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HelloFresh complaints 32

HelloFresh - Box not delivered

We have been customers if HelloFresh for about a year and a half. We've had occasional issues with missing ingredients and late boxes, but today our box wasn't delivered at all. We contacted customer service (which took a ridiculously long time) and were told, sorry, nothing we can do but give a refund. There's no way to get our food. They can't even deliver it late. Customer service was very unhelpful. Do not assume just because you order, pay, and have it scheduled in the app that you will actually get your good because we were told "they cannot guarantee you will get your food". Appalling service.

HelloFresh - last week order

Dear Sirs

I am making a complaint about my order last week. The box was leaking and the products all wet and every package was wet. the recipes were missing too. It was the first time I felt that someone hadn't bother packing it properly. In my app there is nothing to allow you to raise this though I raised this in the questions.

In a shop you have the opportunity to have a refund.

I have been a customer for some time and this is my first complaint.

Can someone revert back to me please.

Jelina Berlow-Rahman

HelloFresh - spam calls & bad ingredients

We tried hello fresh but we didn't like it. The reasons are simple, ingredients weren't fresh, the package of meats were damaged and the liquid got everywhere; the ingredients we received were mostly old, even the signs of getting rotten. Obviously we contacted the customer service, but it was the worst customer service I've ever had. That person was cold-blooded and showed no signs of sympathy. I asked for refunds but the reply we got was "talk to Groupon" (and yes, we tried HelloFresh cuz Groupon had a deal). Both of my husband and I were upset but we thought at least we learned our lessons and we thought we were done with HelloFresh.

However, we were too naive. My husband and I are currently on vacation overseas, I got calls from a similar phone numbers and no-call-ids, when the same phone number showed up again I decided to pick up, and it was HelloFresh and asking about the experience. I straightly told the girl what happened and we will not give another try. I thought I was clear, but my husband started to receive calls from HelloFresh, after he showed no interested in purchasing the meals, he started getting calls from a no show id, and it was HelloFresh. Since then, both of us have been receiving spam calls from HelloFresh. IT IS EXTREMELY UPSETTING.

If you're want to try out HelloFresh, I really hope my review can help you to see a different light.

HelloFresh - customer service

They charged me for a FREE first box, they never returned the $1 as they promised to claiming that it was only to verify my account and it would be returned because "free means free" they say on their website. Then when I called to find out why I've been charged and the dollar hasn't been returned the representative, Daniel, tells me there's nothing he will do for me and ultimately to shut up! Absolutely unacceptable customer service! I strongly recommend against using this company they certainly don't deserve your business.

They never game me credit for the pineapple they forgot to send. If they did, the account page is NOT helpful at all.

Jul 22, 2018

HelloFresh - food delivery

Been a customer for several years- had lateness issues but the food was good.

Received my weekly food as scheduled, however, to my disappointed surprise there were several issues:

* The Pork Fujita meal was missing the heirloom tomatoes and the Mexican spice. Pretty important ingredients for a Mexican dish.
* The cilantro was black, soggy, and slimy. Couldn't use.
- Had to run to the store to get tomatoes and cilantro.
(I didn't think to take a picture) The last thing I want to do when I get home from work has to go to the store after paying top $ for HelloFresh. Maybe not fresh anymore?

I reached out to customer service and went the chat route. From the get-go, the chat representative was hostile and didn't offer any solutions. I said, you know what, cancel my next order and I'll eat the cost of the bad food and I'll go elsewhere. It was that aggressive.

The rep said, nope. I'm not going to cancel your order due to it was a day past the canceling window. and I'll shut down your account (?). Okay, what can I do?

I asked for a partial refund and after a fight to get them to do the right thing they say they'll give me $8 credit for the next meal which was 3 weeks away. Unacceptable.

Same weekly food order- the chicken with couscous:
*Tomato unusable - shriveled, mushy, and too rubbery to cut. Please see the attached picture.
* Scallions were soggy and darkened.

I didn't look in the bag before I reached out to the poor customer service.

