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poor customer service and technical support

I apologize if I appear to ramble but I am very frustrated. HP technical support is a falicy and they have no integrity advertising customer support when you purchase their products. In no way do I have a problem with people from other countries providing technical support but there are limits like basic communications skills and simply understanding your questions. When you call customer support to complain about this the simply transfer you to technical support (or lack of it) where the problem exists and nothing gets resolved.

I purchased an HP All-in-One Officejet. I don't know why they entice you with "Office"jet due to the lack of standard business features. It does not allow one to display both company name and personal name on outgoing fax pages. When faxing via fax software provided, it does not provide cover sheet functionality. If one wishes to scan and send it by email, their software supports only Outlook.

Evidently they just do not care about these issues and the customer support is a mockery. I scoured their website for solutions and these issues are not to be found. I tried several attempts with each of the "customer service???" offerings (telephone, online chat and email).

Telephone support: You have to repeat your problem 13 times. If you ask a basic question they put you on hold to try to look up the answer. In my opinion, this is not "technical support".

Telephone, online chat and email: In most cases their response is useless, irrelevant, or just plain incorrect or doesn't exist.

Online chat and email: Their English is poor which explains why you cannot get a solution addressing your problem. Most of the time when you ask why they do not answer the question or where they are located, they either say they are from the U.S. or make excuses. If they are indeed from the U.S. as many of them claim, HP should be embarrassed by hiring people with such poor language skills.

customer service

What ever you buy, do not buy a hp computer! My laptop had a lcd problem 15 days after I purchased it. (I could have taken it back to the store after 14 days, but missed out because the lcd stopped working 1 day too late)
I sent my computer in (To india!) and 19 days later I still hadnt heard anything. After numerous calls, I finally get it back, sans battery. Ok, call me an idiot. My fault. I didnt catch the part about not sending the battery—i thought I was not to send the power cable—but now it's been 3 weeks of calling hp, 3 weeks of hearing that a case manager will call me and it never happening, 3 weeks of repeating everything again and again, first to someone in india, then again to a person in canada or houston or where the _ ever, all because no one but the case manager can put my battery in a box and mail it back to me. Plus, i've continuously been solicited to buy other things from hp, and have even been scolded 3times for having sent my battery in the first place. I've just finished another 20 minute call and a case manager (This is the second one i've ever had the pleasure of speaking with) said it will be sent to me w/in 3 days via fedex. We'll see. The last cm that told me that didnt follow through.
Save yourselves a lot of hassle. Buy something else.

Resolved bad customer service and repair performance

On november 22nd, I received my hp pavilion notebook that I had sent in for repair under warranty. Unfortunately, hp service team has not performed well because I am now required to enter a password which I never had to do before.

I am disappointed because when I called customer service on november 22nd, november 23rd, november 24th, and november 26 the agents assured me that it is not possible to find out who at hp has set this password.

The only option I was told was to do a system recovery which would mean the loss of all of my personals files, contracts and legal papers.

I am an independent contractor and have two lawsuits going; loosing these files was not an option. The agent then disclosed that hp, upon receipt of my notebook, has already removed all of these files. This was not disclosed neither on the warranty, nor has my permission been given to do this. My notebook had lcd cover issues so the removal of these file, if that's what they did, was completely unnecessary and illegal.

I was promised to get a call back but that never happened. Each time, I was forced to speak with agents that hardly knew the language. The average phone call lasted about 64 minutes and I was on hold or transfer a quarter of that.

To resolve the problem, I called, sent emails and certified mail. I mentioned that I hoped that the information I received was misrepresented and that hp has not deleted these files. I would appreciate if they could track whoever has set this password so I may assume my work as an independent contractor.

I will wait until december 26th, 2007 before taking legal action.

  • Ga
    Gail Switzer Aug 08, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought an HP Pavilion Notebook computer in October 2006. When I turned it on, the back light on the screen didn't work and the screen was black. HP telephone support couldn't help. I returned this computer for another HP Pavilion Notebook in November 2006. This worked for 7 months and then on June 9, 2007, the screen went black, same problem as the first computer. After several hours on the phone with technical support, to no avail, I was told to mail it back to HP for repairs. The repair center received the computer June 15. I finally got it back on July 26 after almost daily phone calls with the support center and numerous attempts to communicate with my "Case Manager". Out of many, many attempts over several weeks, I spoke to a Case Manager once and had one leave a message for me once. The rest of the time, either a message was left for him which was not answered, or the mailbox was too full to accept any more messages. Although the support center has been helpful, apparently only the Case Managers can make a decision if you want any service. The support center can only send a message to the Case Manager who then calls you back, in theory.

    After one week, my "repaired" computer now has the same problem again and I want a new computer. I am now on the same cycle; talk to the support center who escalates my case to the highest level and a Case Manager will call me back. So far the Case Manager has not called back. It's only 2 days so maybe I just need to be more patient? At this point I'm skeptical of ever getting satisfaction from HP Customer Service Center. Their system is terrible and getting anything done is impossible. Perhaps this is intentional?

    Gail Switzer

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  • Valerie Oct 04, 2007

    A couple of weeks before starting my first year in college, I bought a HP Pavilion Notebook. A few weeks into the school year, my computer started having problems. One day it shut down automatically before I could back up my homework on my USB. I tried restarting it but it kept saying error. It wouldn't even let me reboot the whole thing. When I called technical support, they told me something was wrong with my hard drive. They said I would get my replacement within three days. Everything seemed to be going fine, but after about four days (not including the weekend), my hard drive still didn't come in. I called customer service to check in, and the lady said there was a delay and I'll receive it the next day. That night, I get an e-mail apologizing for the holdup and a link to check the status of my order. When I logged on I was shocked - both my billing address and my campus address were wrong! Both addresses were mixed together, and my shipping address was for Birmingham, AL - I live in Milwaukee, WI! I called right away (11 at night) and was transferred to India. Now that seemed like an issue right there. Since their accents were strong or it was hard for them to understand, it took a long time to get my problems and point across. However, that did not turn out to be the huge problem. The people at India were very kind and made sure I was getting all the help I could get, but eventually they realized that something was messed up with my overall order that was placed here in the first place. I was transferred three times that night, waiting and having to keep repeating information on the phone for an hour and a half. The last guy I talked to seemed like he fixed everything. He said the serial number of my computer was written wrong as well as my address (which was surprising because the guy I first ordered all this from spoke perfect English, so nothing should have gone wrong). My replacement hard disk was sent to Alabama, but it was the wrong one anyway because of the serial number. He said he fixed everything and I should get my disk the next day or after. However, when next day arrived, my dad got a phone call saying the hard disks were out of stock and that I would not receive new ones for three weeks! It had already been a week and we were frustrated! First of all, it was a new computer and should not have broken down in the first place, and second, we expected HP to be better at helping their customers quickly. My dad called technical support again, and we find out - once again - my address and serial number are still wrong on their order sheet! The last guy never fixed it! The guy who was speaking to my dad said the same things the last guy said to me the night before. My dad didn't believe him and now we're planning on calling the head of HP or the supervisor, all of this in order to get a small hard drive replaced. A week of phone calls, talking to 8 different people and repeating the same problem over and over, and dealing with having no computer in college was just enough. I expected HP to be better, but they can't hold a candle to my family's Sony Vaio. I know what I will be getting next time.

    A p/o'd customer.

    I just want the message to get across to HP that they need to step up if they want to keep up their reputation.

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  • An
    angela buckley Oct 29, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Ditto... except for this one really nice person years ago. Even communicating to the President/ceo of HP does little good.

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complaint agaisnt distributer

This is with ref to the hp lpg gas distributer "abhay gas agency, jagdishpur, dist - sultanpur, up. Who is charging 320 / - per cylinder which is acutally a 300 / - cuz along with each cylinder he is giving a tea power woth rs.20 / - forcefully, aslo in a day he provide only 10 to 15 nos though lots of people r stading there & whole truck come with filled lpg.

Not only as per my knowledge he do a malpractise as his godwon for the same is around 2 km far from acutal place where he gives a reciept.

Sir.. Request u kinldy look in the same n take serious action against him.

  • Ks
    K. SRINIVAS Jan 23, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    As i am consumer of HP gas bearing no. 800353 at agency
    SAMATHA SHIVA SHAKTI ENTERPRISES located at kothapet HYDERABAD A.P. as we are booking gas he is taking more than ten days to delever the gas and after delivery after 20 days only he is accepting booking as he is giving 40 days one cylinder, as ours family is big we requested him to give monthly two cylinders but he is not accepting as we booked this month i.e. on 6-01-08 till date means 23-01-08 we not received the cylinder the phone response is also very bad please take action on your dealer to give a better service to customer.

    thanking you
    yours truly


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  • Dp
    D. Prabhakar Mar 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I fully agree with this complaint. Samatha Siva Shakti Distributor behaves very casual towards their customers. There are 2 numbers for Gas booking, but anyone hardly gets the line. It takes your hole day to try for this number and if you are lucky enough then it will be connected, and your turn will come after atleast 12 days of booking. After seeing all these I feel, there is something wrong with HP itself, not with the distributor. I fully hold HP responsible for all the inconvenience, that we face.

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  • Az
    azeez85 Apr 14, 2012

    hi, dis is da complaint against avinash gas agencies, ullal, south kanara, mangalore, karnataka.entirely agencies, staff, gas, bad and unsatisfied service, i believe whole team of hp lpg gas, involved in dis service. delay supply, no response, rudely talking, cheating offer in new connection all of dis part of da service of avinash agency.please cancel dis agency or take necessory action against dis agency.please co-operate wid uss, not wid agency.pls.

