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Complaints & Reviews

employee at cielo vista mall hollister, horrible customer service with alex

I recently placed an online order and chose to pick up in store at Cielo Vista Mall in El Paso, Texas. However, I haven't gone to pick up the order and I received an email...

missing items from parcel and now out of stock

Absolutely shocking service my parcel turned up with half my items missing from the bag as there shipping company clearly can't count to 4 absolutely fuming then get accused of basically stealing the items or the shop I collected from got accused of stealing the items the items I received were sent in small bag and wouldn't have fitted 4 items that's why I knew straight away there was not 4 items in the bag no item is now out of stock for one of the items no alternative offered instead so fuming I have now not got the item that I ordered and disgusting service overall won't be shopping online again for risk of a future incident

delay in product delivery

This complaint is against my orders: [protected] and ANF-[protected]. Its been 2 weeks now that my products are not deliverd . Hollister said the order will be with me within one week. i tried tracking down my order but i couldn't find any details. i talked to customer care. their statement is that one of my order is lost and other is under investigation. I am really disappointed with this as my order contains a birthday gift which cannot be postponed to some other date. They are asking me for refund but i want my order as i really need it. I am completely mad at hollister that they are doing their customer service in such a disastorous way. This is really not a way u do your customer service. My condition is I want my products at any cost and if not pay me double money as i paid you.

management & rehire of military veterans

I stopped working at the Four Seasons Mall of Greensboro to serve our country in the United States Army. My health was diminishing and I am now disabled but I wanted to do...

Hollister Brunswick Square Mall and Customer Services — online order

655651 I ordered over $400 in items. These items were to be picked up at the Brunswick Square Mall dept. Over the course of almost 3 weeks, items came in spurts to be picked up. The...


I have bought 2 pair of pants, my boyfriend wore the first pair once and were you put the belt at, it ripped and now has a hole in them. He pulled them up and it just ripped. This should of not happened. I always buy from this company never had any problems and now this. I would like someone to contact me on this. [protected] my name is Theresa Lipa. My email is [protected]


cancel an order

I contacted chat twice before sending this email. The below will explain my complaint.
Thank you for your time
Amanda Florence

Email to Hollister
This order needs to be cancelled ASAP
It was only just placed today after 12 noon on a Saturday and I'm being told it's to late its already being shipped.. Now we all know that's not the case because its 4 PM Saturday and ain't nothing shipping out of there till the next business day which is not until Monday. Plenty enough time actually. I just checked the status and it's only order is placed, I have also checked my card of which the charge is still in the pending status so don't tell me it's to late and there's nothing you can do about it and offer me free shipping on a return..
Is that really how you do business, hoping the customer gets it and decides to keep it or forgets to send it back. The things are being handled that's what it sure seems like, its ridiculous and makes no sense at all that 4 hours later it's to late to cancel and on a Saturday not a business day at that.
I would like this order canceled today and this can end here I don't wish to go further but I will if I have to. There is absolutely need for the items to leave your facility.
Again, order number is: [protected]

Thank you,
Amanda Florence

bikini top

My daughter had purchased this bikini top pictured below. The first week or wearing it the plastic on the side bothered her and was cutting into her skin so we cut it out but left the other side in because it didn't bother her. This week she went to the beach and came home with a huge scrape/rash from the plastic we decided to leave in. She has a huge scab and it's very painful for her when she wears shirts that cover it. We are very disappointed because hollister is our number one shopping place to go.

bikini top
bikini top


I purchased an ombré pink to yellow t-shirt and it said Southern California on the upper left side. The writing all faded and so did the ink of the shirt itself. I'm very disappointed because before the third wash the shirt was very bright and colorful, but now it has all faded to the dull remains of the bright colors there once was. I am not angry but I would someone to reach out.


white 2 piece bathing suit

I purchased this white bathing suit on May 19, 2019 for my daughter for Memorial Day. We put sun screen on her since we were in the sun all day on the boat. The sun screen actually ruined the bathing suit and we cannot get it out of the material. The fabric seems to absorb the sun screen. I paid $59.81 and I would like to be reimbursed.

