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M May 22, 2019 Review updated:

They were unprofessional, rude, has the nerve to criticize me even though I am an employee at the airport too. One of the workers made a joke about my height, and were rude! One of them said oh tell her we busy even though they weren't. Took forever to make my drink, cause they were too busy laughing, and chit chatting. I was right there and they have the nerve to talk all that [censored] about me. Y'all seriously need to stop hiring just anybody. There so unprofessional, and rude no class or experience with customer service what so ever. This is located at Las Vegas Airport. The cashier name is Shanita I don't know the other female who's with her. Store ID is LASSTA06.


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    Mike Evst. May 22, 2019

    Stop going to that location. There are plenty of places in the Vegas airport to get food and drink.

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