HiFi Corpsansui sound with dvd player

C Jul 16, 2019

Hello.. I've recently baught a sansui DVD set from hifi Corp about 3 weeks back I made a purchase of about R6400 I have it for 3 weeks when I opened the box I've noticed that the sub has a dent on it and the remote is very weak I am currently working dayshift for 3 full weeks and I was unable to take it back to the store as I only finish work at 6 in the afternoon I would like to know if I could please change the sound and DVD player that I've baught as I'll be paying for it for 30 months please contact me as I would like to just go in store and make a change and receive the new sound as I am unhappy about what I've baught thank you
Calissa GV Chetty

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