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customer service

On May 15 I visited store number 404 Puente Hills, CA I attempted to make an exchange without a receipt but...

Awful, awful, awful

Today i went into hollister 3 times and here is my story.. the hollister in el paso tx at cielo vista mall #[protected]...the first time i went in i was window shopping...the 2nd time i went in to buy merchandise... i was given 3 gift cards for my birthday.. $50, 30 and 25... i took the $50 and $25 cards with me... not once did anyone say, "hi, " or "welcome to hollister"... no one offered to help or asked if i was doing okay... coming from a business point of view... not acknowledging the customer isnt at the top of the list for good customer service... so i get up to the register and im told that one of my gift cards does not have money in it.. imagine my surprise.. that my family would get a gift card from anywhere and give it to me without any money... does hollister give away gift cards with empty balances?.. luckily the $50 gift card registered... so i put the remaining 33.90 on my debit card... when i get back home i try the polo on and find that it doesn't fit my style and so i decided to take it back... no problem i thought to return the polo and get the refund back onto my debit card.. so i go back into the store a couple hours later, for the 3rd time today... again no one acknowledges me.. what a surprise... so there is only one person in front of me at the register... after waiting a few minutes the clerk comes up to the register... does not apologize for the wait or ask how he can help us... so he proceeds in cashing out the customer in front of me.. after he is done... he just walks off.. does not tell me that he will come back or even acknowledge that i am there... how would you have responded so far?.. so a couple minutes go by and he comes back.. i advise him that i want to return the polo... he calls the manager over the intercom to authorize the return.. standard procedure no biggie... so the manager comes to the register.. and the clerk, not the manager, tells me that even though the polo is worth less than 32.00 and my debit charge is 33.90...that i cannot be credited back on my debit card... wow so hollister gets $50, 30, 25 and my 33.90... is hollister really that hard up for cash?... no other options given.. no apologies... and so i walked out the store completely disgusted with the service that was provided... what service really?.. i couldve gotten better service from a self check out register... at least it says thank you...

so my money and my time that i wont get back were lost...im not the kind of customer to raise a fuss or be rude..im the silent customer who focuses on never coming back to your store and telling at least 20 friends and family... so for 33.90+25.00= 58.90 ... hollister will lose several customers and future revenue...i am so upset that i am going to return all the merchandise...i guess you could say that i had a bad experience with your company...unfortunately i still have to go back to return all my merchandise of 83.90...im gonna try returning the merchandise at another store... even though it says i can on the receipt i wonder if ill get the same treatment...

Resolved Hollister has shameful training; a horrible store

Trumbull CT USA Hollister obviously hires very young help and does not train them in customer service. I bought a number of items there yesterday (on sale); I asked the checkout person (young woman) if there were any coupons or a credit card I could get that would give me a percentage off the first purchase -- she disparagingly answered, "No."

Additionally, she did not greet me when I came to the checkout. And here is the worse part; upon purchasing my items she did NOT say "Thank You." This is unheard of -- customers are thanked everywhere; at the grocery, the gas station; but NOT at this low-class attitude- laden Hollister counter!

The counter person threw things in a bag; did not fold them neatly...since she did not say "thank you, " I said "You're welcome, " she has so much disdain for the customer and is so self centered in her 17-year-oldish narcissism, she did not even "get" what I was saying, nor did she even acknowledge me or give me any eye contact.

Hollister has shameful training; a horrible store!

  • Wa
    Wanderdust Jan 24, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree-- the young people at the Hollister store I went to had NO manners, no desire to sell, or idea how to sell, except for one young man. The young female managers, and the very young saleslady I was asking to help me, were very unhelpful and uncaring. Manners training is needed!!! I am thirty years old, so it is not my store (I was buying for a young cousin), but I know mothers also buy for their teenagers, so the sellers need to learn manners! And turn down the pulsating, nervous music!

