they came up with some bogus reason like not having page numbers on my home inspection report. Absolutely absurd. I'm pursuing legal action against the company right now. But if you are thinking about buying a home insurance contract with this company, stay away. There is a reason why this company is so poorly ranked on this website (and others).

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