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Complaints & Reviews


Sir ' Madam I phoned Hollard on the 14th July 2016 that I am taking my car for service on the following day...

theft of motor vehicle

Our Botswana registered car was stolen on the 16th of December outside a restaurant. I had collected my daughter and three children from the airport and had hired car seats for the duration of their holiday.

We went into the restaurant but forgot the babies dummy. My son went out to the car to get it but the car was gone. We were parked next to the car guard.

This was reported the next day to the police and forms submitted via our broker in Botswana. I have been in touch with our broker who is handling our case and they have not had any feed back. Today two months later I received an e mail from a Hollard representative requesting copies of passport showing entry into South Africa a photograph of the keys and our bank statement records. I find this extremely intrusive and have been made to feel like a fraud for claiming from insurance for the loss of the vehicle. I had to replace the hired baby seats at my own cost and borrow a friends car for the duration of my daughters holiday. I will NOT renew our insurance with Hollard when the premiums fall due for both our Lodge in Botswana and our Shopping centre. The service is diabolical and I would never recommend anyone to use this company

short term insurance take extremely long.

On the 20th of December we had a storm in Pretoria where my 48" Samsung Smart TV, 3D Blu ray player, Billion Router, DSTV and Angle care monitor board was damage. I phoned Hollard Insurance and they have logged the claim. I told them that I am leaving on holiday on the 23rd of December and will only be back on the 2nd of January 2016. My faulty equipment was then collected on the 4th of January 2016 by Kumo. On the 6 January 2016 I phoned Kumo to find out what the problems are and when will my insurance received quotes from them to fix my equipment. They told me that all my equipment is written of except for the TV, what they will fix for me. The TV was bought in October 2015 at Makro stores Wonderboom, but Makro told me that my warranty does not include lightning damage and I have to claim from my insurance. I also have 3 years warranty on the TV. So I phoned Hollard and told them if they open the TV my warranty is void, and Kumo only give me 3 months warranty on the repairs they did on the TV. To make a long story short and after fighting with them, I gave in because I need my equipment back. So on the 11 of January I send a complain to Hollard via their portal and Lynn Lawrence reply to me on the 12 stating that they are very sorry that I feel this way, and they will phone me shortly. Today is the 13th of January and still no Hollard agent phoned me and I have no Idea what is going on. When I phone them There is a waiting time of almost 10 min before they answer your call. Please can someone contact me and tell me when my claim will be sorted. 913913 claim number.

lack of feedback and dont care attitude from consultants

A Hollard client smashed into my car from the behind while I was standing on traffic and while she wa...

payment and handling of claim

Good day, My claim number is P32/72732 and I completed my payment forms and on those forms I was advised that it will take up to 10 working days for payment to effected into our account and this morning I was told that it will be done only on Friday and my 10 days are on Wednesday. Through out this claim Erik Segona ha sbeing nothing but rude and provided no assistance what so ever. I even e-mailed him and requested an update and he read the e-mail but never bothered to reply. I know this because I put a read receipt on my e-mail. I am not sure but this has been such a frustrating process and 3 months later since my incident I am still not happy. Ian Ross please take note of the service some of the employees are providing and bringing the companies name into disrepute!!!

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cancellation of my policy

3 years ago I took insurance on my home. Now 8 months after I have dold my house they sre still tanking my monthly installement and simply tefuse to cancel my policy I have now eben had a conference call between them and the bank as they always blame the bank. Still this month they took thr installement out of my bsnk account. I have now been battling to get them to cancel my policy for going on 9 months. All I want is for them to stop stealing my money and refund me 8 months installments. Sonce when can I take a policy and have someone refuse me to cancel it??? That is theft if anyone csn help me cancel the policy and get my refund I would really appreciate it!!! My newest ref nr: [protected]

very very poor service the worst

From the 02 April 2015 to 18 May 2015, 5 quotes done and they insist on taking cash in lieu after times asking for repairs to be done. First audatex wrong info. Hollard says its their policy to give cash in lieu. Refusing to repair vehicle and more damages found every time. Car is moved from place to place. No help from anyone at Hollard. They know that once the vehicle goes for repairs it will have more problems. First audatex was R19000 and 5th audatex is about R35000. meshal.[protected]@amcsa.co.za or [protected]@gmail.com or [protected]@ccma.org.za or [protected] or [protected]

  • J8
    J86587 Dec 06, 2016

    Complaining to the Ombudsman For Short Term Insurance might help.

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car accident settlement

these guys hollard are bad .I never in my living memory experienced bad service like this. Stay away from...