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Resolved Unhappy with the respect and degree of unprofessional behavior this company has given me

I am so unhappy with the respect and degree of unprofessional behavior this company has given me. I shopped at the store out in Peoria, AZ the Arrowhead Towne Center one. The manager was belittling me and talked to me as if I was lying about a return. Then, when she realized she was wrong she denied me service. Not only that she had another manager with her who called me a lazy ###, that he needed to speak to me in elementary, that my degree as a masters student must not have been in communication or psychology. This all occurred because they would not return a skirt that I purchased for my 15 year old daughter. The previous employee who rang my order up scanned the Small size and not the medium skirt then gave me the other skirt. So, they thought i was lying to them and trying to return a skirt that was not mine. When I tried to explain they said they didn't care and that I should leave there store they refused to help me. It was an experience that I can't even fully explain. I am a shopper and I have worked retail all through college. I have never received such rude, behavior. EVER...I am not letting this one go. I will make a stink about this until someone from the co. calls me and explains to me either, thet they accept bipolar employees, or employees that treat their customers like they are lower then dirt. Unbelievable. I wish I would have been s secret shopper at this store...It was seriously embarrassing.

  • Da
    Damingo69 Apr 28, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Recently I visited store # 234 in Olympia, WA. I was less than impressed with the customer service. As I made my through the store I was finally greeted in the clearance section. I asked the two associates about a particular shirt and was never given an answer. I must have interrupted their Starbucks Coffee break. I then walked over to the men’s section where I was forgotten about completely. DID I MENTION I WAS THE ONLY CUSTOMER IN THE STORE? Being a former retail manager I was appalled.

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  • Ni
    Nimb Jun 23, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    HOLLISTER CO. let someone else use my credit card did not id them and only want to give store credit and i am stuck with the bill tried to call the store and explain this problem they tell me to contact customer service .there is no customer service it says email so i email them and its we are sorry we can only give store credit i dont like there clothes i am 54 yrs old not 19 now im stuck with a bill and they keep my money this is without a doubt the worst store i have ever dealt with.

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  • Mi
    midge87 Jun 28, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    See, there in lies the catch 22. You are cross because they didn't ask for ID (if it was debit they don't have to and even if they ran it as credit by law they do not have to see ID, it's just a courtesy that they do) but then there are the other customers who ### and moan when they are asked for ID. It's nearly impossiible to please everyone.
    I think the company is looking at it from the prospective that they don't know if you are lying and just want free stuff or maybe let someone else use your card and are now regretting it. There are so many scammers nowadays it's difficult to trust what the supposed customer says.

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Resolved Company, where managers were not allowed to give their name

I went into Hollister in Wesley Chapel, Florida and wanted to exchange a pair of jeans that were defective. I just wanted to get another pair of jeans. The jeans had been worn once and washed, but they were coming apart and I felt that was not indicative of a quality product that costs $72.00. The Manager was not on the premises. The Assistant Manager was condescending and would not give his name. He said this was Corporate policy. I asked for the District Manager's name and number and was told he could not give that information. He gave me a card with a 1-800 number for customer service in California. He said that was all he was obligated to do. I feel that this was poor customer service. I have never encountered a company where managers were not allowed to give their name, especially in retail. This tells me a lot about Hollister and none of it is good.

  • Ni
    nicetoknovvyou Feb 15, 2010

    It is clearly noted on the back of the receipt that we do not do exchanges for any merchandise that has been washed or worn. While this was clearly a quality issue, it was at the discretion of the manager whether or not to perform the return. As a company we are not allowed to give out our district manager's telephone numbers but we can give out their extension. We are also encouraged to give out our names to anyone who asks. So while the manager did not follow these policies he was correct in his decision to not return the jeans.

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  • Az
    aztecaz12345* Mar 18, 2010

    I spend 850.00 in merchandise I try to return the things 2 weeks later they say no I call custumer service and they say they trained their managers to make their on desicions I say if thats the case then there is no need for customer servise .this happend in mayfair mall in wisconsin . they say it was to much cash. they not even offer a gift card. and everthing was new with the tags on . they force me to keep something I don't want. date. 3/18/2010. hollister should honored the return policy .I received the e mail by customer cervise on 3/18/10

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  • Ly
    lynn Jan 28, 2012

