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I ordered $145.45 worth of clothing from Hollister on August 20th. As of this date, October 13th, they have not arrived. According to US Post Office Tracking, the package has been sitting since August 22nd. Hollister does not care that I have not received it, since technically they did ship the items. However, they should care enough to call the Post Office from THEIR end as the shipper and get this order to me. The Post Office says Hollister uses the CHEAPEST method of ground shipping involving pallets, where hundreds of packages have the SAME tracking number. They sit until a truck is available. Every other package gets priority over this el cheapo method. By the way, the only live Post Office person I got was my local PO guy, when you call the 800 number for Track & Confirm a recording says I have to call the shipper!

So my hands are tied since Hollister doesn't care anymore, they already took my money. I wrote the Calif. headquarters, no response. For a $15.00 shipping charge they need to CHANGE their method. My items could have been stuffed into a $4.95 Priority package for a 2-day delivery. So I fault both Hollister and the Post Office on this situation, but as the shipper Hollister needs to get on the ball and ship like Amazon.com does, in 3 days for half the shipping charge on their items.

This is a big warning to anyone considering ordering from Hollister for the holidays. You would need to spend $25.00 for Air shipping if you want your items quickly. I won't be ordering from them again online, never!!


  • Ki
    KimDPT Dec 17, 2008

    I am in the same boat. I ordered a package on 12/4/08 and it is still sitting at the post office somewhere and NOONE at Hollister seems to care. They are the biggest rip off and waste of a company there is. The employees are NOT helpful and no one seems to know anything. They dont' even know who is scheduled to work as the manager 3 days from now. I will NEVER buy anything else from this worthless company and I advise no one else to do so either.

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  • Ka
    KatFleming Jan 02, 2009

    I am also in the same boat. I ordered a few items and they were supposed to be here a week ago. I called the post office and they said the tracking number Hollister gave me was not right, because they could not even find it. Well then I called Hollister and they told me to call back next week because there is nothing they can do about it right now. I am stressed about it because I ordered items to go to Florida on Vacation and they are not even going to be in on time. There is NO REASON that these items are not here by now. Its after the holiday rush so it is just crazy. When I look up my tracking package on Hollisters site it says that it has been sitting in Denver since the 26th, it is now the 2nd. Lesson learned... NEVER ORDER CRAP FROM HOLLISTER OFF THE INTERNET!

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  • Ri
    Richard Jul 29, 2009

    I ordered 200 dollars worth of clothes at hollisterco.com and they ended up sending me 1 shirt that cost 20 dollars. Also i can't even find customer service number on the damn website.

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  • Ho
    hollister<3 Aug 23, 2009

    this is why i hate online shopping... GET OFF YOUR LAZY BUTTS AND SHOP AT THE STORE!!! =D sorry

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  • An
    A.N.CO Oct 10, 2009

    I ordered a few shirts online and exchanged 1 in store. They refunded me the shirt price but refused to refund the tax on it, saying I should call online to get the tax refund back. Call online, the rep told me to call my senator to complain about the tax (can you believe it? ). Got transfer to another rep, after explaining the situation again, she said she can't do anything and need to submit my inquiry to the Sales Audit Team to handle my problem. She told me to wait a few days for the answer.
    A few days later, they emailed me and said there were nothing wrong with the refund, as their system showed I got the correct refund. I sent an email back telling them their system was wrong, and I got the receipt to prove it. They asked to scan them the receipt, so I did. A few days later they emailed me again saying their system is showing an incorrect amount, and they sorry. They asked me to send them my address so they can send me a check of the refund. I replied to the email and waited. A week passed by and nothing showed up, I emailed them again. They said they need to look into my problem, and will contact me in a few days. Another week passed by and nothing happened. I ended up return my entire order to the store, and promised not to purchase anything from this company again.
    To Hollister Co, you are the worst of all the companies I 've done business with. People, check your refund receipt when you order online, you may get back less than what you paid for. Be careful with this company.

