Hollard Insurancemechanical breakdown cover

L Sep 14, 2016

Bought a vehicle in December 2015 and it had a Warranty, Mechanical breakdown and Service plan covered when I bought it. After the service it was picked up that the tensioner had to be replaced. Contacted Hollard and gave them the quote from Toyota as the vehicle was still under warranty as it was 7 months old. Hollard Insurance are refusing to pay and their rejection is because the tensioner forms "wear and tear'' and its note covered by the policy. When I quoted from the book that was provided to by the Agent underwritten by Hollard, they then changed the tune and said it was misrepresentation [censored]lard is not bound by any representation/undertakings made by agent

So the matter is currently with Ombudsman and waiting for the outcome . My last resort will be taking them to court.

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