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  • Pu
    publicullal Jul 08, 2012

    hi..yes staff of AVINASH agency ullal is really cheating people, fooling them..very they are the leaders of the society.its like empty vessel makes the most sound..cancel dis agency

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poor quality product!

I purchased a HP Pavilion dv2500t laptop from HP I got delivered after 10 days. After 2 hours of operation, the stupid LCD broke down and I called their HP customer service. They sent the box to ship it back to the company after 5 days. I got the box, packed my laptop and sent it. Then they suddenly stopped responding. I kept on calling the customer care which didn't have a ###ing idea where my laptop was and what holding it back. Can you imagine how many days they took to fix my laptop ? 35 days !!! Yes. I am quite frustrated with the HP service and I would certainly try to return it back to them.

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my ordeal with hps returning wrong pc

I appreciated reading several of the posts here while going though my "ordeal" with HP. If you want some detail on my case, I’ve provided it at the end.

It is clear that HP needs to improve the processing of situations where they have failed to perform to contract. The "Quality Case Manager" who is expected to resolve these issues apparently is not given the authority to do so. The customer is told by the Quality Case Manager that they "represent Corporate" and there is no course of appeal. My case manager seemed uncaring about the impact on my business and, based on what I've read on "complaint" forums, this is the norm. Also, my case manager did a poor job of returning my calls and keeping me informed. In my case, the Case Manager sent the first email to the Repair Center inquiring about the status of the case on October 22, but was unable to get any response from the Repair Center until Nov 8. Obviously, she did not have the authority to require a response by the Repair Center. Once the Repair Center spent a little time researching the missing PC, they quickly determined the status... but I was given no status for 17 days.

Based on my experience, and that of others who have posted to complaint forums, HP should:
1. Give Quality Case Managers authority to demand response to problem status inquiries.
2. Require Quality Case Managers to care about customer satisfaction by teaching them customer interaction skills, having customers rate their performance by survey, and removing case managers who perform poorly on the surveys.

Clearly these people have a tough job and are always dealing with customers who are already dissatisfied, but they could still display empathy with customers, return customer calls promptly, and explain up front the process that will be followed and that there will be some kind of compensation for late turnaround of the PC repair.

1. Set your expectations; a) the Case Manager is able to do little (although they won’t admit it), b) expect a long spell without your PC and develop a workaround
2. Call the Case Manager at least every other day. Write out the voicemail you will leave (they are very unlikely to answer) and then email it to the CEO email address. I received email responses from some of these so I believe that they do get viewed by someone other than the Case Manager (not the CEO, of course)
3. Open an online case and update it regularly. This keeps the techs involved and while they have little authority, they at least ARE concerned about customer satisfaction and how your troubles might impact their performance review, and they will get back to you and try to help. Post the original case number and the “quality case” number to the new case your open.

I was interested to see a post today that indicated someone had success with a small claims court case. I wondered about that, but the service contract indicates all proceedings must occur in California, so I dismissed the possibility. Hmmm.

Example of my voice mails (and emails to CEO):
“Good morning, Heather... this is (my name), case #xxxxxxxxxx and it’s Tuesday, November 6, 2007, 11:30AM. I received someone else’s PC two weeks ago October 22, from the repair center instead of mine.

I’m reporting in again to help you manage what is apparently a situation that your Company is unable to handle.

It’s now been 11 business days since you told me that I would receive a call from the service center with status and instructions. I still have not received their call... I still have received absolutely no information on where my PC is, when I will get it returned, or why HP seemingly does not care that I have someone else’s PC and provides no information on returning it. In your last voicemail, Thursday November 1, you said you were continuing to try to reach the repair center and would let me know status as soon as you talked with them. Since you have not called back in 2 business days, I assume you were unable to reach them. So, in 11 business days, you have been unable to get anyone at the repair center to talk to you? Does HP give you any authority at all?

Anyway, it has now been 16 business days since HP received my PC, 13 business days beyond the 3 business-day turnaround specified in HP’s Care Pack.
And, it has been 18 business days that my business has been impacted by not having the PC.

As always, if you have time, I would appreciate a call with status of my case. You can call me at either (phone number), or my cell at (phone number).”


Summary log:
October 11, 2007 - Laptop failed under extended warranty; went through normal 6-hour on-phone process to eliminate software suspicions (including wiping the harddrive and reinstalling the OS) and get HP to send the box in which to send the laptop to Repair Center in CA.
October 16 – Laptop received by HP Repair Center
October 22 – I receive the WRONG laptop... completely different model (no battery, no power supply) and I notify HP. After several hours on phone, dropped call transfers, etc., I am told a “Quality Case Manager” will phone me within 24 hours.
October 23 – I receive voicemail message from Quality Case Manager (Heather) who cannot provide status but that I will receive a phone call with status from the Repair Center in 24-48 hours. I phone back and leave voicemail for her requesting call.
October 24 – Receive call from Case Manager... tell her I still have not received a call from Repair Center, and doesn’t she want me to send back the PC I have that some other poor customer is looking for? Get a gruff response telling me to just wait for the Repair Center to call.
October 25 through October 31 – Call Heather every other day and leave voice mail saying have not received call from Repair Center. Email text of each call to the “CEO” email address.
November 1 – Receive voicemail from Heather... she is trying to phone Repair Center...
November 2-6 – Continue to leave voicemails and email text to CEO
November 7 - Receive call from Heather... she has finally been able to talk to Repair Center
and they are investigating. She asks for serial number etc of PC I received. Receive second call from Heather saying they have located PC and will be calling me. I inquire about what HP will do to compensate for the fact that the extended warranty 3-day turnaround contractual agreement has been violated. She said she will extend the warranty by 9 months or give me $x cash... I choose the extension.
November 8 – RECEIVE CALL FROM REPAIR CENTER – My PC is in the mail and also mailing label to return (wrong) PC I received.
November 10 – Receive my PC... 3 hours to configure and reload all apps

Resolved printer can't feed paper!

This printer is so frustrating - from the day we got it - it hasn't been able to feed the paper... unbelievable - isn't that a basic that printers have been handling forever? I am so frustrated with this thing...

Don't buy Hp printers!!

  • Cu
    Customer-Focus-WBW Jan 10, 2009

    I HATE this printer!!! It jams. It says it is out of paper when it really isn't. I have found that I can load about 10 pieces of paper at a time and it will generally work for a while (found this on the HP website). But, sometimes even that does not work. Once it starts acting up, it will continue to act up for days or weeks before it will work "normally" again. What a piece of garbage.

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Resolved never buy hp!

Compaq Presario Notebook
HP -

I will never buy HP products again. May 8, 2007 I purchased a Compaq Presario notebook that was refurbished. The sales assistant in the HP Home and Home Office Department reassured me that I should not experience any problems with the notebook. He stated that being refurbished meant that the notebook did not pass all the tests when sent through inspection the first time. I purchased the notebook and then the screen messed up on or about July 15, 2007. I shipped it back for repair and never heard from Hp. When I contacted HP on the status, they stated they did not want to repair the notebook. This was then forwarded to a case manager, John Thomson, who agreed to repair the notebook only if I purchased a $265.00 warranty, so with no other choice given, I did. The notebook went in for repair on July 24th and was not returned until August 15, 2007. On August 14, 2007 I registered the warranty I purchased via telephone. On October 11, 2007 I turned my notebook on to find that the screen was again not working correctly and displayed only white. I contacted HP that day and was given a case number of [protected] and was informed that my warranty was invalid and not registered. October 15, 2007 I called HP Total Care again after not being contacted by a case manager and being unable to reach one at the case manager number. October 17, 2007 I obtained contact information from Corporate via Rosalynn to send a legal letter regarding the matter. On October 22, 2007 I spoke with case manager, Charlene T., that I was able to reach by phone but she did not work in the notebook department, however, she did give me a new case number of [protected]. On October 23, 2007 I had an attorney send a letter to HP Corporate office and to the case manager. I was never contacted by a case manager within the 48 hour period that is given and then called the case manager number again on October 29, 2007. At that time I did finally speak with the proper case manager, Kathy Walker who then informed me that I could not receive a refund or exchange for another product of equal or lesser value and that she would ship a box to my home for repair under the warranty that I purchased. By this time I was so upset with the entire situation, that her solution was just not good enough for me. October 30, 2007 I did receive a box to ship the notebook out for repair and the paper stated to back up the hard drive because information could be lost. October 31, 2007, I contacted a HP case manager with regards to how I am suppose to back up the hard drive up if the screen does not work and displays no picture. I was advised at that time that I could take it to a computer shop and pay someone to back it up for me, another expense in regards to HP's defective product. It is October 31, 2007 and I have been unable to use the notebook since October 11, 2007. All of these attempts to contact HP and get the problem solved has also taken up quite an amount of my time at work.

I would advise anyone looking to buy computer products to purchase from anyone but HP. I will never buy HP again for my home and as for my office, I will continue to purchase Dell products.

  • Lu
    Luz Angela Ramirez Nov 07, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am from Colombia and I am having a problem with a HP computer I bought in United States two months ago, I am trying to contact HP and send them a letter of complaint, in the web page I do not find this information, can you tell me how can I contact a case manager. They already open it a case for me.