Port Shepstone Cars, Parts & Vehicles

car accident claim

I am extremely disappointed in the way Hollard insurance has dealt with my fathers claim no.806729. My father was in an accident and the right side of the bumper was damaged. Thereafter his car was taken to Raven Panel beaters on Boom Street in Pietermaritzburg. Last week Saturday, he received an SMS stating that his claim was authorised but then today he gets a call saying the assessor said the car was a write-off. He wasn't even given options as to what he would prefer nor the assessors name and all they demanded was the cars log book so they could keep the car!!! How does bumper damage even warrant a car a write-off with no internal damage? There is something really shady about what you are doing, so please, stop causing him more pain with all this dodge work when he pays his premiums.

  • No
    nomcebo mbele Feb 11, 2014

    I am extremely disappointed in the way Hollard insurance has dealt with my fathers claim no.806729. My father was in an accident and the right side of the bumper was damaged. Thereafter his car was taken to Raven Panel beaters on Boom Street in Pietermaritzburg. Last week Saturday, he received an SMS stating that his claim was authorised but then today he gets a call saying the assessor said the car was a write-off. He wasn't even given options as to what he would prefer nor the assessors name and all they demanded was the cars log book so they could keep the car!!! How does bumper damage even warrant a car a write-off with no internal damage? There is something really shady about what you are doing, so please, stop causing him more pain with all this dodge work when he pays his premiums.

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bad customer service/refusal to pay a claim

Earlier this year my dad bought a car from BMW dealership and was offered insurance by the Hollard and he accepted and he paid his premium as agreed for about 3 months, during that period he got involved in a car accident where, the old car in front of him burst a tyre and it went under his car (damaging the engine and the car itself). The owner of the old car had no insurance, so my dad called the Hollard insurance to claim for the damages or get assistance with the repairing his car.

It took 2 weeks if not 3 for Hollard to come back to him and he continuously had to call and enquire about the status of the claim. At the end they told him that he never disclosed that he had claimed from the previous insurance, and in fact he never did make any claim for himself as all the claims that Hollard are disputing were claimed his daughter and his son since they were the ones driving his cars on those instances/incidents. He even made affidavits from the police station, stating that he was not the one who was driving the cars.

So all in all Hollard decided that they will they will not pay his claim rather pay him back his 3 months premiums and they would not entertain his claim. The damages are worth more than R100 000.00 and he struggling to pay it out as he is the only one working and has to support his family on a daily basis.

To make the matters even worse is that he has been with Hollard since 2002 for his other cars and the claims that they are disputing, they were made through them (Hollard) that means they have all the records of the incidents and claims made to them even before they offered him another policy. They were well aware of the claims and since he has been their customer since 2002 and they were more then willing to take more money out of his pocket. So why will they say that he never disclose some of the information when they have his whole file since 2002 and they should have seen it even before they started debiting his account.

They really are not treating him as they should (as customer) since they have benefited from him since 2002 and never complained, and now all of a sudden they don't want to pay. It is really sickening and disgusting that some big companies such [censored]lard can treat their customer like this after benefiting from a loyal/reliable customer for more then 10 years.

I would really appreciate it if you can please help my dad as I think now his health starting to be weak and is going to hospital a lot. This thing is draining him him and I don't know how we will ever cope without him and our mother is not working.

We really need your help in our situation and I believe there are many more people who are suffering because of negligence from insurance companies.

vehicle insurance claim

I was involved in a motor vehicle accident on 20th July 2010. The vehicle was sent for repairs, notwithstanding my begging that the vehicle to be written off because of the extent of the damage. The tow-away company told me the chassis of the vehicle is damaged. After numerous calls and interactions I was told the vehicle will be ready on 4 January 2011 - more than 5 months later!. On the 4th I went to collect the vehicle but was informed by the Assessor from Hollard that he is not satisfied with the vehicle and he will let me know when to come back, which will be within a week. I have also requested a test to be done on the chassis of the vehicle. I have to date not received any report on the test. I have also not heard anything again from Hollard or the panelbeaters, Lusio Panel Beaters, Waltloo, Pretoria. I have no faith in the capabilities of the Panel beaters or trust that the vehicle will be repaired properly. This is a new vehicle which have only done 2000 km.

  • Em
    Emsme Vermeulen Jan 17, 2011

    In order for Hollard to resolve the above, please supply Waheeda Namlall on [email protected] with the following information: - Insured details (including ID number) or Policy number. Kind regards, Waheeda Namlall (Tel) +27 11 351 5120 (Fax) +27 11 351 0295

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I would never recommend anybody taking out any form of policy with hollards

Two Years ago, my son Warren van Zyl passed away in a car accident. He had 2 policies with Hollards & two years down the line, I'm still unable to get any satisfaction from them regarding any payouts. I have phoned over this period just about everybody emplyed at Hollards with queries & am always told somebody will get back to me, which never happens. I've never had one phone call returned in this time. I have found them to be dishonest in their dealings with me - passing the buck seems to be the order of the day. I would NEVER recommend anybody taking out any form of policy with Hollards.

