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Ordered free trial resveratrol only shipping. Supposed to have 14 days to cancel. After 5 days, I tried for hours on internet and phone to cancel . It's impossible. They will try to charge me $99 at the end of the 14 days. I went to bank, had to pay $25 to stop new charges, but I anticpate they'll bill me from another company name. These people are ### I think located at 350 n. glenoaks blvd in burbank ca. Californians please try to get local authorities on their case, or local BBB. Thanks.

Tom, New Jersey


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      Mar 06, 2009
    Healthbuy - scam/rip-off
    United States

    Ordered the Acai Berry Product Free Trial Offer...states you have 21 days to cancel if not satisfied. That is 21 days from the day you order, not the day you received the product...thereby only giving you really a good week or two to see if you are even satisfied with the product! Know that they will immediately upon the 21 days after you order the product...ding your account for the amount which in this case was approx. $87.00. THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS. They certainly are ready to make a buck, the product is crap and they know they have you and wait for you to not cancel within that 21 days!!!

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      Jul 09, 2009
    Healthbuy - charged for lifetime supply!
    New York
    United States

    I ordered one free trial of the Bowltrol colon cleanse and then was charged 99.95 for a lifetime supply I did not ASK for! I tried numerous times to contact the customer service line and it is always a recording. I do not think the sponsors such as, MSN and others should have their names attached to this company since it is obviously a scam! BUYER BEWARE!

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      Jul 11, 2009

    Today I received "a free trial" package from healthbuy, and I never even ordered it to begin with!!! How did this happen?

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      Oct 19, 2009
    Healthbuy - taking money from my account without permission
    United States

    It seems, that I didn't read the policy that explain, that after I'll receive the free trial, the company will ship new products every month... I tried to cancel, my 'contract' they don't respond to the phone. They said on their web site, I need a RMA to have my refund, but this is a complicate processus, I can't do it by phone, only by e-mail... so if I don't have my RMA with the product that I return, I won't be refund...

    **Sorry about the writting, I'm a francophone""

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      Feb 21, 2011
    Healthbuy - phone numbers are not valid
    2049 N. Lincoln
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    I had ordered a supplement. Made arrangements through the website to return it. Was supposed to print a copy of the return form and had computer problems. When I restarted I had lost the form. Tried 3 different numbers with regards to contacting them . . . through, (which is where you are directed), GSCM (the company on the return email).

    Only then did I notice that the BBB revoked their license in December of 2017 and there are numerous complaints against this company.

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      Jul 22, 2013

    same here, , , so who and how do i send this crap back before it gets charged to my card?

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