So, I'm stuck with bad food this week. I hope next week, my last order from HelloFresh, will be complete and edible.

Hellofresh just went public. HelloFresh Chief Executive Officer Dominik Richter said:

"The company, which sells meal kits in 10 markets and remains unprofitable, set a price range of 9 to 11.50 euros a share. It's looking to raise 243 million to 311 million euros to invest in expanding its business. The shares are expected to start trading in Frankfurt Nov. 2."

Hellofresh was a great company which had ethics, great food, and good service that understood the importance of retaining their customers. No wonder they are unprofitable and it now makes sense why the food quality has slipped. HelloFresh is now obligated to the shareholders, not the customer.

Rest in peace HelloFresh.

Aug 23, 2017

HelloFresh - Can't log into my account

What they say to me is a complete mess. I send them emails saying that I have problems with logging in to my account, they advise me to log in to it. Why? How does it work? Then they said their...

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Aug 17, 2017

HelloFresh - don't recommend HelloFresh

Overpriced service. Their app and constantly down and delivery is just a joke. They use UPS for sending boxes and they didn't notify me about delivery. So nobody contacted me and just left the box near the door and it was there till the next day. I called them to clarify this situation, but they refused to help me. I was scared of eating this stale food and threw it away. I guess I will never get my money back. So I'm done with them.

Aug 16, 2017

HelloFresh - charged for nothing

My complaint has to do with their service which is bad and rude. The manager didn't let me talk to the other ones even though I asked him to redirect. They don' want to solve my problem, they actually took my money because they decided I wanted to start my account, but I didn't... So they took my money and it's useless to ask them for refund.
Shame, because I didn't expect anything like this from the delivery service.
I will surely not order anything from them.

Jan 30, 2017

HelloFresh - Poor service

I have ordered from this site only once and will not order again! I would not recommend HelloFresh to anyone mostly because of their terrible customer service. This company was very hard to deal with and they were rude and customer unfriendly. My order did not arrive because it was cancelled and HelloFresh did not bother to explain why. I called three times and all three times they hung up on me and did not call back. I also sent several messages to their email address and did not received a reply. I got my money back but I'm still extremely disappointed, because I really wanted to get my order.

Jun 06, 2016

HelloFresh - Automatically signed me up!

I received a discount code from my friend and decided to try HelloFresh. Everything was fine, I made an order and received it quit fast. Food was delicious and tasty and I really enjoyed their...

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HelloFresh - Impossible to pay for the boxes with vouchers

I ordered boxes of food from the website www.hellofresh.com. I wanted to use vouchers, when I needed to pay for the boxes, but the website showed error, when I indicated the code on my voucher. I contacted the customer services and asked to help me, but the guy told me that they couldn’t take these vouchers as a payment. I asked why, but this guy started to tell some bullsh*t. Bad services and don’t use their vouchers.

HelloFresh - They didn't deliver food and took larger sum than needed

We ordered food from the website www.hellofresh.com. But our order hasn’t been delivered. As well as these jerks overcharged us. They took additional sum for the dish, which we haven’t ordered. WTF? We tried to reach these jerks, but they of course tried to avoid all communication with us. I wonder if there are other people, who had the same experience. Let’s share views about this website.

We received our Hello Fresh box yesterday, (Wednesday) and we are preparing to make it tonight, (Thursday). However, the asparagus included as the vegetable has mushy tops. I am very disappointed in the freshness of the vegetables and would like a replacement.
Christine Hooper

When I received my Hello Fresh box on 10/5/2019, one of the meat items at the bottom of the box had leaked.
It had leaked on the other items as well and was quite a mess to clean up. Much less as it was unsanitary and I had to mop the entire kitchen afterward.
Pleae see photo attached for reference.


Was great the first few weeks then YUCK. Not good.. called and said they would give me a $$$ credit and that showed up, but vanished a couple days later and was charged again. Cancelled.

THEIR FOOD IS NOT FRESH. I have gotten bad meat; wilted veggies and stale breads

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