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  • Mr
    mr S Ram Oct 19, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    All HP Users or thinking of buy an HP Product "think Before You BUY" !!!

    i have had the same sort of problem i had brought a dv2500 laptop back in feb this year the graphics card was faulty id had got 8 little small screen shots on the one big screen an the motherboard was over heating too... they had told me what the problem was when I had called tech support: basically I needed a new motherboard!! so they asked me for proof of purchase when I had e-mailed it over to them I had called them back as you do just to make sure they had received the e-mail they told me I have to wait for a call from HP.. " so they never called me back" !! Waited 2 days!! Expressed to them my younger brother need to used Laptop for school. Needed for it to be fixed a.s.a.p... they just kept fobbing me off saying that they have not received my proof of purchase so I had sent it a 2nd hotmail account shows that it was sent an I had checked with them that they have given me the correct e-mail address.. so they still tell me they have not received it.. i had played $1400 for the laptop when it was just released then they talked me into having 2 years extended warranty... $169... I’m covered up until 2011!!! HP is a waste of time. They have caused me nothing but inconvenience... so far no laptop fixed I have made about 15 phone calls to them... i am going to get in touch with trading standards U.K .. + FSA... they said to me that I will get a call tomorrow from the complaints department… I asked the tech support to put me on to his Manger “We don’t have an manger” POOR SERVICE FOR WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!!will let you guys know what the outcome will be.
    .. WARNING HP stands for... HOW POOOORRRRR!!!

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  • Am
    Amit Oct 31, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My Compaq laptop au 733 has been stolen on 21 oct 2008 ...i wanna complain stop all services on the service centre...if its found then told me ...

    Purchased: 04/15/2008

    Serial: (S)CNF7484ZPV

    Amit Kumar Sharma

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  • La
    lance mathurin Nov 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i bought a loptop computer in april and the fan is not working

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  • Sa
    satyen Sep 22, 2009

    Deal All Whizkids...

    My suggestion to all of you to never never never buy HP products.

    No skilled staff with them
    No customer centric approach with them
    No concrete back ground dealership with them
    No complaint redressel done by them



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customer disservice!

Bbb case#: 1167126
Complaint filed by:
Consumer info
Name: matthew stanko
Day phone: 416
Address: 284-******* 4a4
Toronto, on
Eve phone: -
Email: matt
Fax: -

Complaint filed against:

Name: hewlett packard
Bbb member: no
Contact: mourad essid
Address: 5150 spectrum way
Mississauga, on l4w 5g1
Phone: [protected]
Fax: [protected]
Website: — none—

Customers response on oct 31/2007:
Nov 2/07 - business wrote through web: we have tried to work with mr. stanko on the issue of repairing his product. false. sam has not done anything at any time this product has now failed over three times with three major hardware failure in less then six months.

I understand that there was wrong information exchanged with our technical support people, but we were willing to work with the customer on his issue. - every single time I contact hp I am provided with incorrect, wrong and totally prevent information. sam are you really serious? I called in around 46 times and every time, every agent cannot provide any information. according to you the unit was being repaired, the same day it is with fedex, the same day it was shipped on september 23, the next day it is now in ca. you cannot even provide correct details. not once was I ever provided with correct information. first you tell me the laptop is ca, then it is enroute, then we lost it, then we have no idea were it is, every call is the same, it takes 45 minutes and goes no were. the customer service portal that you provide does not ever update, that is part of the problem! I have apologized for any inconvenience to the customer and was willing to send the unit in to our repair center and have the unit repaired for the customer the unit was already sent in two days before! it is under warranty from your company. you are not doing anything!

The customer was cursing and being very rude on the phone. - I have never with any customer agent or with one at any time used cursing language. I have a right to use forceful language, but I would never and have never been disrprectful. keep telling yourself that, to avoid dealing with the real issue is. the issue is your agents cannot and do not have correct information. this company's position is clear. we do not and will not assist any customers who have a valid complaint with our company if they become upset on the phone. what a complete insult. get over yourself! when I pay over 1700 for a product and it fails three times with three major hardware failure you are right I will be pissed! but I will never use cursing language with anyone. hint sam - every call into your ivr is recorded!

We have not engaged with the customer since his calls to the head office. - a very sad position to be taking. I will never, ever purchase another hp product of any kind any time. you have not engaged becasue your postion is clear, we do not value our customers, we do not care, and your any sort of value to us. - hint... your job is to serve me, in a respectable manner, and provide me with assistance when I require it in a proffesional manner. completely disgusting beyond. search on the bbb clearly shows that your compnay has a severe cumstomers service problem by the amount of unresolved complaints aghainst your company. sam you respresent your company in the manner of the service I have recivded to date. you need a new job, and your company needs a new direction. we as customers are not dependant on you. you are dependant on us the customers. that is how I handle my customers and how I train my reps on the phone.

Ann this could have been avoided if hp responded as such:

Mr stanko,

We apologize for any delay in service. we apologize if our service support teams were not able to provide you, our customer with appropatie and timely information. we thank you for bringing this to our attention. we will be using this very important information that you have brought to out attention, to ensure that the situation that you have provided us with will not occur in the future. again on behalf of hp canada we apologize. as a token of faith, please accept a 90 day extended warranty. this warranty will be applied at the end of your current one.

Ann, that is all I was ever requesting, since sam cannot understand this, takes a very poor stand, by blaming the customer instead of simply taking ownership to correct this who by the way is the only reason he has a job at hp I have always instructed my agents who worked for me that they are not to tolerate an abusive caller. once of which no matter how mad I get will never happen. a very sad situation that could have been avoided by a response such as the one I provided above. I cannot believe the arrogance of this company and most importantly sam who represents this company. what a shameful end, something so easily fixed. an apology like above costs nothing! this will never be resolved. the real question now is is the 90 day warranty going be applied? I assume no.

Matthew stanko

We will send once more and then there really is nothing further we can do. it will then close as unresolved and reported accordingly. you are then free to contact small
Claims court, consumer business services or obtain legal services.
Will let you know

Ann bbb

Nov 2/07 - business wrote through web: we have tried to work with mr. stanko on the issue of repairing his product. I understand that there was wrong information exchanged with our technical support people, but we were willing to work with the customer on his issue. I have apologized for any inconvienance to the customer and was willing to send the unit in to our repair center and have the unit repaired for the customer. the customer was cursing and being very rude on the phone. we have not engaged with the customer since his calls to the head office.


Sam hayre
Hp executive customer escalations

Yes the laptop was returned and repaired. the repair log that they sent was blank. nothing was filled in, what a surprise!!! and no one knows what was wrong with it. so we leave it at that. it works fine.
11/01/2007 forward consumer rebuttal to business
11/01/2007 received consumer rebuttal _________________________
Completely and totally false. I spoke with sam, and he was completely uninterested in helping or providing any sort of assistance. he advised that he would contact me within 2 hours which he failed to do. I called the following day and all I ever got from hp was voice mail. as I stated before, I work in the same industry and handle escalation from customers when they occur. I would never and have never used any sort of abusive language with any of the personal. that statement alone is completely insulting. all calls at hp are recorded as a matter of fact no one ever returned my calls or voicemails. not one person including this sam never returned or assisted me in any way. I even had my best friend call in and he went through the same thing! I did address that issue in my response. see below:

Again it is the inconsistent customer service from hp time and time again. I called yesterday afternoon and again was told the unit was shipped out and would be received today (0ct 19) provided with tracking number 1z05****by the agent. when I check the status on ups it says that the unit has not even been shipped. then I am told that the unit could be sitting in california by one agent, do not know where the unit is by another agent, my unit has been shipped, has not been shipped, not sure where it is or what’s wrong with it, etc. this is completely unacceptable customer service. to say that I was rude and vulgar is an insult to me. I am not accepting 90 days extended warranty. I would like at least one year extended warranty or a full refund of the purchase price of my product. this all started this week tuesday oct 17th when I called in to get a status and was given four different answers, and passed back and forth over 45 minutes on one call, 50 minutes then next call by multiple departments. a few times the agent could not even locate my order, laptop, etc. you cannot seriously tell me that they run an operation over at hp? if they would update their status website then I might not have to call and we would not be here right now. that website has not been updated since the day they received my product. I deal with hp at the office and buy thousands of dollars of servers every year and the service is not any better.

Sam states that on oct 18th my unit was being repaired. interesting cause when I called it was with fed ex. a carrier that is only used in the usa. - fedex by the way never had it, cause it was never shipped. the ups numbers I was provide with went no were, they were not even valid. the one number the agent gave me was for when I shipped the unit to them! no one could tell me anything. then I was told it was shipped on sept 19th_ hint that is when the laptop box was shipped to me!!! it was sent in oct 13!!! and then it was lost. then he states a 90 day warranty was applied. false again, cause when I called it ends when the original warranty ended. this call was made on oct 31. the agent ispoke to said nothing has been applied. nothing has been updated. also he states that the warranty is being offered due to 'delay' this issue is not about delay. it is about the very poor customer service had on obtain simply information. that is this issue. something he did not even address, or even apologize for. not one person every called me back or even attempted to.

Anne hart [protected]@bbbmwo. ca wrote:

I assume then that you do have the computer back. they wrote to us stating they will extend the warranty for 90 days which should be sufficient confirmation but if you wish to pursue, you have that option.
You did not address however the comments they made of 'i spoke to the customer twice and my colleague as well, the customer was very rude and used vulgar language when we we're trying to address his situation. ' is this statement correct?