    I too, am very upset with Hollister. I purchased a winter coat for my granddaughter and after wearing it for 3 weeks, the zipper broke. I took it back to the store and they couldn't help me because they did not have the exact coat in the store to make an exchange. They advised me to contact Hollister in which I did. They told me to mail the coat back to them, and they would either repair the zipper or send me a store credit. That was 2 months ago. Since then, I have repeatedly called and emailed home office, to no avail. Hollister customer service will do nothing and I have never heard from home office. They have my coat, and I have nothing. I called again today, after being told that my store credit would arrive by today-didn't, of coarse, and the rude representative hung up on me. I called back and advised SIERRA to review the recorded phone conversation, as the rep I spoke with refused to give me her name and then hung up on me. I am filing a complaint with the BBB and the Attorney General's office. A minor store problem should not have to be escalated to this degree. I am done shopping at Hollister and let this be a warning to other customers-that when there is a problem with merchandise, Hollister will not stand behind their product or help the customer!

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Resolved Terrible company

I was in Four Seasons mall this past weekend in Greensboro, NC shopping with 2 of my 4 children. We had a good shopping experience from the 3rd floor down untill we got to the Hollister store. Please keep in mind that I have 4 children ages ranging from 6-13.

Upon entering the Hollister store, I was already tired from shoppping with the 6 year old and the 12 year old for the 3 hours previous. The smells were strong, the graphics were offending, it was dark and we could not find a sales associate. With all of this in mind, my 12 year old insisted that we look for a bit. She found several items to try on but, we could find no one to open a dressing room. After searching, I found someone to open up the dressing room. My daughter tried on clothes for some time with me helping her get new sizes (not the sales team)and found items to purchase. We went to the register but, there were 15 people in line. At this point, I went to find another associate to see if she/ he could open a 2nd register. The person whom I asked happened to be a manager. She was standing in the back room talking to 2 other associates. When I asked her about opening another register, she immediately took the defensive and just said "NO" rather loudly and that everyone was busy in their zones. I replied that there would be no one to be busy with if she didn't make her sales and that 3 people were out of zones talking to her in the back. She replied rudely that She didn't try to tell me how to run my business, so I shouldn't tell her how to run hers. She, as a 20 +/- year old manager continued to be very disrespectful to me and finally threatned to call the mall police if I didn't leave her store.

I am a 40 year old woman who has worked in the GAP, OLD NAVY and a large department store in Virginia called Globmans in my younger years. I would never have been disrespectful to a customer much less someone that was older as well as about to buy $200.00 plus in my store. I was very embarrassed -actually beyond embarrassed by the manager in Hollister and I plan NEVER to shop there again. This kind of employee is what gives a store and eventually a mall its bad name. Regular law abiding citizens do not want go through anything like this- especially not with their children present. This is why we will never shop at any Hollister again. I sincerely hope that someone reads this email and understands that I am writing this as a very concerned adult and former shopper of Hollister.

  • Ni
    nicetoknovvyou Feb 15, 2010

    While I understand why you are upset there's a few things that bother me about your story. The first is the fact that you use your children as a crutch. They really had nothing to do with the story and if you were so tired our from shopping with them maybe you should not have gone into the store at all. Secondly, asking an associate to open up another register is incredibly rude. Yes, the manager could have handled the situation better, but waiting in line never killed anybody either. It amazes me to no end how impatient people can be nowadays. For all you know the associates she were talking to could have been off work or more than likely were working and had a different task they needed to perform besides ringing on register. Next you cite your retail experience as a reason for why you know you are right and said manager was wrong, but every story is run differently. Lastly you continuously mention the girls age as an issue as well. While experience does matter, this is not a fair judgment. Ageism does exist and can be just as hurtful as racism or any other stereotype. Just because this one manager was young and did not handle the situation well does not mean every twenty something is unfit to be a manager at a store. Conversely, just because you are 40 doesn't mean your opinion is the end-all-be-all in this situation. Lastly, you can smell the store before you enter it so if that bothers you then don't go in. You always have the option of shopping online.

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  • Mo
    Mom is the one who pays Jan 06, 2011

    Agree, agree, agree - I have spent the last dollar that I ever will at a Hollister Co store wtih mediocre goods and terrible customer service. Same experience - the supervisor was worse than the already terrible cashier!

