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HerbaLiferip people off


In Feb. 2006 I joined Herbalife to try and open a small business, They told me they would help me and lead me through every aspect of the program. First the lady that signed me up turned me over to a lady in Washington State. Then I could never get back in touch with her again, The lady in WA said that I needed to order some products to sale and she helped me do that. I ordered over $3000.00 worth of products. She then said that I need to order some contacts from I ordered 25 contacts at $94.89. The contacts started coming on my email on A Friday. I contacted the lady in WA and she the said I need to do to a Conference in Cancun and the ticket were only $7500.00 for the 3-day trip. I said I could not afford that. She got mad because I would not spend that much money. She said that she was leaving on Sunday and would be back in about 4 days and not do anything until she got back. The contacts were only good for 72 hours after I received them. I tried to contact her on Thursday of the next week and was told that she got sick while in Cancun. I did not here from her for another 3 weeks, buy this time I had lost all of the contacts. I was then turned over to another lady in WA by the name of Fran, she wanted me to order more contacts, and I ordered 25 more at $94.89. She wanted me to go on conference calls and listen to others make calls, I did and set for hours listening to people dial phone numbers with no success. I did this for whores then started trying to make calls on my own. Every one said they were not interested and some that they had tried the product and it made the sick. Every time I got one of those excuses I would send that contact back and reqest a replacement. I returned 80 bad contacts and still had 23 of my original 25 left. What took the cake was when I tried to return one because she said she had tried the product and it made her sick. ( I tried to return that lead and was told that that was not a good enough reason to exchange ) I realized that this was no good for me and I wanted out. I tried to call Fran and find out what to do. Fran ask me who I was. I had been talking to her on the phone and through IM for several weeks then she did not know me. I finally got hold of some one at Herbalife int. and ask that lady she told me to contact Herbalife buyback dept., and the would tell me what to do. They said to pack every thing up and send it back to them, I did and the said it would take about 4 to 5 week for me to hear anything. I waited 2 months and started making phone calls. After 4 call back to buyback I finally got a lady named Rowena on the phone. She said she would check and get back to me. 30 minutes later she called me back and said my return order was in the warehouse and they could not buy it back because the bottles had turned yellow had a smell to them. They were not in that shape when the left me. The said the were sending the product back to me. I dont know if the will be the same products I sent them as Herbalife has lied to me from the beginning. Now I have to eat that $3000.00. If Herbalife sent me a new car to drive for a year free and it had there name on it I would not even get in it and crank it or let it set near my house. I just want to let people know how they rip people off.


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    artie09 Oct 08, 2009

    Man o man did you have it bad. That is a bad experience, sounds like someone just wanted the money and run off with it. Although I got to say, you may have been easily fooled. It's not your fault though and I bet after that experience you wont go back again. I guess this product works differently for some people, I guess I can also say it works different in other places of this country, see, they we do it over here is actually more friendlier. Yes it's true we are taught and trained, basically transformed to convince people that this product works. We achieve this is through testimonies, we recount peoples experience time after time after time and it never gets old, you know why? It's because this product does not fail you if you haven't failed it. We actually consume the product and learn from it, this product does not make you sick, people are just too afraid and insecure of what people might say if they are caught trying to loose weight. We call everyone who puts us down "The Dream Killers" and why do we do this? We do it to separate the people who truly believe in us and the ones who only want to keep us right under their foot. They way we do it also has to do with the people we know all around us, once they see the many changes we have been through, they will stare and ask "What is your secret" And we simply tell them "Its not a secret, Its Herbalife" Allot of times people will point or stare and say "Why are you doing this, no one will buy!" But we turn around the other way and what do we say?"LOOSE WIGHT FAST, ASK ME HOW!"
    The main point is not to let people get you down, that is there ultimate goal, to get you down and they will not be satisfied until you are down on their level where they are. If I recall, they do not give out phone numbers to call and ask people if they want to buy. A true salesperson would go out and look for their loyal customers, people who are ready for change, people who are just like you and ready to silence anyone who would kill their dreams. That is the goal, to ACHIEVE and OVERCOME THE ODDS! I would say the best way for a business to succeed is to give out a word and make it big, nothing is handed to them and tells them "here are your customers", we don't know these people but what we do know is is that their is always someone out there suffering from some sort of ailment or a possibly developing disease and it is our job to help them fight of any malevolent body intruder. Here in this country, The United States Of America, we know how bad we go it and how limited health care is so why wait until we get sick, why wait until something tragic has happened before we act, why not fight the cause instead for waiting for the effect. Why do we let all the wrong people into our heads and let them control our decisions, our way of thinking. Allot of the times people get impatient and its not just 1 or 2 hundred people, its the whole country in fact the whole world, people want to see change right now and there but how can there be any when people are just sitting there waiting for something to happen like it's the planet's job to make the change, like it's not their job to make a world a better place. People do not like standing up on their own two feet they need someone to help them but the next guy feels the same way and that person does not want to stand up if the other doesn't want to stand up and so on. That is why these type of things are done within groups or families, to have the support and love of others, and if by GOD'S choice you do not have the support, do it for yourself, because you love yourself and because there is no one who can do their job better than you can. We all don't make the right choices all the time but when you know there is an opportunity of a lifetime standing on your doorway, do not let it pass by. I am here to spread the word not only from Herbalife and all it's members and participants but also from all those individuals that believe change is for those who really want it, it's for those who believe in the well being of themselves and others and hope for new beginnings.

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    skip09 Oct 12, 2009

    Kudos to artie09,
    Herbalife is a great company. If you didn't succeed, maybe you didn't try and was expecting someone else to do it for you. They have great resources if you use them. The company has been around for 29years, is traded on the New York Stock Exchange and is an acredited business the the BBB. They are in numerous countries. You don't last that long in this business unless there is something to you.