Anne hart
Dispute resolution supervisor
Bbb of mid-western & central ontario inc.
[protected]@bbbmwo. ca

10/19/2007 forward consumer rebuttal to business
10/19/2007 received consumer rebuttal ________________________________________

(the consumer indicated he/she did not accept the response from the business. )
No. at no point did I use any sort of vulgar language with this person or any person at hp. this is the same agent who refused to contact me as promised on three separate occasions. this agent also promised to follow up with me the following day which also did not happen. his colleague also stated a return call and that he would contact me for assistance which also did not happen. how come your agents cannot locate this order [censored]-01? why is that no one can provide any details on this status? why that is on oct 18th your agent provided me with this tracking number? 1z 059 50f ***** 6 ? this number is for when the unit was shipped in! I want a refund for the product.

Second entry: again it is the inconsistent customer service from hp time and time again. I called yesterday afternoon and again was told the unit was shipped out and would be received today (0ct 19) provided with tracking number 1z05****** by the agent. when I check the status on ups it says that the unit has not even been shipped. then I am told that the unit could be sitting in california by one agent, do not know where the unit is by another agent, my unit has been shipped, has not been shipped, not sure where it is or what’s wrong with it, etc. this is completely unacceptable customer service. to say that I was rude and vulgar is an insult to me. I am not accepting 90 days extended warranty. I would like at least one year extended warranty or a full refund of the purchase price of my product. this all started this week tuesday oct 17th when I called in to get a status and was given four different answers, and passed back and forth over 45 minutes on one call, 50 minutes then next call by multiple departments. a few times the agent could not even locate my order, laptop, etc. you cannot seriously tell me that they run an operation over at hp? if they would update their status website then I might not have to call and we would not be here right now. that website has not been updated since the day they received my product. I deal with hp at the office and buy thousands of dollars of servers every year and the service is not any better.
10/18/2007 forward business response to consumer
10/18/2007 receive business response __________________

Hi anne, the customers unit was received on october, 10th 2007 on order#[censored]-01. I spoke to the customer twice and my collegue as well, the customer was very rude and used vulgar language when we we're trying to address his sitiuation. our service center is currently working on repairing his unit. he will also get an additional 90 day warranty for the wait period.


Sam hayre
Executive customer relations team
Hewlett packard canada
Tel: [protected]
Fax: [protected]
Email:satnam. [protected]

Emailing to sam hayre as the consumer is very upset. is to be repaired but now wants nothing to do with them and now wants his money back. approx $1,400.00. he was offered a 1 year warranty but what is it they are warranting as he has no computer.

10/17/2007 forward consumer rebuttal to business ______________________
Oct 18/07 - consumer emailed: on oct 19th I contacted the customer service center. I was transferred over 8 times and no one can tell me an update on case ****-6015. the call lasted over 45 minutes. the agents simply placed me on hold and transferred me around. to date no one knows or has any updates. the customer service order status page shows delivery date of 10/17, 2007.
**consumer also called me to discuss. **

Oct 17/07 - consumer place yet another entry through the web. as we already have submitted 3 consumer comments we cannot do so again.

Was provided with an escalation ticket 80*****. they advise me that a case manager will contact me in three days. we all know that won't happen. left another voice mail for mr khan. as of 6pm est he did not return any calls. my laptop is now not traceable and no one knows where it might be!

10/17/2007 received consumer rebuttal ________________________________________

Again on oct 17th I contacted hp customer service for an update. the agent could not find this order number order number:[censored] - 01 could not tell were my laptop is. cannot locate my address, or phone number. tells me to contact fedex! spent 25 minutes on the phone and know one can tell me the current status of repair. how is that none of my information on this page relates to anything! *****mber=f48010&itemnumber=01&zipcode=m6h4a4&country=canada since today is now that 17th the laptop is not been sent today! so were is it now? this just gets worse every time I call.

Omg! now I get an email that states: hp service delay notificationavis de d鬡i dans le traitement de la demande de service hp please be advised that we are currently experiencing some delays in fulfilling your service. we apologize for the delay; however, we are diligently working on expediting your order. if your service request is not fulfilled within 10 business days (2 weeks) of this notification, an hp representative will contact you to discuss an alternate solution. for shipment status updates and contact information, please visit the following link:https://******* e : cnf6483sxb I will never ever ever buy another hp product again! now it is delayed!? what for!

10/16/2007 forward consumer rebuttal to business bltkit. cf. rtf
10/16/2007 received consumer rebuttal
On oct 16th at 1:35pm I called hp for a follow up to this order service page that shows that my laptop is being sent back to me on oct 17th. https://warp1. external.************** there is no tracking number so the laptop is not being sent out for that date! when I spoke to the rep on the phone he could not locate this order number order number******* 01 how is this not linked to my account?! he then without asking places me on hold and never comes back he keeps asking for information that has been provided over 8 times already. who cares what the ops systme is! your company has the laptop! why dio you need to keep asking me this! I gave this guy the order number over 9 times and he still keeps asking for the model number!!!. so 13 minutes on hold and no answer? I call back again and was told that your systems are down and to call back later. this just gets worse! were my laptop! why your agents can cannot even provide this basic information! do I need to be home and wait for it?
10/11/2007 forward consumer rebuttal to business
10/11/2007 received consumer rebutta
One of the many case numbers I was provided with. 800******. this case number relates to my request to have a manager from hp head office contact me. two weeks later no response. on oct 07th faxed in a letter to [protected] I also sent an email to [protected] I have as of oct 9th received no responses from anyone. I have at this time returned the laptop for repair. no one can tell me anything at this point.

I have ongoing hardware failures with my laptop computer. after making a technical support call for assistance, the call was extremely difficult and upsetting. I had to repeat my customer information over 8 times and still the rep could not understand the correct billing and shipping information. she asked for my credit card and could not even get that information correct cause she kept coming back to me and adding that the billing information did not match. I was placed on hold for over 30 minutes at one point in the call. I provided another credit and finally after 38 minutes with this rep did the credit card go through for billing of the replacement part. the following day I received an email from hp stating that the new part will now be sent to the billing address which I stressed to the agent the day before was incorrect. it was to be billed to my house address not the credit card address. I called hp and the agent assured me that the correct address was on file. the ups tracking information advised me that the part is now going to shipping address. I contacted ups and had them send the part to my house address. this was now not possible since hp had spelled my name incorrectly. I contacted hp and requested that a manager contact me. 24 hours later no one called. since that date I made over 36 calls to the corporate head office in toronto. I spoke with the customer escalation team on three different times. all of them state that I need to return the laptop for repair again. my issue is with the beyond poor customer service from hp. not one customer service agent can answer any simple question. they keep asking redundant questions, place me on hold, come back 20 minutes later and ask them again! I give them the case number, I spell it in the military alphabet, and they still cannot understand. the customer service portal never updates. my address is incorrect, the part number is wrong, the billing is wrong. no one ever calls back. your executive team is the worst I have ever dealt with, completely rude and, could care less about the issue, and is rude and disinterested. I have sent a email to your escalation email address, sent in fax demanding to know what is going on, and I have also responded to your on line survey, which all was never responded to. all that want for your company is a simple apology for what has happened.

Not one of their commitments has been met. my concerns to their head office go unanswered. to date not one manager has called me back to apologize for the errors and issues that I have had to deal with. I did get one call from a customer service agent who wanted some sort of fax, she left no contact number and no other information for me. she had no idea why my case was referred to her either. this is the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. I expected more from a major company such as hp. I have no other choice but to return this laptop to hp for repair. this could have been avoided by a simple apology statement. there executive customer service team are rude, uninterested in customer service. I demanded a call from their customer service manager over 6 voice mails were left and not one were ever returned. this was the worst customer service I have ever dealt with, and I will not ever ever purchase another hp product again.

Customer service issues
I want an official apology from both the mr khan and the ceo of hp on why I was treated in the manner I was. this is beyond the worst customer service that I have ever dealt with. keep in mind I work in the call center industry as an account manager. if anyone of my agents treated a customer as such, there would be serious issues. I have other choice but to return this garbage laptop for yet another repair. (less)
10/05/2007 inform business of complaint
10/05/2007 send acknowledgement to consumer
10/05/2007 complaint validated by bbb operator
10/05/2007 complaint received by bbb

Toronto, ontario

  • Ro
    Roshan12345 Aug 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hewlett Packard really sucks.. I have 2 new laptops that crashed. I even now have escalation with them with case manager Ruffell 7500549057 after putting in series of service ticket calls.

    Over 10 hours of my time already wasted on phone and still no help has been made available.

    HP sucks!

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  • Li
    Linda Oct 24, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    hp sucks save yourself your money seriously its not worth the rude service plus the crap pc you get that work very well when your under manufacture warranty but as soon as that expires expect a piece of ### computer that you have to either end up repairing a million times or sending in some parts! HP are frauds if they had a customer complaint line I would be calling it but I have been transfer put on hold and sent back to the same person I was speaking to previously.