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  • Da
    Dasher268 Aug 22, 2011

    hey I sent this to Hollister CO 3 weeks ago and no comment back>>>>>>>

    Hi my name is Jeremy, and I would like to say a few things. First thing: I was shopping at your Waterbury CT store and when I was finished and got home, the security device was still on my clothing. When I went back to the store the same day the girl at the desk said to me, “I forgot to take it off and I was about to go after you when you left, but I figured you would have to come back.” I was like, “are you kidding me?”  So that was screwed up. This was on 8-17-2011.
    Then today 8-19-2011 I went to the Milford / Post Road CT store and was disappointed again. The selection is fine. That’s not the problem. I saw a rack with a sign 40% off. On the rack were plaid shirts and two kinds of hoodies. I saw the blue, brown button, hoodie that I liked very much. I tried it on and loved it. When I went to purchase 5 items, one had a hole in the leg of the sweats and that blue, buttoned, hoodie was not 40% off. I showed the girl at the desk the rack and she said, “I think 40% off is only for the plaid shirts?”  I said “that’s pretty misleading if you ask me, why are they on the same rack if they are not 40% off?”  So the girl told the manager and she said, “yeah, only the plaid shirts.”  Then she went back to texting on her phone. I thought “thanks but no thanks.”  I went from wanting to purchase 5 items and left with 2. I was not happy.
    I shop at Hollister a lot. I love the cloths. I shop on line mostly because there is a better selection then the stores. I just believe that these simple common sense things should be fixed.
    I will not be going back to the Waterbury CT store any time soon. They left really bad taste.  

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  • Ml
    mlchish Sep 25, 2011

    I totally agree, I had placed and order online an had ordered the wrong sizes for my two daughters, so instead of sending it back for and exchange I had decided to take the item to Hollister at Four seasons mall in Greensboro NC. I was getting the exact same thing just smaller sizes, The young lady checking me out had to call a manager because it was saying that I owed money. The manager came and probably the same one the other lady was referring to, she was about 20, and very rude. I had asked what her name was and it was Tara, well I'm here to tell you that Tara with her short booty shorts and rude attitude needed to be working somewhere that does not deal with the public, because she will hurt there business. I am a 47 year old professional and I cant remember a time when I have be spoken to in that manner, After Tara finished the transaction and being so rude to me, the sales associate checking me out apologized to me. I have two teenagers and I spend alot of money in Hollister, but I have spent my last dollar in that store.

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Resolved Hollister clothing

Okay, for all you who complain about hollister its really not a big deal. I dont even like anything but there...

Resolved Worst customer service

WORST store ever. I purchased a pair of swimtrunks on 12/15/09 for the purpose of giving them as a christmas gift considering me and my boyfriend are going on vacation a week away from christmas, and the item was IN STOCK. i even got the order confirmation email and everything thanking me for my purchase and giving me an estimated arrival date. I tracked the order online and 12/21/09 and it said it was still processing and had not been shipped. i called the customer service line today and they informed me that the purchase never went through because their item is now out of stock even though when i ordered it, it was in stock. so now i have no christmas gift thanks to those a**holes. also they said there was absolutely nothing they could do for me and they were "sorry". never ordering/going to hollister again. they don't care a bit about their customers and they don't even notify you when your order isn't coming after all.

Resolved Wrong Item

You would think a company that prides itself on TRUE American clothing would have a staff to live up to those...

Resolved Such a scam

On 2/26/2008 I spent $257.90 (not including tax) in Hollister. After getting home I felt that the quality of some of the items was poor and decided to return these items. I returned the items on 2/29/2008. At this time I picked up some other articles to purchase. Even after I added the new items and Hollister deducted my new items from the total they still owed me $81.06 of MY MONEY back to me from the return. On 3/3/2008 I wanted to return one of the items I bought on 2/29/2008 as my husband did not like the cut of the jeans. I was informed by the “manager” that I could only receive in-store credit. I did not want in-store credit. I wanted to get MY MONEY back as the product was not what I wanted and I didn’t see anything else to replace it with (hence the RETURN and the EXCHANGE). Now if I had walked into Hollister and asked to return the items I could have just returned them no problem. I could have later come back and bought the items I did and there would still be no problem-the original return policy would be intact. Does this make sense to anyone else? So if I buy items at the time of a return I forfeit any future right to return something and yes I had the original receipts at every time. Because I decided to buy MORE after my return I had my money stolen. If I had just returned the products and not bought anything I would have gotten MY MONEY back and not have had this problem. Funny I was not told that if I bought something after returning something else I could only receive in-store credit-probably because I would not have fallen for such a scam.

