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So I approach the counter the lady (Jemember (maybe spelled wrong)) I ordered a #7 12 count she then asked my name and then asked if I wanted classic nuggets I said yes then she asked what sauce and drink. One of the other employees hand me my bag and she gets my Tea which I had to remind her what I ordered I go sit down open my bag to a 12 piece nugget that’s all (I ordered a meal) I go back to the counter the lady is still looking for me to give me my nuggets I told her I had my nuggets I needed my fries she advised me I didn’t get fries I only ordered nuggets I said no I ordered a #7 at this point a manger (Patti I believe is her name) got my attention and said she was getting my fries then I sit back down look at my receipt and she rang me in for a deluxe sandwich meal which is a $1 more than what I ordered I went back to the counter got Patti’s attention showed her she offered to fix it I told her that was not necessary she apologized again but I just mentioned that maybe just maybe she shouldn’t be on a register solo if she doesn’t understand the system and the guests at what point I was advised it was her 3rd day and she’s been doing “pretty good” well I beg to differ
I work in the service industry so I get it people have to learn and I know you guys probably get more bad responses then good ones but I felt this needed to be brought to someone’s attention.


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