    (My story)
    I have the dv pavilion 2000 and it has gave me serious problems from the day I bought it when I had explained to technical support in April 08 that I had been sending it back and forth for repairs and that I am very frustrated due to the fact that I was in school with exams they had transfer me back to technical support to speak to a case manager at that time the case manager had explained that he can see how frustrated I have been due to the fact that the first time it was an accessory problem then it was the motherboard which couldn’t detect the internet then when they sent it back I had a French keyboard when clearly I had an English keyboard prior to that and so the case manager had explained if I have to send this pc in one more time in for repairs he would send me a new computer top of the line he also explained that he had the authority to do so I had told him to write it down for future reference in case a situation would occur like this again as well I had taken the case number down...
    Well guess what my pc broke down once again (not a surprise!) and when I explained my situation and what the previous case manager had explained to me they all spoke too me as if they had no clue how someone could do that or guarantee that I had told them to check there call history since it is recorded! and I just kept getting transfer from one person to the next in total waited and was ignored by hp from 12:00pm until 5:30pm just to hear that I had to send my pc in for repairs yet again and wait probably 2 weeks from now 2 receive my pc back after the 3rd or 4th time of problems.
    The case manager I was speaking 2 could well be the same one who just manipulated me into believing something so that he didn’t have to speak to me again and the problem would be resolved for that time being, what he doesn’t realize is that I take this very seriously and if I have to put it in the paper and report the type of dysfunctional service or the non speaking people that work for hp and cant comprehend a customers needs or concerns I will after all the money I have spent to not be able to use my pc then of course there is a problem. You can red flag my account and think that I am being just another crazy customer but all do respect hp if you put your hard working money towards something that you assume would work and everyone is making you look like a fool and giving you the run around with everything! Then you would be very well in my position.
    Thanks for nothing.

    Very unsatisfied customer you can guarantee I will never buy from hp again and that I will spread the word.

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  • So
    songsonghee korea Nov 18, 2009

    This is Song from Korea.

    I bought HP's mini notebook in Vancouver on 22nd of June 2009. The agent(shop) was "mypc911 "that is run by korean Engineer. He said that I can get after service in Korea too. The note book broke down in september, and I l broght the notebook to hp after service centre in Seoul, Korea in October and I still don't get the note book fixed.

    At first, I lost my original receipt so I asked the seller to send me the other receipt that was requied by an engineer who is working in after service center in Seoul.

    The seller sent me another, but they rejected to fix it again, the reason is that I don't have
    sign on the receipt, and it is not written in hands.
    However who on the earth get the paper witten in hands that contains seller's own sign and an official seal?
    They said I need an official seal and the seller's own sign and seriel number in written paper that is sent as snail mail.

    It's ridiculous.
    Therefore I need an explanation about this situation.
    Do I misunderstand your warrenty and after service regulation?
    Or did the seller tell me wrong and was I just deceived?
    If the seller misunderstood, what can I do to get after service?

    I claim that you should contact hp Korea and proove that I bought your product in this year.

    If you let me know your e- mail address, I will attach the receipt that I've got from the seller.
    Here attachment doesn't work.
    Thank you for reading.

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  • Dn
    DNH Jun 22, 2011

    The laptop adapter stopped working, and I called the HP customer service and they asked me for an invoice to update their warranty records and they would ship it within one to two business days. This was on June 10, 2011 and I was assigned the case number . After that, I called again on June 15 and they told me they had not shipped it yet, even though they had all the information necessary from my last phone call. Again I was told that I would receive an adapter within one to two business days. I called again on June 20 and was told I should have the adapter soon. I called again on June 22 since I had not received it, and I was assigned another case number and told they would ship another one. I have no idea what happened to the last adapter and I was not told.
    Remember this is June 22 and today I am told again that another case number is generated. Pray for m

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unreliable product

I was so excited the first time I learned about the HP Tablet. I replaced my heavier Dell and thought that, as a woman, how wonderful to have something that was lightweight and had the tablet writing capabilities. So my business partner and I both bought machines - $5000+ was a huge expense for a small business but, at the time, we thought it was worth it. Over the past three years, we have both replaced hard drives every year. The last straw for me was when I learned that the power supply is connected to the mother board. When my power supply plug in on the side of the machine broke and I was going to have to replace the mother board - or try to resauter the power supply to the mother board with no guarantee that that would work - I gave up.

This was the most frustrating, depressing experience I've ever had. Now I have a machine that has a new hard drive in it but isn't reliable enough to use or fix. I spent $5000+ of my company's money when I could have spent half as much and had a reliable machine from our typical supplier - Dell. And this doesn't include the labor to replace hard drives and diagnose problems.

This has been a very, very expensive decision. One that I would never make again.

  • Jc
    JC Apr 05, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Have seen the same problems with other brands. Dont pin it down to HP, you can have the same problem with Dell. I purchased a Dell laptop, just after the year warranty was up the hard drive went. Its jsut how it goes unfortunatley!

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  • Da
    darkmayo Feb 09, 2009

    How long of a warranty did you purchase for this unit?

    For a $2500 business tablet, buying extended warranty along with accidental damage protection is a good idea. Depending how essential the laptop is to your business would determine if you wanted 24/7 4hour support or just 13/5 next business day support. I believe you can do post warranty carepacks on these devices as well but without knowing your specifics its hard to say.

    If the device was covered under warranty there shouldn't be any cost for you to get this device repaired. Contacting HP directly would get your device serviced and HP Authorized Service Providers get reimbursed for the labour they do by HP directly and I may be mistaken but they shouldnt be charging you to do the work as it is apart of the ASP program and all work is included with the labour reimbursements the ASP gets.

    Only time you would get charged is if the issues you are experiencing are not hardware related (ie OS issues, settings etc) as warranty only covers hardware, and only getting the hardware back to factory defaults, data recovery and retrieval are not covered.

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recovery disks no longer available

I attempted to help a friend reimage a Compaq Presario 6330 - a good machine, the problem was that HP service is now in India for many machines - and although I am a patient person, I got the run around 3 times and now I find that HP no longer carries the recovery disks! Even I as an IT person understand the challenge - yet I do not give up!

Service call [protected] established yet I have no choice but to burn a new, non-Compaq/HP image shortly thus to have a functional machine! Why - this product is no longer supported. Some would say, buy another HP, others
say, where does the funds come from? Truly once an American product has vanished.

not replacing the machine

I bought my laptop 5 months back. Have encountered the same problem three times and also went to their...

poor service!

I am most unhappy with HP and HP Technical Support [protected]).

1. The Getting Started HP Notebook PC Series document refers on page A-1 to “the recovery discs included with your computer”. NOT included.

2. After first booting of new computer, there were no icons, including Start, on the task bar and no useful icons, such as My Computer, IE, etc, on the desktop.

So I consulted my HP Getting Started book which tells me first of all that I need merely use my "recovery discs included with" my computer or just use the System Restore utility. "Simply select Start, Help and Support, System Restore." Sounds great and in fact would be very useful ASSUMING the computer actually has the Start button available on the desktop.

3. 1st call to Technical Support in early August.
The “technician” clearly was new to the job and didn’t have a clue as to what to do. Instead of passing me to someone more experienced with my problem, the gentleman had me spend 45+ minutes repeating endlessly what I could or could not see on the desktop, the error message, my problem, my phone number, the computer model and trying out various simplistic maneuvers which weren’t likely to resolve anything.

In the end, he determined that I had a malicious virus and that I should contact Microsoft or he could pass me to other specialized technicians for $60.
Now how exactly would I have gotten a malicious virus not yet having been connected to the internet???

I eventually resolved the problem myself by reinstalling the operating system from the Recovery Discs which I had cleverly decided to make in spite of HP’s statement that “the recovery discs [are] included with your computer”.

And why didn’t the technician suggest reinstalling the operating system in that he knew I had no data whatsoever on the computer?? (Of course, why didn’t I think of that myself before calling!!)

4. Survey. After contacting Technical Support early August for my computer purchased July 31, I received an email from HP asking if I wished to participate in a survey concerning the technical support. The survey started by stating that I had contacted Technical Support for a computer that was no longer under warranty and asking me to confirm or deny. When I indicated that the opening survey statement was wrong, I got a message along the lines, thank you and goodby. Irritating.

5. 2nd call to Technical Support mid August. While trying to copy a video from my desktop computer via a cable connection, I received a message indicating that there was insufficient space on my C drive, and in fact there was only 135 MB left. In that the laptop and desktop both have a 120 GB hard drive and I had as yet put much on the laptop, it was not even remotely possible that the laptop be short of space.

The technician, while more knowledgeable than the first one a few days prior, gave up after 30 minutes of various efforts to determine the cause of the problem. First he suggested that my desktop might have a problem so I would have to contact someone specialized in desktops. When I rejected that (the desktop worked just fine!), he suggested, as did the first technician, that I contact another technician for $60, the number for whom would be communicated to me upon payment of the $60.

This is not technical support!

6. Accent. My last comment concerns the second technician Sam’s very strong accent. I speak five languages (though none of them from the Indian continent) and spent 40 years of my life teaching English as a second or third language to hundreds of foreigners: understanding accented English therefore is NOT a problem for me but I had to ask Sam two and three and even four times to repeat what he had said as I simply could not understand him.

I have three HP computers, so you can imagine that it is my fervent hope to never need HP “technical support” again. Apart HP “technical support”, I do like HP products.


Karen Pratt Riggen

faulty product!

I had bought a Laptop Compaq v3133au which is still under warranty. Last month in August 2007 i was traveling to Mumbai on a business meet. There, the laptop would not start up and had no display on the screen. When i came back to Delhi, i carried it to the HP service center in Okhla industrial area. There i submitted my laptop. I got a call a day later telling me that the on-board graphic chip was faulty and hence the motherboard will be replaced.

