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H Nov 05, 2018
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In July of 2018, as a part of my home purchase, I obtained a home
warranty agreement with HMS Home Warranty. During the first week
of October I started have problems with my side-by-side refrigerator.
The temperature in the freezer started fluctuating by several degrees.
It got to the point that after 60 degrees I threw out the food.

After contacting HMS, they dispatched A&E (Sears) to make the repair.
On October 5th the tech diagnosed the problem was with the front door
control panel. He also ordered and replacement motor for the ice maker.
After a couple of weeks, the parts arrived. The tech that installed the
parts said that the real problem was the master control board.
Fortunately, he had a control board on the truck. In addition to replacing
the board, he ordered another board and a solenoid for the icemaker.
After restocking my freezer, it went out again. On October 26th, A&E came
out and replaced the board again. Now, as of November 1st, the freezer
is dead again.

Now comes the fun part. I called HMS and was told the soonest I could
get service was the 6th. They then assigned the call to Expert Appliance
Repair and asked that I call them to schedule an appointment. When I
called Expert Appliance [protected], it was answered by an unmonitored
voice mail box. I then called HMS again. After they couldn't reach
the service provider they assigned the call to National Home Alliance
and said they would be here today (November 5) and would contact me to
confirm. Never got a call from them or HMS. I did get a call from
Universal Appliance Service who proceeds to tell me that the soonest
they could get someone here would be November 12th. Not going to work!

I called HMS this evening and after being transferred 3 times over the
course of 45 minutes, I asked to speak to a supervisor. Of course, none
was available. So, I asked for a department manager. I was then hung-up

Needless to say, HMS has no clue on how to do customer service. Their
warranty is worthless. They can't even track who is going to perform
the service. I will do everything in my power to make sure as many
people know about HMS and pitiful service. Don't buy a warranty from

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