We purchase most of our bathing suits from your establishment and we have never had a problem with sun screen staining any of them. I hope you can resolve this issue.

Top # [protected]
Bottom # [protected]

Ava Paul

white 2 piece bathing suit
white 2 piece bathing suit

unmannerly and insensitive behaviors

Today I witnessed Ashley, a supervisor from hollister in Visalia Ca make a customer feel unappreciated and unheard to the point where this customer actually cried and felt so...

false advertising in hollister store

Shopped at Hollister Las Americas Premium Outlets in San Diego on May 21st during the day. One standalone rack had about 6 long sleeved shirts in the middle of at least 25 shorts all on the same rack. There were two separate red for sale signs attached to the side of the rack. One said Sale shirts and the the other separate sign said 40 percent off sale. My son selected one shirt and one shorts from that 40 percent off rack. When we went to pay for the items, only the shirt was 40 percent off and the shorts were full price. When I asked the manager about it, she immediately said this is not false advertising (I never said that to her so she
Must have felt guilty when I showed her the rack with only six shirts in the MIDDLE of 25 shorts). It obviously was false advertising and deceptive advertising practices from a supposedly reputable (?) store like Hollister. She refused to discuss the matter and was very rude. I told her I would write to the BBB and report Hollister for this type of unethical advertising. Consumers beware!

online delivery


I bought a top in Hollister shop and the second one wasn't in the shop at the time.

The customer assistant ordered it online for me in the shop and I paid for it.

I was told I would have it within two days as I was going to a 21st on Wednesday (yesterday) but to date received nothing. Very disappointed as I had intended wearing this top.

The order number was [protected].

I was on the live chat earlier and requested this item to be canceled and a refund issued. I was told as it's been dispatched they can't do anything for me.

I am disgusted with this service and had hoped for some sort of discount or vouchers as a gesture of goodwill.

I also bought another top in store but feel the quality is not in the material and isn't fit for purpose.

Please respond as a matter of urgency



hiring manager westthaimer galleria

I hawe bean interview at hollister no got hear for the job i applied then i seen online post hollister hiring egain i go to ask hiring manager i told her im interesting on another position i have applied she said why you aplied i told her its another position its why i aplied and i ask her you remember me i bean interview for another position she said yes i said oh i no qualified for that position she said we hire anotjer candidate i said thanks and i walk and go

hiring manager westthaimer galleria

ribbed high-leg bikini bottom

Hi-- this isn't so much a complaint as it is a large request for your store (Hollister) to restock your inventory on swimwear. It is not even May yet and almost all of the mediums in the ribbed high-leg bikini bottom are out of stock. I would really love this bottom in the light blue when it comes back into stores or is made available online. Thanks again and I hope you have enough consumer demand to restock this item :)

perfume boxes

82424 While in your store yesterday with my daughter, I noticed perfume gift boxes that were left over from Christmas. I wanted to purchase all of the items, but some of the boxes were...

bad staff

Good afternoon, I am writing to you because I have a complaint about the discriminatory treatment we experienced in the Hollister store in New Jersey, Jersey Garden's Mall. At...

false advertising

82424 Having visited your Braehead/Glasgow store this evening, I was disappointed when I got to the checkout and was charged full price for 3 items which were advertised in the 3 for 2...

online clothing order

This is the second time you have lost my order. Then when I call your customer service, they don't know where it is. That's the same story you said with my last order you lost. I have two different orders this time, what is the chance that you lost both of them. Something is really wrong with your company. Then you reorder them for me, which I was on the phone over an hour between, you and fedex, and you tell me you are going to expedite it. And I get a, your order has been shipped, and it's still taking 4-5 days to get it. You guys are a joke.

hollister jeans

I ordered jeans from Hollister and returned them because they were small after I returned them I switched bank accounts but made sure Hollister hadn't refunded my money. I never...

didn't get anything

I ordered a Hollister gift card on October 11th never received it called Hollister they said it was delivered the 19th never received it I called and I said I have no gift card...

bad staff

I usually have a great experience in Hollister stores but today was just terrible. I went to the Hollister store in Hysan Place (Hong Kong) in the afternoon. I was on the second...