I received it some days later by courier to my office. When I switched on the unit, i found that it was working OK. But, I noticed that the DVD-Writer was not working properly. On closer inspection, I found that someone had replaced my SONY branded DVD Writer with a Mitashi/Mitsui brand one. I went again to the service center and told them about it. I submitted the Laptop again. A week later, I went to collect my Laptop and now the DVD Writer was completely fine.

Now, decided to update the drivers from the net. I found that in the Graphics options section you can check the temperature of the graphic chip which was damaged previously. No surprises, it was heating like anything and while no program was running, the temperature shown by it was 123 degrees. If i run only the windows media player, the temperature shoots to 132 degrees, whereas the maximum threshold is 130 degrees. I went to the service center for the third time.

Firstly, they told me that there is nothing wrong. On insisting on the problem, they told me to submit it again. I got a call after 2-3 days telling me that they are changing the bottom case. After receiving it after a week, i find that the problem is still there. And on top of it, the keyboard is now bulging out from the right side.

Nobody has been able to resolve the problem. I will be taking it back again next week and see what they do.

Be very careful while buying from them again!!!

  • Pr
    Pradeep Apr 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yes, Compaq is cheating the consumers by selling such substandard products in the Indian market. I too had an experience of the same sort.

    I had bought a Compaq Presario V3133AU laptop and it went dead exactly 20 days after the expiry of warranty. Till that time, I used to suggest Compaq laptops to my friends and relatives. Now, when I started enquiring, I could find that this problem with on-board graphic chip was a common one with all the Presario 3000 series laptops and even desktop PCs (One of my close friends experienced it; it too was after 1 month of expiry of warranty). The service centers were fed-up with Compaq Presario laptops and they were sending back people who were not willing to change the mother board.

    I somehow pursuaded a service center to repair the laptop for me by paying Rs. 6000 for replacing the chip. Then, one month later, it again showed the same complaint. This time also, I got it repaired by the same person and as soon as I got it back, I exchanged it with a Lenovo laptop. Now I am happy that I was able to get rid of my biggest nightmares.

    I would advise, from my personal experience and also from what I have seen with my friends and also from what I could gather from the service centers, that one should not go for Compaq products in the future if you want to make sure that you get a service worth the money that you are spending.

    Here I quote what a Compaq dealer to me, "Previously, Compaq was good... but after HP took it over, they have started compromising a lot on quality... now it is better to buy Acer or Sahara laptops that buying Compaq..."

    Here, I would also like to mention about their poor Customer Service.

    I had registered complaints in Compaq website and made calls after calls to HP Customer Service in Chennai. Once they promised to do something for me. Thereafter, they refused to attend to my calls and I even tried calling the cellphone of Mr. ***** (I wont mention the name here). There was no response. Such is their customer relations.

    Therefore, please think over twice before you decide to buy Compaq PCs or laptops.

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  • Ha
    Hacker hj Sep 15, 2009

    yes m completely agree with u...

    Hey, M having compaq v3029au laptop from sep 2006 nd u know, company has changed d motherboard 9 times n processor 2 times till now !! But still prob of display n heating is going on !! Nd nw they r nt even responding or nt even they r replying my calls or mails !!!

    Nw m going 2 d consumer court, so any1 is having same prob ? plz help me 2 make compaq company feel guilty 4 it !!!

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system is not working

We purchased HP Pavilion 6120 (INA 72300KS) system with APC 500 VA UPS from Syscom, Bangalore on 9th July,2007. 2 days we are out of station. Monday morning (03.09.2007) when we on the system. the computer is dead. it is not working. Immediately we contact the Seller of Syscom. They informed us to lodge the complaint. So we did it on same day. Till date no response. It is already 3 days over.


I hate hp support!

I bought a new windows xp and the support was so awful. they sell you a computer in English and when you call for support they have people in India or some other country that you can't understand the things they are saying. How can you do something if you can't understand their accent? Even a case # is hard to understand. I didn't even take advantage of my 1 year warranty, I found other sources for help. 2 yrs latter I buy my mother a laptop, ( just a wk. ago) What was I thinking? I bought a Compaq P. sister co. of HP. After 2 days of downloading updates I wanted to download some software that I bought 2 months ago. A french language for windows xp. The new laptop will not let me download my software and I spend all day and part of the night trying to figure this out. I call HP support and what a flashback. This guy can't speak English that I can understand. So, within 10 minutes I tell him thanks, but I will solve this another way. The very next day I packed up the laptop and brought it back to the store for a credit on my credit card. I will not buy another HP product again except ink until my HP photosmart printer tanks, then I'll buy another brand, and the same thing about my PC. When it tanks for the last time I will buy a Mac.

Also other problems with Microsoft windows defender, it sucks! So does windows Vista. Same old suff just a little different but new problems. Now put HP Support with windows defender and windows vista and this is a huge nightmare that just won't quite.

I HATE HP SUPPORT or any other company that can't give you support in the language you bought the PC in

  • Fr
    Frank Derenze Nov 17, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I want to give this complaint a big "AMEN". As a stockholder of HP, I am concerned that this management practise will not lead to an immense decline in custumer loyality and confidence in our products.

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  • St
    Strontium90 Nov 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree, I recently unpacked a L7680 printer and fresh out of the box it leaked yellow all over the insides of the printer. . Best part is according to HP it was one month out of warranty and they hung up on me.

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  • De
    Derek Stevens Jul 13, 2009

    My HP constantly overheats; even when it's on a flat surface like a desk with nothing underneath it. And apparently it's not a laptop because a laptop would imply that you can put in your lap, which you can't or it will overheat...which is apparently in the warranty. My "case manager" was a total jerk and unhelpful. I'm finding everywhere I can complain and complaining. Worst computer I've ever owned.

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  • De
    denissr Jul 21, 2009

    I have a HP color laser 1312nfi MFP. I have had it for about 45 days. It worked good for about 3 weeks. Now when I print it only prints part of the document, It prints in different fonts that are not part of the document. I have unininstalled and reinstalled the software, now I get error messages that the software is bad. I have used the disk that came with the printer, and I have downloaded the software off the HP website, same error messages. At one point I talked to a tech-rep that bearly spoke english, but after a lot of repeating we managed to get my printer working for awhile now it is down again. This is $500 printer and HP dosen't seem to care about my problems, all I get is BS and the run around.

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  • As
    Asheesh22 Dec 23, 2009

    Story was same for my hp pavalion dv1003ax laoptop. I got it from India and it started giving blue screen while starting and not even the recovery option was working. Then i tried to contact hp Netherlands here for help and found that they are equally clueless about what to do! no service provided, instead told me to get it seen in your local computer shop if you are in hurry, we will take our own time. and then they finally said send it back to India, as we need 8 wks time to arrange for spares involved….I got the lesson…never ever buy a hp product, they are extremely irresponsible company

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  • Cc
    CC Walsh Apr 01, 2010

    I bought an HP Pavilion notebook for $1800. It took me 2 weeks to get it up and running because of all the software and data I had to transfer. On the day it turned 5 weeks old, it died. Dead.

    HP’s IT hadn’t a clue. Their only response was send it in for repair. 4-6 week w/o a computer. I asked for a refund. They refused because I was over the 3 week return policy. 3 WEEKS !!!

    They have perfected their return window so that most people will not find the problems with their computers (that HP is well aware of) until after the return period expires. Then, they hire incompetent IT people forcing their customers to send the equipment in for repair- at their convenience and in their own time table.

    It’s a big scam on consumers who pay $$$ for IT service in the price of their computer. And, there is nothing and no one who can make them honor their agreement to provide on site and phone assistance. They just demand you mail in your computer.

    By the way, a geek on YouTube showed me how to fix the major issue. Then I had to figure out how to undo the mess the IT guy made on my notebook. He took 3 hours to disable and/or delete Outlook, Norton, my graphic software, the fingerprint reader, and freeze my cursor. I finally fixed most of the issues myself- I had nothing to lose at that point so I went in and started fixing. So far, so good but no satisfaction from HP.

    You can’t even call HP to complain at their corporate headquarters. Their operators refuse to put through client complaints to anyone. Apparently, consumers are not a priority. We are just a nuisance.

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  • Br
    Braviros Jun 21, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Its very simple, i run a small business in michigan, have mulitiply offices, with lost of equip. switched from dell to hp, and found hp wont stand behind there products, they will totally make your life and employees life miaserable, tie them up for hours before they will take there defecttive products back and stand behind them...uncle...back to dell for me, all hp equipment leaving all my offices, in this day and age, if your not willing to stand up and back your products, your going to run yourself into the ground...i wish hp the best, but not in my offices anymore...

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  • St
    Strontium90 Jan 09, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Turn, run, and do not look back from HP products. I spent nearly an hour with a tech support person on line going over my all in one printer which has a filthy glass plate. I tried to find out h0w to clean it and did nothing but reset the entire machine and follow along a choreographed reply which finished with an offer to "buy" a refurbished machine. What a joke. There is no way to clean it from their perspective and the fact that it showed up that way is an issue they do not want to hear. I'm looking at Canon for my next unit.

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  • Ha Apr 23, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Worst customer service I've ever had.

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  • Ry
    Ryan090 Oct 03, 2011

    Their support is completely clueless. I asked a simple question which they are supposed to know. The woman hadn't a clue. She didn't answer my question and I rephrased it THREE times. Each time in more simple terms than the last. She hadn't a clue about computers and it was just pitiful. She said she was the Store Sales Executive.