  • Em
    Emsme Vermeulen Oct 06, 2010

    Please accept our deepest sympathy on the loss of your son.

    In order for Hollard to resolve the above, please supply Emsme Vermeulen on [email protected] with the policy details.

    Kind regards,
    Emsme Vermeulen
    (Tel) +27 11 351 5610
    (Fax) +27 11 351 0295

    1 Votes
  • He
    Henri Laher Mar 31, 2015

    I had an accident on 23 January 2015, my car was a write off, made a claim to Hollard, on 26 January 2015.
    They made my life very difficult, had to provide, bank statements, driving records from Queensland Transport, Records of accidents for the last 5 years and numerous question about my activities.
    I am a 72 years old Pensioner doing some odds jobs with my vehicle to supplement my income, about 3 times a week.
    My insurance certificate stipulate that I am insured for BUSINESS and some private use, yet Hollard has declined my claim on the ground that I am using my vehicle to generate income..Is not everyone generating money with their vehicle, even the humble factory worker that use his vehicle to the factory and back, use his or Her vehicle to make money. It's about time Hollard move to the 21st Century. Keep away from that grabby, ruthless, money hungry mob.

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  • J8
    J86587 Dec 06, 2016

    Also had a very bad experience with Hollard where a claim is delayed.
    Complaining to the Ombudsman For Short Term Insurance might help.

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  • Hr
    HRRigers Jan 25, 2017

    Hiermee wil ek graag my misnoee uitspreek oor die diens wat ek van die versekering kry. Ek het n vesekerde huurmotor gekry vir 30 dae waarna my kar nie klaar was by panelbeaters . ek kon daarmee saamlewe want dit was n addisionele week. Maar toe ek die kar kry na die week was alles nie op die kar reggemaak nie omdat die versekering se Assesor in Kimberley so besluit het. Uiteindelik nadat ek moes Fotos stuur van die ongeluk was dinge by die Versekering uitgesort. Wie se fout was dit? Nou moet ek weer sonder n Voertuig wees vir n paar weke want die versekering weier om n huurmotor goed te keur. Ek bly 200km ver weg va Panelbeaters en die versekering is so ongevoelig en kan my nie tegemoet kom nie. Hollard het daardie assessor aangestel, nie ek nie, moet ek betaal omdat n Assesor nie sy werk behoorlik gedoen het nie, DIS SUPER SWAK HOLLARD. 0849987590

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  • Ri
    ricardo diljan Jan 04, 2018

    i logged a claim for my leaking geyser on the 18th of December 2017 with HOLLARD (OOBA), on the 19th the plumber came to my place to replace the geyser but had to cut my ceiling to remove it and got confirmation from my insurance and they said its fine they will send someone out to fix the ceiling. on the 19th the ceiling was cut and the geyser was replaced, the next day the geyser stopped working. i reported this on the 20th to my insurance and since then i haven't heard anything from HOLLARD, since i did this claim hollard hasn't made any contact with me to find out if everything is OK. today is the 4th of January 2018 and i'm still stuck with no hot water and a huge hole in my ceiling!!! i had visitors for Christmas they couldn't bath or shower and i had a huge hole in my ceiling!!! HOLLARD is the worst insurance company i have ever dealt with!!! i call them everyday but the consultants are clueless to what to do!!!

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  • Su
    SueSA Apr 13, 2018

    Please don't have anything to do with Hollard, one of the worst insurance company. Go to others like CGU, Allianz and pay a bit more. They will look after you

    -1 Votes

avoid a headache, just don't use these guys

According to ABSA I had to phone Hollard Insurance since I was retrenchend. I phoned and spoke to a very kind woman. She specified what they need and that they will send it to me ASAP [ Less then 48h ]. With technology that is suppose to make things so much faster it is a battle with service in this country.

I am still awaiting a response, and worst of all when I asked about a reference number they said they do not use any. Well now I can see why. Makes dodging the bullet so much easier. So yes do yourself a favour, avoid a headache, just don't use these guys.