  • Ls
    LSZach572 Jan 12, 2010

    What did you use to purchase this with? They usually won't give you money back if you use credit or debit unless you have the card used.

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  • To
    toogoodforhollister Aug 11, 2010

    Hollister sucks. I have been waiting for more than 30 days for items I bought online for my daughter's birthday. Imagine her surprise if something from Hollister was the only gift I sent her -- that would have been a huge disappoint. Luckily I sent things myself which arrived in time. I have 7 kids & 3 grandkids & believe me when I say this - I will NEVER shop Hollister Co. again!!! Someone there should figure out what the definition of customer service is . . .

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Resolved False advertising

WOW I have never encountered such RUDE staff as I have at Holister in NY. They had items for sale and when I asked about a soze for my daughter I got 3 different reasons why they did not have those items for sale, even though they were on display - RUDE to me and treated me very inferior. I have spent MAJOR $$$$$ with them, and have a stable job have they not heard of the recession? Maybe they don't realize one of their sister stores is shutting down in January. With service like this Hollister wont be far behind.

  • Ri
    ripped offfffff Dec 20, 2009

    Hollister is the absolute worse store I have ever shopped, the put two entire walls of jeans up, thery have a sign the reads exactly as the tag, even the was price and 39.95 everywhere, but when you go check out the price is higher, what they do is put a couple items on sale & everything else is not on sale & they say "thats how corporate wants it, when they know it is a rip off, I don't care how much my 16 yr old may like there clothes I will never shop there again, the try to deceive the customer & they hire these young kids in there that have bo I deal how to run a business or take care of customer, I am over it, there day will come!!!

    -1 Votes
  • Ni
    nicetoknovvyou Feb 15, 2010

    there's no way the sign said 39.95 as all clearance is marked with a .90 ending. perhaps you aren't really paying attention?

    0 Votes
  • Ka
    kay10c Feb 22, 2010

    I work at Hollister and we don't have certain sizes for girls (such as an extra large) but yes corporate wants it that way. Their clothing is based on a certain body type and fashion style for both men and women and they reserve the right to sell whatever size clothing they want to. I don't agree with the sizing but they can do what they want. As for the jean wall, if you actually pay attention there are signs on each collum saying what wash and style they are )such as Laguna Skinny-Dark Wash) and the jeans that are on sale with have a sign in that location that say their sales price. The clearance jeans have a sticker on the price tag that says $39.90. If you picked up a pair of jeans off the wall and they were higher than the price you thought, it's because a little 13 year old brat came in and threw clothes where-ever she saw necessary. The models at Hollister put up with a lot of s*** from spoiled little brats who come in expecting to spend mommy and daddy's money but make a mess of the store instead. If you got attitude from a model, it's probably because you gave him/her attitude first. Customers think just because they're the customers that they can act however they please in a store (including yelling and giving attitude to employees for things they can't control, like sizing). However, don't give your attitude if you can't take it. The people who work at Hollister are trying to make a living, too.

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  • Ra
    raehl Mar 10, 2011

    true. im nice with customers when they are nice with me, if they are mean... you dont want to know me, and most of my coworkers are the same.

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Resolved rude manager

After shopping at hollister for several years, I have to say I am very dissatified with hollister. Thi...

Resolved Double billed

I was billed twice at the debit machine, nearly two months later we still not recieved money back. I knew as soon as it happened, but the cashier said she couldn't see it. I called as soon as I got home, no problem they said, send our bank statement showing double billing. So we did, week after week, 3 weeks later we are told it will take up to 21 buisness days.

We continue to get call centre staff who are all "SUPERVISORS" when asked to speak with a manager.

They have said that they have record of reinbursing us, we need to take it up with our bank. Maybe we will have a better response now that our bank is investigating it.

Do not shop at Hollisters unless you can afford to pay twice!

Resolved Over charging at Debit machine

Debit machine froze, when I explained to the cashier that the hand held machine said the transaction went...