    If you failed it is strictly your fault and no one elses. Would you start any other business and then blame someone else if it failed. Well considering your comments, you probably would. It sounds to me like you wanted everyone else to do the work for you. Good luck with that in anything you try.

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  • Gc
    gcervantes6 Oct 16, 2009

    I disagree with your statements . I've been taking these products for 8 yrs and I've been feeling great. I've been in the business since 14 yrs old and my parents also. This is a good business, its a good way to make extra money on the side. I agree with 1st person who commented your opinion about this company, this business takes time and effort to achieve your goal. This company isn't just going to do everything for you. Also learn the slogins because you can't even spell them right, revise your spelling. The slogin is "Lose Weight Now and Ask Me How".This Company helps people stay healthy and I will never trade this for anything. If this company doesn't work for you then don't complain; maybe it doesn't work because your not doing anthing for it to work or maybe you go based on what people have told you. Also you don't need that much money to start out with in order to buy the products to have inventory. You could start out small and then when you see the money coming in, then think big.We don't send people to go off on their own, we train them and prepare them to make an effective sale. But most importantly we make sure people are well imformed what their body is taking and what's the use of it. Finally if you have nothing better to say, I'm talking in a professional way, don't say anything that you don't have any real information over. Look things up and use resourses that could help. And most importantly STOP COMPLAINING!!! Thank for your time.

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  • Ar
    artie09 Dec 13, 2009

    My bad Cervantes
    it was late night and i was trying to put everything right i also just revised it and realized I did put up a bad slogan.
    But yeah since then I've learned allot more.
    Wow it's been two months already.
    The first month I was learning
    The second month I got in.
    And Well now I'm about to open up my own.
    I'm currently working with my my mom's sponsor at her club but we need to expand so she's letting me spread my wings.
    Im already a Supervisor so I guess I'm going to THE KICK OFF!!!
    I Have RERead my fist Comment and yeah there are some errors I have committed there.
    but yeah this company is successful
    its been out for almost 30 years and its all officially in 72 countries
    It all started with one Man's Dream and Tragic Fate.

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    TexasPatriot Jul 02, 2010

    I used to be an Herbalife rep. I got out when these changes started to take hold on the work force -- the focus from top distributors, Chairman's Club, President's Team members pushing Supervisors to do "Cash by Mail" and other schemes.

    Most people are not aware that you do not need to purchase thousands of dollars of product to operate an Herbalife business. The reps are independent distributors operating their own business.

    All you NEED to buy is a small kit with one basic weight loss kit a manual and some forms.

    What I have heard and seen is that many people are more focused on selling turnkey opportunities that they have lost sight of the real Mark Hughes vision, which is helping people lose weight. It's still a good company, with some of the distributors trying to push people in the wrong direction. (True, it's easier to make quota by pushing one person to buy $3000 than it is by selling $100 kits to 30 people. But that's not founder's vision...and that's why I got disillusioned.)

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    Esther Anders Oct 18, 2010

    Herbalife is a great company. Sometimes we have to look at the company's facts, and not the person who signed us up. Just like when we go to a major company and buy products we don't blame the company for personal problems, but the people working for them for most of our problems like... they took too long, they were rude, ect. But was the company bad, just because they hired a few bad people? Herbalife has millions of clients and therefor bound to have many bad sales representatives. Not everyone is cut out for having a home business. My husband and I tried, and found it wasn't for us. You can make money, and loose weight too (we both lost weight and felt so much healthier). We had a pretty good supervisors, but in the end we found at the time it just wasn't for us.
    You do have to work hard, and be willing to over come the negativity that always comes with a home business. I have years in sales, but found that home sales just wasn't what we wanted to do. I do encourage those who want to stick with it. It can be rewarding and a great way to get healthy even if you don't sell it, but just want to consume for personal use. We use the products for our self, and wish we could use every product suitable for us.
    If you've been scammed, please inform Herbalife about them, and they will look into it and will kick them out of the company. There's people who want to scam you in every company, but please don't look at the company scamming you. Herbalife only requires you to buy the basic package for under $70. to sell the products for personal gain. If you are told to buy more and you have to attend events and shell out money, then look more closely. When you read your distributor pack it gives you all the basic information you need. Don't be pulled in by those who know how to sell you stuff you don't need. You don't even need to take the products or have anything on hand, to be in sales. Although it would be very helpful and a testimony in itself if you did, but not required. Herbalife has always been about helping people get healthy, and are always there to help. If your up line stinks, find others who can help, like maybe their supervisor, or maybe attend an event (if you choose to), or talk to others in the business.
    If you want to sell Herbalife, be encouraged. When getting down watch one of the movies (which also comes in the distributor pack) or find another (good) distributor to talk threw any problems that you might be having. You probable have a shake store nearby that you could visit and talk to the owners, they will also have encouraging words about their customers who come in. They do have some great and new stories to tell. Enjoy your business, and I do wish you all the best in success!

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  • Si
    SimpleHealth Oct 18, 2010

    I tried to return some items that were sold to me under the pretenses it was 'healthy' and after I did some research found out all the VERY bad ingredients in all the 'health' products!!!
    When I confronted the rep she hand-balled me directly to the company who were so embarrassed they promised to give me a refund...THAT TOOK TWO MONTHS TO GET BACK!!!
    If you want to get healthier its really simple...fruit & vege (mostly raw), basic proteins (lean organic white meat - nuts - seeds)...all natures best - PURE & SIMPLE PEOPLE!!!

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