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J Jul 11, 2019

At Calgary Airport Rahul work as a Manager at Burger King and his Management do favouritism to him, he don't know how to talk to his worker and he called himself manager. He always rude to his employees and he use his position to discriminate his employees. He got free food by HMS Host but he's taking advantage of it he always buy free food his wife and ask his store supervisors that his wife is coming for work at airport give her food. His wife is not working with HMS Host.He is violating the policies of HMS Host. Rahul's behaviour was brought up to Management no action was taken and when Rahul came to know that his behaviour was mentioned to Management he start threatening his employee and he was rude and he will remain rude do what ever you can do.

  • Updated by Jass3k · Jul 11, 2019

    This guy Rahul always rude to his workers even in front of Customers. He’s not afraid of management because management do favouritism to him. Even after complaining to Management, Management took no action that’s why he always threat his workers.

  • Updated by Jass3k · Jul 12, 2019

    If employee is not feeling well and employee came home early by the approval of Manager and on second day employee called in sick. Burger King manager Rahul and his favouritism Management decide to terminate the employee by saying to employee that you are not fit to work. Poor management, HMS Host management decisions are made by store managers not by HMS Management or HR Manager, Management don’t ever investigate the situation they just follow their managers. HMS Host Management at Calgary Airport is so unprofessional. HMS Host management at Calgary Airport know how to backup/save their managers .

  • Updated by Jass3k · Jul 17, 2019

    Poor HMS Host management at Calgary Airport, they just think about how to make money and they don’t care about their employees. By doing favouritism to Manager “Rahul” HMS Host Management approved that they are one of the worst management in Canada.

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