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I might just be h-angery right now and making a big deal out of nothing, but I absolutely hate ordering all of my items $25 worth food and drinks for my daughter and myself and THEN being told they are not accepting CASH. There was no sign or anything. I felt bad for the barista who had already had our order done and made(great speediness btw) but the cashier who was covering whoever was on "break" needs to get a CASH register when covering. I'm very upset and hungry.


  • Um is not an answer! Jun 08, 2019

    H-angery?? Is that lame assed 50's talk for hungry and angry??? My lame assed mother talks like that my entire life and she annoys everyone. Even the dog.

    Wow. You are bitching about no cash only areas??? Really? Most places take credit cards now, even farmers markets kiosks. I'd understand if you DIDN'T own a credit card but then I'd question your blowing 25$ on "gourmet food" and burnt way overpriced coffee. This is why many poor people are poor.

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