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  • Pr
    princess_ink Nov 06, 2009

    I see that I'm not the only one who has had shipping/delivery issues with these ###s. Boy.. the expression is right when they say beauty is only skin deep! At least for these incompetent teenie boppers. I have been waiting 2 months for ONE pair of jeans to arrive that I could not find in the Hollister store here. So, hollister <3, just because you may like to "ho" around in the "ho"llister stores doesn't mean the rest of us do. SOME of us have jobs and LIVES that prevent us from being such a mallrat as you.

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  • De
    Denise88 Jan 07, 2010

    I also have the same issues as many peopel above. I order stuff online a lot and have NEVER had the delay from other companies as I have with Hollister. I ordered a Hoodie on xmas eve and just got in yesterday the 5th of january. I thought maybe it was because of the holidays but i was wrong. I dont seem to care once they ship it. For days I didnt get any tracking info and when i called fedex they couldnt provide me with anything better. What doesnt make since to me is they go through Fedex then fedex sends the package to the post office who eventually delivers it. Why go through to many hands when Fedex can just take care of it? And then once its delivered to the post office, they say it may sit there for another 2-3 days before they deliver it. I feel lucky compared to most of your stories. I will only purchase items in the store for now on. If its not in the store than its just too bad for me. And i will only buy things that are on sale nothing at full price since it seems as though they are money hungry company. They do not care about their customers. I wonder how many other people this has happened to?

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  • theres nothing wrong with hollister or any other store hat my kind of people shop at.dont say hatefull things just because you dont have enough money to buy a single shirt.come on!its just a shirt.you dont have to b**** about it.get over it!youre poor, get used to in because all of these complaints are f****** annoying!i personally love hollister, a&f, american, and aeropostale.yes i do get lots of money for an 11 year old kid according to other eoples opinions, 966$ is good amount of money, but live life while you can!one day were all gonna die so you shouldnt be mad at people for buying an 59.99$ pair of jeans or paying 25-30$ on a top.some people wear it because they have love for hollister california, or their just trying to be popular.i mean, they sure as the hell are doing a good job at it.i dont hate off brand stuff, but my star dream is to surf the waves of the west coast.look around you, do you see emo ### who will all go to hell one day.since the end is near, go spend a s*** load of money on expensive stuff.why not.i used to be a nonconformist goth kid, but the great lord changed me to a better person.now i am a socialist.i personally love hollister, like i said.people say ima really bad person because i am wealthy.the only reason i am is because my died when i was 2.i dont get respect from anybody exccept from my best freinds.i dont disserve any hostile comments and when i say something i mean it. pray for surf. bye bye.

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  • Em
    emmiee Jan 31, 2010

    RE : 19 days ago by theres nothing wrong with hollister.

    This complaint isn't BASHING hollister! It's complaining about their online store and how employees DON'T CARE. Obviously, these people LIKE hollister, because they tried shopping there!! DUH! So don't go off on a rant when you don't even know the story.

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  • Mi
    midge87 May 31, 2010

    re: There's nothing wrong with hollister

    There may be nothing wrong with Hollister but there sure is something wrong with you.
    You say you believe in "the lord" and yet you throw stones and pass judgment, thus commiting blasephemy.
    Let's hope you've stopped acting like a self-righteous little brat and have grown a bit in the last 140 days since you said all those ignorant and bigoted things.

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  • Be
    bea2be Jul 10, 2010

    A little 2 late for me. I ordered 6 dresses and they shipped on june 24th, 2010. Today is July 10th and no package yet. I'm very unhappy. This was my first time orderin from them!.

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  • Mi
    midge87 Jul 10, 2010

    Bea2be, you may want to contact them. Have you checked your online tracking? It lets you know where things are. The holiday weekend really mucked over the delivery times and depending on how close you live to their warehouse will vary the delivery times.