Hollister, customer service, & store

A glitch in Hollister's systems prevented our order from being shipped. We paid for expedited shipping, however did not receive the package on the delivery date. Called customer service and they responded with a overnight shipment, BUT they no longer have a couple items on my order.

As a parent it is not always easy to set aside time to go to the mall.

Our delivery did not arrive the next day, or the next... Call customer support again... More of my time wasted on customer support. Are they going to pay me for my time? Not really.

Sooo... On Thursday, first call, delivery was for Friday. Called Sunday night and they told me that it was processed on Friday, however they do not delivery on the weekends... What how does overnight turn into Thursday ship, Monday arrival?!?

The only offer for my issue is $5-10 store credit or %20-30 off my next order. Well after this experience, and looking up more information about the Hollister company, I will NOT shop this business again. There are plenty of brands out there with better quality craftsmanship, business management, and customer support.

When we did received the items, they were of the wrong size. We went to the store to exchange to the correct size WE ORDERED and THEY STOLE THE CLOTHES FROM MY DAUGHTER!!! Refused to give them back.


delivery, customer service

A glitch in Hollister's systems prevented our order from being shipped. We paid for expedited shipping, however did not receive the package on the delivery date. Called customer service and they responded with a overnight shipment, BUT they no longer have a couple items on my order.

As a parent it is not always easy to set aside time to go to the mall.

Our delivery did not arrive the next day, or the next... Call customer support again... More of my time wasted on customer support. Are they going to pay me for my time? Not really.

Sooo... On Thursday, first call, delivery was for Friday. Called Sunday night and they told me that it was processed on Friday, however they do not delivery on the weekends... What how does overnight turn into Thursday ship, Monday arrival?!?

The only offer for my issue is $5-10 store credit or %20-30 off my next order. Well after this experience, and looking up more information about the Hollister company, I will NOT shop this business again. There are plenty of brands out there with better quality craftsmanship, business management, and customer support.

Hollister Co.Still waiting for my order!

I have ordered some clothing from Hollister and never received my order. Order was placed over a month ago and I still have no idea what is going on. I contacted Hollister customer service many times but these guys are completely useless! Every time I contact them they said that they will contact me back within a few day and will resolve my issue!
When I asked for a refund they didn't say anything about the money. They just said that they will come back to me within 24-48 hours! Total scam! I want to cancel my order and get a refund!

Hollister And Abercrombie — took my money ,i got no goods.

i ordered £123.00 of hoodies and a t shirt for my sons birthday.i placed the order in november and the website offered next day free delivery with orders over £100...

hollister spray — hollister spray

On the weekend I purchased three of your brand Hollister spray and one of the three fare amount of it used already i noticed this on the day i purchased it and i attempted to...

Rude worker

While shopping at the Hollister store in Little Rock Arkansas on 09/20/2014 we had the worst experience ever with one of the workers! He made my daughter leave a dressing room she...

Hollister Co. online — online service

Terrible online service! Don't pay with your bank card or they will submit an auth amount and if they back order, they will submit that amount and finally charge you. So, 3...

Hollister Clothing — Unfair termination

The supposedly General Manager, Megan, as she identified herself, of Hollister Clothing store in Altamonte Springs Mall, Altamonte Springs, FL, was rude and unprofessional to both...

product quality

Have you ever thrown out new clothing, that you have just purchased, that is completely ideal by size, colour and style? I have. And that was Fountain Valley Sweater from Hollister.

The first time I have worn my brand new orange sweater I bought just days ago from Hollister with my white Gilly Hicks bralette that I bought at the same time, I was just shocked. My brallete became orange! My navy coloured jeans developed orange shade around the waist, somewhere around the place where the sweater was when I worn them together! I have spent over half an hour of my time and half a bottle of a detergent to wash the bra and the sweater by hand with a hope to salvage my clothes, then half an hour to clean the sink, the dryer and my hands and body from the orange paint coming out the sweater, making everything orange!