Resolved Embarrassing experience

Hollister Store really don't care about their customers. They turn the music volume is so high, event if you are outside the store you can hear the loud music. Loud music could hurt people eardrum, damage inner ears, give people a big headache, especially to the young people. Loud music could make young people going deft when they get old. When my kids and her friends go there, they are unable to talk to each other in a normal voice, they have to scream at each other due to loud music. It was so embarrassing when they shopped at hollister. I have spoken to the manager about this problem but it seems she did not really care at all. She should care more about what customers need and what make customers feel uncomfortable. This is a big problem and parents must not let your kids go to any stores that have loud music if you really care for your kids.

  • Ju
    jules12 Dec 06, 2009

    well if you can hear the music outside you shouldn't go in. If you have an issue with the atmosphere, then you should simply shop online.

    -1 Votes
  • An
    anfhottie Dec 14, 2009

    i agree with her. i work at a&f and we get the same amount of complaint as i did when i used to work at holliser, even though the music is atleast twice as loud & the lights are alot dimmer. if you dont enjoy shopping there, then do it online. it isnt the stores fault you cant handle the cali lifestyle.

    -1 Votes
  • Cu
    customernotalwysright Dec 21, 2009

    Correct, and the managers have no control over the volume setting during store operations hours. They are instructed by corporate to turn the music and lighting to a certain level which sets the Hollister store concept and atmosphere. Therefore you should take your complaints to corporate and not the managers and associates because we are unable to do anything about it or change the level no matter how many complaints we get. The music is loud, but it is not set loud enough to damage someone hearing otherwise the company would be putting themselves liable. If you dont like the store setting then yes, like everyone else suggested, shop online or get someone to shop for your or don't shop in the store at all. Cause all stores have their own set-up or operation of how their store is run, some play music loud, others low, others have bright lights, some don't etc. Deal with it.

    -1 Votes
  • Ni
    niacey Apr 02, 2010

    Since customernotalwaysright wants you to deal with it I thought that would be A GREAT IDEA

    ************************************HERE IS KIP CONTACT INFO************************************************

    (617) 654-0200 is the corporate number

    intellius offers her home phone number for $1.99 and home address

    http://twitter.com/kiphollister Guess she not tweeting very much cause of the angry mob of people


    add her as a friend and then get to the bottom of it.


    gotta love the internet. you can find out anything about anybody with a few click clicks

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Resolved JESS rude maanger

Manager/ counter girl JESS is rude and the employees wear strapless clothess with huge boobs hanging on...

Resolved Rabbit fur

My friend bought a little sweater from Hollister & she brought to mine and a lot of others attention that the tag said.."5% Rabbit Fur"... are you joking me? you have to put even just the smallest amount just to jack up your already stupid high prices?
i have a rabbit myself, and even if it was any other animal hair i think it would be ridiculous. it's not like the sweater had any fur on it, just IN it... which is ridiculous and not needed.
seriously so many people i know are disgusted by that store and any other company who puts animal skins or furs into clothing or ANYTHING for that matter.

  • Mi
    midge87 May 31, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You realize they just shave the rabbit, right? They don't hurt it or anything. In fact it's quite benneficial to the rabbit otherwise they can overheat and the like. It's just like shearing a sheep, only smaller, and with thinnier shears. :P
    This seems like a trivial complaint. Seeing as you (nor I) knows what advantages that 5% could be giving we can't really comment on whether it should or should not be in the sweater. Speak to the manufacturer. For all we know it helps keep the sweater soft.

    2 Votes
  • Li
    LifeGuard L.I Aug 17, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    ughh im allergic to rabbit fur :( if i wouldve worn that sweater and missed what the tag said i would have probably gone into shock

    0 Votes
  • Mi
    midge87 Aug 17, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Then it's a good idea to check the tag. If you're allergic to anything it's always a good idea to check the tag.

    1 Votes

Resolved overcharging customers online

I placed an order for hollister clothing online on the website. The company charged me in british pound...

Resolved Sizes to small!!!

I love Hollister cothing!! BUT... it is way to small. when i see other girls wear Hollister an my friend...

Resolved Horrible & Rude Employees; Can't See or Hear

Hollister obviously hires very young help and does not train them in customer service. I bought a number of...