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case manager at hp does not care customer satisfaction!

I would like info how you solved problems with HP case manager who works with defective laptop made by Compaq. I am now working with a case manager who claims that he does not care customer satisfaction. My letters to the case manager and HP headquarter are as follows.

The fist letter is as follows.
Tae Kunisawa
4200 Altura Vista LN NE
ABQ, NM 87110

August 16, 2007

CA HP Company
3000 Hanover St. 20 bx
Palo Alto, CA 94304
Phone: [protected] (fax: [protected])

RE: Case #: [protected]

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this to urge your company to provide me refund on expenses which I purchased Presario V3000, including extended warranty or to provide me a new computer which is equivalent to Presario V3000 that I has been having huge problems since mid July 07 with your company. I prefer the refund. I would like to stay away from your company for a while, though I might come back to your company to purchase items generated by your company in the future. The reasons are as follows.

1. Even though I sent my computer to your company to fix problems, the computer comes back to me with additional serious problems which the computer did not have in the past.
2. Your technicians in Durham NC have failed fixing problems with the computer even though I typed up the problems with the computer to let them know clearly what are the problems (see attached).
3. Your technicians and Mr. Adam Proctor who is a case manager have exposed lack of professionalism and expertise since mid July 07, stating that Mr. Proctor does not care even though I was very disappointed with services at HP, indicating that he does not care customer satisfaction. In addition, he failed in sending his note which states that my computer might have problems with motherboard.
4. The computer problems affect my study. I am a PhD student. I cannot concentrate on my studies due to the computer problems which your company have arouse since mid July 07.

I have been extremely disappointed with your company due to the reasons described above, though I have been your customer since 1998 and had been a big fan of HP and Compaq. It is urgent for me to get a new computer which does not cause problems because I am a PhD students and courses at university will start on Aug. 20, 07.

This documentation is to bring you up to date and to help you understand the situation that arose with technicians and Mr. Adam Proctor at your company.

Sept. 1. 06: I purchased Presario V3000 and three years warranty from your company at Best Buy.

June 29, 07: I went to Stanford to take courses and I brought the computer with me.

July 17, 07: Windows of the computer did not start. I took the computer to Best Buy at East Palo Alto. Jeff, who is a technician at Best Buy located at 175 E Bay Shore Rd. East Palo Alto, CA 94303, told me after testing the computer that hard drive of the computer gets damaged. It surprised me. I purchased the computer less than one year ago. He told me that it would cost around $500.00 to transfer data but if I had purchased warranty from Best Buy, they would charge me $150.00. Later I learned that warranty at your company does not cover data transfer fees at all. I regretted not purchasing warranty from Best Buy when I purchased the computer at the Best Buy in 2006.

I was unable to attend classes on this day because fixing my computer was urgent. Many files associated with courses at Stanford were in the computer. So I indeed needed to fix the computer problems to write papers for the courses. It was fortunate that Jeff at Best Buy helped me with starting XP but I did not ask him to fix the hard drive and transfer data because it cost a lot even HP mailed a new hard drive to my address at Stanford.

I called your company and talked with Jessica, John, Gabriela, Willy, William and Tejaf to get info about fixing the computer problems. I did not foresee when the computer problems would show up so I wanted to get info how HP would help me with fixing the computer and transferring data but none of them helped me with fixing the computer with less expensive. In addition, I learned that it would take four days to ship the hard drive to my address in CA. It means that it would take over one week to get it at my address in CA. I was very disappointed with services at HP because it takes four days to process my request inside your company. I believe that your company does not consider customer satisfaction.

July 28, 07: Courses in CA was over. It was fortunate that I did not have computer problems until the last day at Stanford, thanks to Jeff at Best Buy. So I was able to write papers for courses at Stanford. Whenever I wrote papers, I stored files in other devises because I did not foresee what would happen with my computer.

July 31, 07: I came back to my home at ABQ, NM and called your company because DVD drive did not close and talked with John, James, Jerry, Hoze and Mark. When I followed a technician’s directions to fix the problems with the DVD drive, the computer made big noises. I pushed a power button on the computer for 30 sec. as he suggested me and then I turned on the power on the computer. The computer made the big noise. As a result, I was unable to start Windows XP.

I requested recovery disc even though I had made a recovery disc by myself when I had purchased the computer in Sept. 06 because there would be a possibility for the hard drive got damaged last Sept.06. So I assumed that the recovery disc which I had made would not work.

I did not foresee what would happen the next and was tired of talking with technicians and customer services over the phone because I had to hold my phone for many minutes to talk with technicians.

I called [protected] ext. 94 and explained my computer problems to Mr. Adam Proctor. Those were as follows:
1. Hard drive might get damaged.
2. DVD drive does not close.
3. The computer made the big noise.
4. The computer did not start Windows XP at the mid July 07.
5. Battery does not come out easily.
6. The computer shows blue screen.

I also requested to Mr. Proctor to provide me a new computer or refund. However, he rejected my request, stating that he does not care even I was disappointed with services from HP. This indicates that he does not care customer satisfaction. He also told me that the computer might have problems with motherboard and that he would send his note to technicians to let them know his opinions about the problems. He was very sarcastic when he talked with me. He suggested me to include my note which shows the problems with the computer.

Aug. 3, 07: I received a box to mail my computer from your company. I also received the recovery disc for my computer.

Aug. 4 and 9, 07: I transferred necessary data in the problematic computer to an old computer which I did not use usually. I also fixed problems with the old computer since I did not foresee that what would happen with Presario V 3000. So I indeed needed to fix the problems with the old one. I spent $300.00 to fix the old computer’s problems.

Aug. 9, 07: I completed fixing the problems with the old one. Presario looked work fine. However, I decided to mail Presario to NC to fix the problems which I encountered before.

Aug, 10, 07: I typed up problems with Presario V 3000 so I thought that it would be easier for technicians at your company to identified the problems with Presario (see attached.) I shipped the computer to your company in Durham, NC.

Aug. 15, 07: I received Presario V 3000. I considered that your technicians at NC had fixed problems with the Presario so I began transferring data from the old computer to Presario. It took almost one day to transfer data from my old computer to Presario. However, it was unfortunate that while I was transferring data, blue screen showed up so I called your company again and talked with Kevin, John, Rob, Brian, Darren, Anne and James Phillip. After I talked with them, what I found are as the followings.

1. Presario has additional problems which the computer did not have before I had shipped the computer to your company. For example, James told me that my computer might have problems with RAM because the computer shuts down suddenly even though I do not turn off the computer.
2. Technicians at your company did not check motherboard of my computer, though the computer possibly has a problem with motherboard. I had described it in my note and Mr. Proctor might have sent his note to them about the possible problem. But I do not know if he did it or not. He was very sarcastic when he talked with me and he seems that he does not care customer satisfaction.
3. They failed fixing a button for the battery even though I describe it in my note.
4. Darren told me that the technician in NC had not used recovery disc for my computer and that the technician just had copied. This is the reason why a blue screen shows up. He also suggested me to reformat my computer even though I almost done transferring almost all data from my old computer to Presario, spending almost one day. He mentioned that if a blue screen shows up after reformatting the compute, that indicates that the computer has a problem with motherboard.
5. After I reformatted Presario, I found that blue screen showed up. Thus, I considered that the motherboard would have problems.
6. The technicians in NC do not describe in details what they did to fix the problems. They just mentioned, “We identified an issue with your CD/DVD/RW drive. 3-As a result we resorted your system to its original factory settings.” (refer to the attachment.) Later I learned that they changed the damaged hard drive and optical drive of my computer, though they do not describe those in their note. Clearly they had no intention to let me know what were problems and what they did to fix the problems. Consequently, they ignore customer satisfaction. In addition, there is no information about who worked on my computer to fix the problems.
7. Presario shuts down suddenly even though I do not intend to turn off the computer. It sometimes shows blue screens, stating that checking file system on C. Type of the file system in NTFS. A disk check has been scheduled… Other times the computer keeps showing a screen “Compaq Software Installation. When complete, your system may automatically restart…”

I received information on mailing address where I can file my complaints. One of the technicians, who I talked with to get the info, told me that there is no fax number at a place located at CA HP Company 3000 Hanover St. 20 bx Palo Alto, CA 94304. Later I learned that your headquarter is located at a place described above. Your worker consider that the headquarter does not have a fax number.

Aug. 16, 07: Presario looks work fine now as it did before. I talked with Tina at the headquarter. She suggested me to talk with Mr. Proctor because he would follow HP guideline. I rejected talking with him because clearly he does not care customer satisfaction. I assume that he considers that HP guideline does not care customer satisfaction. In addition, Tina told me that she did not see that a note sent to the technician in NC did mention the possible problems with motherboard of my computer, though Mr. Proctor stated that there would be the possible problems with the motherboard of my computer on July 31, 07.

Aug. 20, 07: Courses at the University of New Mexico will start.

I have to spend my time to fix the problems which your company, technicians and Mr. Proctor have generated, not working on my study. Your technicians and Mr. Proctor get income spending their time by providing me inappropriate services and your company earned money by selling the defective computer, Presario V 3000. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY UNFAIR. I spent my money to buy the defective computer which your company has produced. Worse yet, due to the computer problems, I run my studies behind. The computer problems affect my studies since mid July 07. It is urgent for me to get a new computer which does not have problems and which I do not need to spend my time to fix computer problems. Courses at m school will start soon.