It is truly sad that with a little decrease in price the quality of apparel falls so low. I have been shopping at Hollister for several years, it was one of my favourite retailers, but now I am thinking about changing to something else.

cancelled my order

i ordered in hollister online all the time. i ordered 2 transactions worth $100 something each transaction and when i check the status of my order, its was cancelled, so i called hollister and i was, what is going on. they told me that they will email the resolving problem department and they will email me back saying what happened. so i received an email from them, saying i was " BANNED' and they cannot take any future order from me, they talking about resale about there item. is this a ###ing joke????? that is ###ing ridiculous! firs of all im not resaling there item, second they should close this store, coz i have a headache puting all that orders online and they just cancelled in one snap! u guys are stupid!!!

ps. i was gonna take all that stuff back home to give it to my relatives as a gift...

  • Pr
    premacharya93 Nov 28, 2015

    happened to me me too. Spent hours selecting everything and they cancelled it... WTF!!!

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  • Be
    Ben50 Dec 05, 2017

    I placed an order online and a couple days later they sent me an email saying that my order had been cancelled for violating sales terms and conditions. They weren't specific as to what I had violated so I called in a bout 3 times and none of the reps knew what the exact reason was. They didn't even seem to really care. They just told me to email the team that sent the email and 4 days later I still haven't heard from them. I've called in 3 times and sent 3 emails and I still have to wait 5-7 business days to get my money back. It's Xmas time, these gifts are for my daughter and I'm scared to reorder from them again. I am a first time customer to this store but I think that will be my last time. I am so angry with this whole situation. How do u not have an answer as to why my order was cancelled. Just ridiculous!!

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  • Sa
    Sarah Reyes Feb 04, 2019

    I don't even know how this store is still in business. I bought and paid for an item in store but since they didn't have my daughters size they were going to ship it directly to my house. They cancelled my order that has already been paid for and have yet to help me resolve this issue. No way to contact there escalation department and the reps you call into speak to are absolutely useless. I have never been more frustrated over a stupid pair of pants in my life. I will never ever purchase from this store again.

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This company hires employees that are uneducated and very much so unprofessional

ON 12/17/20121 I entered into the Hollister Store #30638 400 Route 38 Store # 1075 in the Moorestown Mall. The reason for my trip is my children adopted 16 girls from a group home whom all had items from hollister on their wish list. I walked into the store with the girls sizes and favorite colors and wanted to purchase hoodies and sweatpants for each girl. Upon entering I received no help, being my age and not getting what a size 3 would be I again ask for help. The customer service representatives or store employees were not only rude but non helpful. I began getting the items and placing them on the counter, I was told by the young lady Cashier # [protected] ( no one wears a name tag) that I could not place the items there, I ask where should I place them and she gave me the dumb look.

After shopping with no help for 2 hours, I almost walked out but the girls adopted deserved what they wished for so I stayed. As I was being rung up by the same Cashier, she would through the items to the young man behind the counter with her that she spent the better part of my experience foundling. He would not catch them and they would land on the floor. I immediately ask for a supervisor and was told no one was there. I then ask for corporate number and was told I was crazy !! Imagine….

I tried calling corporate for the last two days, no response, finally I get them and they tell me there is noting they can do.

This company hires employees that are uneducated and very much so unprofessional., I have been tempted to return all items purchased ( almost 900.00) but again the girls don’t deserve the backlash.

  • Fe
    Fed Up Mom Dec 29, 2012

    I just left the Cool Springs Galleria Hollister and was unpacking the bag and noticed a pair of jeans I bought wasn't in the bag. I called the store and talked to "Brent" the manager and told him my situation. He said come back tomorrow and I will give them to you. I said, are you going to pay for my gas since I live about 40 miles away? He said, no. So I am supposed to drive all the way down there and back for a pair of $25 jeans and that is what it will cost in gas? Something is wrong with this company!!