  • Em
    Emsme Vermeulen Oct 06, 2010

    Dear Client

    Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

    In order for Hollard to resolve the above, please supply Emsme Vermeulen on [email protected] with the following information:
    - Insured details (including ID number)
    - Policy number

    Kind regards,
    Emsme Vermeulen
    (Tel) +27 11 351 5610
    (Fax) +27 11 351 0295

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stay far away from hollard insurance

I have been called by and finalised my deal with Thurston but one of the people I took the policies for passed on before the six months even before the first debit order could go through. I called Thurston he asked me fax a letter confirming the death and fill in a form, I did just that. A debit order went through the first time which is not a problem cause I was informed that if it does then I will be refunded. I sent Thurston an email informing him and he said I must email a bank statement then it will be refunded, this was 3 weeks back I have been liasing with Thurston via email with no response or out of the office so he does get my emails its just that he is not responding. After sending the proof I sent an email asking him to confirm the reciet but with no avail. What kind of service is that, he does not acknowledge my emails. I am disappointed, I have kept all the emails from Thurston.

the service was really poor to say the least and I will surely not advise anyone to ever deal with hollard again

I had an accident with my car on 11February 2009. The accident happened just outside Riviersonderend bout 150km's from where I am staying. I processed my claim with Hollard Insurance. First of all I they assign a tow truck that needs towing itself. The wheel of the truck came off just with the car on top off th truck. I had to phone a relative to come and pick me up as that was the last straw. Then it was a series of making telephone calls, waiting, making calls, waiting with no progress on the case. No-one from Hollard phoned me to assist or communicate to me as to how far the case has progressed. I was dependent on my vehicle as I am a Sales Representative and needs to drive to clients to perform my work duties. After numerous attempts I got clarity on 24 April2009 that the car is a write-off and that Hollard will settle the bank instead of replacing my car. That created another problem as I had to buy a car from scratch again. The service was really poor to say the least and I will surely not advise anyone to ever deal with Hollard again.

contract broken

Good day
I hope you will be able to assist me.
I phoned Hollard on 18 February 2010 to take out a Funeral policy mainly for my Dad. My mom passed away in January. I spoke to Miranda Ngongoshe on February 18 from 09H43 -10:12 to take out the policy. She said it can only start the 1st April and the amount R218. My Father will be covered for R10 000, myself and my husband for R30 000 and I can’t remember about my two kids the exact amount. She will email me the policy and post it to my home address, if I am not happy then I can still cancel When I phoned today to ask them about the email and my policy contract that I did not yet receive, they told me my Husband is the policy owner and I am the spouse even though I took out the policy and it is my bank details. My Father isn't even included in the policy. The total policy amount is R138 When I spoke with Miranda I mentioned to her that my Father has a policy with them for R5000 but it is not enough so I want to take out a policy for him as well. They even phoned him to confirm that I am his daughter and he is my father and if there are any objections. I phoned them today and spoke to Kashia who will send me a copy of the tape that is the actual contract but I have to wait 30 days for the copy. Miranda also told me that my father can only claim after 9 months from the start of the policy. Now they didn’t include him in my policy. I do not have a policy document or anything. Nobody is able to help me. Kashia only gave me my policy number today ([protected]) Please can you assist me with this matter; I was told that the conversation on the phone is the actual contract and then according to me the contract is being broken by Hollard.

Thank you in advance for your assistance in this regard

Kind regards

Amanda Labuschagne
(SHEQ) Safety, Health, Environmental & Quality Manager
Plastic Omnium Urban Systems
Tel: +[protected]
Fax2mail: [protected]
Mobile: +[protected]
Email: [protected]@plasticomnium.co.za
Home Page: www.plasticomnium.co.za

the worst service ever

I was in a car crash with my car.I also called their own roadside emergency number, as I should do.They could ALSO not find my details, I could hardly hear the guy as he spoke so unclear and could not speak English properly and he asked me a milllllllion questions while my car was standing in the road and had to be towed out of the wayt!!!Almost two hours later the car was towed!After that it has only been more pain and bloodsweat as nothing happened as they promise. I have probab;y called out hundreds of rands to their call centre beacuse the authorisation just didnt come through, day after day after week after week!!!Then after they did this in the end, now I cant pick up my car beacue they have the excess amount wrong!!!I have called almost 20 times and spoken to lots of different people who keeps saying it will be delt with but NOTHING happens, NOTHING!!They even ask ME what my excess should be and then say 'OH'.????????????? What kind of company is this?????I am at the end o fmy tether and will definately move companies, this is absolutely riduculous to say the least!!!

  • Ly
    lynettezn Nov 13, 2018

    I have signed up for vehicle insurance with hollard and have still not received my policy no, documents .I have been paying every month and i feel that i should have my policy documents . In case of any accidents or emergencies.

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