Mr. James Phillip suggested me to contact a case manager. However, I reject his suggestion because there is no doubt that Mr. Proctor does not care customer satisfaction and would not send his note in an appropriate manner to technicians in NC to let them know possible problems.

In sum, I urge your company to provide me refund on expenses which I purchased Presario V3000, including extended warranty or to provide me a new computer which is equivalent to Presario V3000 that I has been having huge problems since mid July 07. I prefer the refund. I would like to stay away from your company for a while, though I might come back to your company to purchase items generated by your company in the future. Most importantly, your technicians have failed fixing problems and have ignored customer satisfaction. As in my earlier statement, Mr. Proctor did not mention in his note about the possible problems with motherboard, according Tina. Even though I sent my computer to your company to fix problems, the computer comes back to me with additional problems which the computer did not show in the past. Your technicians have failed in fixing problems with the computer even though I typed up the problems with the computer to let them know clearly what are the problems. They lack abilities to explain what they did to fix the problems. Seriously, your technicians and the case manager have exposed lack of professionalism and expertise since mid July 07. The computer problems affect my studies. I am a PhD student. As a result, I have been extremely disappointed with your company due to your employees’ lack of expertise and professionalism. I do hope that HP guideline states that their first priority is customer satisfaction as other companies’ guidelines state, that Mr. Proctor misunderstood the guideline at your company and that he would be mature enough to fix his problems.

I would be delighted to provide additional information upon request. Thank you so much for your prompt attention on this matter. I look forward to your response.


Tae Kunisawa
CC: Mr. Adam Proctor
Fax: [protected]

The second one is as follows.

Tae Kunisawa
4200 Altura Vista LN NE
Albuquerque, NM 87110

August 16, 2007

August 16, 2007

CA HP Company
3000 Hanover St. 20 bx
Palo Alto, CA 94304
Phone: [protected] (fax: [protected])

RE: Case #: [protected]

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this to request Mr. Proctor to provide me his answers to my questions about a case manager and a technician according to HP guidelines, if he does not accept my request which is refund on expenses which I purchased Presario V3000, including extended warranty or to provide me a new computer which is equivalent to Presario V3000. I also request him to give me written responses about my requests and questions by fax. My fax number is the same as the phone number which is [protected].

My questions about the guideline for the case manager and technicians are as follows.
1. According to the HP guideline, is it valid that the manager does not send his note to technicians who are assigned to fix the problems, not requesting testing the motherboard, even though the case manager had suggested his client that his client’s motherboard should be tested?
Seriously, Mr. Proctor exposed lack of expertise by not sending his note which request testing motherboard of my computer. I clearly remember that Mr. Proctor told me on July 31, 07 that there would be a possibility that my computer would have a problem with the motherboard. He also stated that he would write a note about that to let the technicians know the possible problems. It is unfortunate that he failed in sending his note to the technicians about the possible problem with the motherboard. As a result, the technician did not test the motherboard. After I got back my computer, I learned that my computer would have a problem with motherboard.

2-1. According to the HP guideline, is it allowed for a case manager to claim that he does not care even if his clients are disappointed with HP products and HP services, indicating that he does not care about customer satisfaction?
2-2. According to the HP guideline, is it allow for the case manager to insult his client?
Mr. Proctor clearly stated that he does not care even Tae Kunisawa was disappointed with HP products and their services, laughing. Undoubtedly he insulted me by mentioning that. This is totally UNPROFESSIONAL.

3. According to the HP guideline, is it allowed for a technician not to describe what they fixed and what they changed for each requested item?
They described, “We identified an issue with your CD/DVD/RW drive. 3-As a result we resorted your system to its original factory settings.” However, they do not describe that they changed a hard drive and an optical drive. Thus, I had to call HP again to know if the hard drive of my computer was changed or not because my computer keeps showing problems after I get back the computer from the technicians in NC.

4. According to the HP guideline, is it allowed for technicians ignore their customers’ requests?
I typed up my note to let them know what is the problem of my computer and enclosed the note in a box which I placed the computer before I shipped the box to NC. However, they did not fix the problems completely, though they fixed the problems partly. Undoubtedly, they ignored my requests about repairing my computer.

Due to Mr. Proctors’ and technicians’ lack of expertise and professionalism, my computer still has serious problems. My time is limited to work on the problems which your company, Mr. Proctor and technicians in NC have initiated, not myself. I do hope that your company and Mr. Proctor understand my request and give me Mr. Proctor’s reply to my request sooner. Thank you for your prompt attention on this matter. I would be delighted to provide additional information upon request. I look forward to your response.


Tae Kunisawa
CC: Mr. Proctor
Fax: [protected]

Please let me know how you work on the problems caused by HP or Compaq. Now HP and Compaq merged. I look forward to your response.

  • Sa
    san_francisco Aug 23, 2007

    Did you even pick up the manual? You buy a cheap, value range notebook, treat it like dirt and expect it to keep working. Did you read the instructions on care and operation of the unit? Don't think for a second that the problem here is anything other that the user, YOU.

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  • Th
    Then Chi Chern Jul 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought a Compaq V3000 a year ago. And faced same problems as yours.I'm really dissapointed with Hp And their services...

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  • Jc
    j collins Nov 19, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i had an hp laptop that i financed from COMPUSA in atlanta. it was the LANCE ARSTRONG edition. it didnt work very well. after just a couple of months..i had already sent it in a couple of times for repair. then...the last time i sent it in..i never got it back. FOR A YEAR!!! i tried to one admitted i sent it. the case number to them was invalid. they wouldnt admit. i kept calling for a year...somehow...eventually..i got a corporate number. i talked to a lady named carly. after another month or two..she eventually gave up from me calling her...and she decided to sent me a free replacement laptop. it wasnt as nice as the livestrong model...i was a v3000. but i took it anyways. she also gave me a 2 year warranty.

    so, that was a year and a half ago. the whole time of owning this disconnects from my wifi...restarts on its own. a blue screen flashes with errors that it doesnt give me time to read. it freezes. everything possible.
    i sent it back for repair a couple of times...but it didnt fix the problem. does all the same things...but lines appear on the screen at random. it will not connect at all to wifi even thought it shows that i sees my wifi router. it will not connect!
    sameblue screen stuff. unrecognized usb device pops up when nothing is connected! etc...

    i called hp. they said warranty was expired. they want $300 for me to send it in for repair. why would i do that if they are just gonna replace parts with the same faulty parts? do they have updated replacement parts? are they just going to charge me and just wipe the hardrive and then reinstall?? because i have done that numerous times!!!

    i took it to radio shack the other day...because they are a compaq dealer. they claimed to have fixed it. i go to pick it up...i make the tech start it up and show me. wow. it wasnt fixed after all! i had to pay him $30 bucks for "Attempting" to repair it.

    so now what do i do?

    i tried to call that case manager from a year and half ago..but the number doesnt work! it just connects me to tech support. she told me a year and a half ago..."save my me if this laptop ever messes up and ill take care of you!"

    does anyone know the secret number to call?/

    can i fix it myself? if i order a motherboard...or whatever parts...are the new parts faulty just like the OEM parts? or upgraded?

    and the biggest complaint of all...
    WHAT THE HECK IS WITH THE VONGO THING THAT I CANNOT REMOVE SINCE IT WAS NEW!!!????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    HP ripped me off. someone help me.

    any info... please email me at [email protected]


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bad television!

I bought a 58 inch Hewlett-Packard HD DLP tv in March of 2006. the model is md5880n. It had a one year warranty, that expired in March of 2006. I paid about $3800.00 for the television.

The tv picture went bad on July 31, 2007. I called HP and they scheduled in home repair for August 2, 2007. The cost for the repair person to come to my home was $250.00.

The repair person, after talking with HP tech support, said it needed 3 parts, a $300.00 bulb, another part for about $800.00 and a third part for about $2900.00. The total cost of the parts to repair were more than the original cost of the television. Needless to say, I did not have the set repaired and now do not have an HD TV.

Base upon my previous experience with HP printers, I thought the TV would be of good quality. That was not the case, and I will never buy another product from Hewlett Packard.

  • Mi
    Mike Wilson Oct 16, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I too have one of these sets and while they do perform very well, they are also notorious lemons. I just had my first major problem with mine and looks like I'll soon be stuck with a $3800 boat anchor as mine is also out of warranty. I had what I believe was a purely cosmetic problem though, one day out of warranty (there was some bubbling up on the front door near the lamp, from the heat I suppose). I called HP and even though I was only one day out of warranty and the door must be a fairly inexpensive part, they refused to budge. It wouldn't be so bad if there weren't so many people having horrible problems with this unit, especially when they are just not very old. A $3800 television should last longer than 18-24 months. See the thread here for a laundry list of folks having problems:

    Apart from the md5800n, I also had an HP laptop that I bought about a year prior to the TV and it has been a lemon as well (I won't go into it, other than to say that HP ended up downgrading my video card because they finally admitted that the original high end video card produced more heat than the system could deal with). I have to conclude that this company is not a producer of quality products. I will be avoiding HP and Compaq products like the plague from this point forward and I would advise others to do the same. They used to make good printers, but I have heard of bad experiences with recent models of those as well.

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laptop problems

I have purchased dv pavilion 2000 in January. But began to create problems for me after one month it had...

steer clear of hp company!

I have never written a review and I rarely am so adamant that people should steer clear of a company! I...