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Only have small clothes

The other day I went into a Hollister store I was looking for a size 13 jeans. Searching for a pair, I asked a sales associate. She informed me that they only have up to 11. AND...

Refund Rip-off

Well, after finding this board and reading the numerous complaints about Hollister, it looks like I am just one of many who are finding that this company has nightmarish customer...

never got order

I ordered shirts for an event over a week ago from Hollister for a Cancer Walk I am going to in 2 days - I paid $25 for overnight shipping and its been 1 week - no shirts. I called them and they said they cancelled the order and have no idea why - I never got an email, and they said there is nothing they can do about it but I will be emailed about it when they get time to look into it. Now I am left with not enough time to order more shirts for my event -- this is unbelievably bad business and customer service - I am appalled.

  • Pu
    PurpleOcelot Oct 03, 2012

    I take it this is a charity event?

    If you wrote down the dates and customer service peoples names when you called them, you should be able to sue them for wasting your time and money like that...especially if you did not get a refund.

    I would check with a lawyer first, who deals with charities.

    At the very least, you have give the company a very large "black mark" on their record.

    File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau also.

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Coupon Thing

I went to hollister store in clackamas town center today n purchased a couple of tees that are on sale... while i checked out, i told the employee i got coupon that says 20%...

Hollister (Eastridge Mall) — Discrimation

On 8/11/12, I was school shopping for my 11 year old daughter. While she was waiting in line I was looking for a pair of pants. I was trying to find a size elven in pants so I...

Total b.s. and a waste of my time waiting on line

I was at the Roosevelt Field Mall Hollister today. They had a rack of ONLY hoodies on the side for $99. Hoodies were the only thing on the whole wall, at least 5 piles of hoodies. It had a sign saying 50% off “outerwear”. I waited on the line to pay for almost an hour, only to be told the sign only applies to outerwear, and not to hoodies. That is b.s. The “manager”, Tivara, didn’t care either. I don’t have a problem with high prices. I do have a problem with INTENTIONAL false advertising. They stuck a 50% off sign and the only item in sight was all hoodies – yet it doesn’t apply.

Total b.s. and a waste of my time waiting on line. I complained and walked out the store. No way I ever do business with them again. I recently went into a Hollister store looking for some clothes for my son. The lighting in there needs to be kicked up like a hundred degrees. The music was so horribly loud that I couldn’t even hear myself think! No wonder noone was in this store shopping. It’s a hundred times worse than what the bar’s are!!! You need to turn that music down!!! I won’t be going back in there to shop ever again!

Hollister Sale OnlineFalse advertising for Hollister Sale Online

My daughter and I were shopping in a Hollister store this weekend. Most of the store was on sale and clearance merchandise was extra 50% off. My daughter found a shirt that she had been wanting and it was on a multi-tiered shelf. The sign on the top said “Sale 15.00″ so we thought that meant everything on that table. The sign was not specific, it just said sale. When we got to the register, the shirt rang up 29.90. I questioned the price and was told by someone calling herself the manager “just so you know, the sign is for the fragrance on the top shelf”.

I told her just so you know your sign is not specific and misleading. She rolled her eyes at me and said “whatever” and walked away saying to the girl working the register that the shirt is regular price. We did not buy the shirt and the poor girl behind the register looked apologetic but too late. I’m sure if weights and measures walked in and saw that sign, there would be trouble. There is a $10, 000.00 fine for misleading signage so maybe Hollister should get caught a few times to learn the true meaning of “just so you know”.

I went online the othr day and i see that hollister is having 30% off the whole store in both stores and online and that today 11/29/11 was the last day for the offer so i went to international mall to buy what i wanted and when i get to the cash register i ask the guy about my 30% off and he tells me that there not doing that and i tell him that i saw it online and it says all stores and he says that there doing it in dadeland so i call to dadeland and they tell me the same thing that there not having the promotion so obviously they are doing false advertisement.