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  • Be
    bea2be Jul 12, 2010

    Midge87, i did track the package, everyday for the past 2 weeks and today and it departed GA on the 29th of june. I'm really mad about this situation. My husband works for the post office and he tried to track the item, but nothing in the system, wich means that fedex hasn't delivered it to the post office.I emailed them 3 days ago and no response!Thanks

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  • Mi
    midge87 Jul 12, 2010

    bea- Odd. I had my package delivered right away with no problems from FedEx or USPS. It could be a problem with the PO. No offence meant to your husband or anything, but the PO has been really slacking off (example, I used to get my mail at 10am, now it's past 5pm when I get it and packages that used to take 3-5days takes closer to 2weeks).
    If you don't get an email back by today I recommend calling them. I had emailed them once (concerning a price adjustment) and it did take a couple days, which obviously don't want to wait.

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  • Li
    lighten up Jul 12, 2010

    i think you people are over reacting! first of all, the shipping has nothing to do with the company. They did their part, packed the items and sent them off in that big truck that delivers things. Their job was done. Your complaints should go to the mailing system! second, the kids that work in the store don't run the company. just because you see kids working in the store, doesnt mean the entire company is run by teens. If anything, I think you should be thanking hollister for providing so many jobs for teens because finding a job for a teen is hard these days if you dont have any prior experiences in the workforce. i think too many people have hate on their mind and in their hearts. Lighten up, people!

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  • Be
    bea2be Jul 12, 2010

    I dont think i'm over reacting, I just clicked on the better business bureau and checked Hollister Co. And fron a scale from A to F they have a C. I know the USPS Is not the greatest but the packages has not arrive to the PO yet. It is still at a Fedex Locaion Somewhere.
    And I really think that after many complaints from their customers Hollister should take action and change their shipping services, that obviously are not the best. I order from Gap, OldNavy, Aeropostale and AE.com all the time and they use the Post office as shipping carrier and i have no complaints.

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  • Mi
    midge87 Jul 13, 2010

    See the problem with the BBB is that anyone can file a report and thus effect the rating, if the matter isn't fixed to the complainers standards the matter leaves a ding.
    Also I think your argument does lie with FedEx, definitely not Hollister. I've had problems getting packages from Forever21 and Wet Seal but I'm not about to damn a whole company because of it as it's the courier's fault, not the company.
    What do you expect Hollister to do? You say you think they should change things... like... what? UPS has just as many delivery problems (and a horrible reputation) and considering you're having a problem with USPS and FedEx, what does that leave them? Shall they carry it to you themselves?

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  • Be
    bea2be Jul 13, 2010

    I'm not wasting my time with this anymore. Whatever I say is not going to change how you guys think! So I'm done with this. I'll try to figure this out on my own. Thanks

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  • Mi
    midge87 Jul 13, 2010

    You've been offered help but continue to make up excuses. If you don't like the advice given then it is best to go "figure it out on your own".

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  • Ro
    ronald0211 Jul 23, 2010

    Hollister customer service is horrible! Made up some BS crap about if I dont report something missing within 30days it's not their fault. Well guess what, I called within 2 weeks, told me to wait a little more, package is coming. 1 month after I ordered, they told me it should arrive any day. 2 months, we cant do anything now. WTF. Hope they go bankrupt so the person in charge realizes what the damn problem is.

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  • Sa
    Samantha Lee Apr 04, 2012

    I have spent a lot of money at this store. I ordered online some sandals and a shirt that was on Sale the total amount was $19.50 I ordered it to go with my bathing suit I just bought from Hollister in the Mall. I paid 18 to have it shipped the next day, well not here and I called the 866 number they wont let you complain or speak with someone. The Manager would not give there name. I am very pissed because I needed that stuff to wear to the beach. I will never order online from Hollister again.

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  • Gi
    giterdonesunshine Aug 19, 2013

    this place sucks rude people

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  • Xm
    xmas failure Dec 20, 2013

    First of all online customer service is BAD. I spoke to about 6 people not one was professional. Not one fixed my transaction. I purchased with a gift card, which covered my purchases. I had a balance that I decided to use in store. .Well I came to find out that mt whole amount on my online wasnt deducted. So with the purchase I made in store made my online insufficient in funds once it was charge. I called to fix it and no one did. I even ended up with a zero balance gift card. Now I have to wait for corporate to get back at me. My xmas purchased is uncertain at this moment. Worst experience ever.

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